Rita yawned on the plush soft mattress. The bed had lulled her into a deep slumber. She couldn even wake up at night to check the study.

It must have been the workload from the day before. They had so many customers on Friday and she was on duty.

Rita jerked out of bed immediately. She looked to the bedside table in alarm. Scratching her tousled hair, she yanked the expensive looking wristwatch from the table to look at the time.

”Fuck! ” She groaned, unable to stop herself from expressing her irritation. It was almost eight am. For how long had she slept?

Why did she have to sleep in this late? She looked to Richard (Adam) who lay on the bed snoring away peacefully. His thick lashes looked so beautiful.

There was still time for her to go through the study carefully, however it was risky for her. The shuffling feet below shut out every other thought away.

It would be by a stroke of luck if she escaped this house with the document. His maids were up already. She sighed and yanked away the bed cover from her body.

All these while, Richard didn blink. He was fully awake but he had to watch her movements like he did the night before when she ransacked the room in frustration.

Rita packed her hair in a bun. She dashed into the bathroom to wash her face before she left. She carried her bag and was about to leave when the money on the table drew her attention.

Shed have left without it but he would definitely suspect. Moreso, she couldn lose in two ways. She hadn gotten the document so she could make do with the cash.

Rita walked to the dresser and picked up the money. She traipsed out of the room, locking the door gently after her.

”Good morning, ” she greeted a blonde middle aged woman who regarded her with a fake smile at the end of the spiral staircase.

She scanned the house with her eyes, looking for where the study was. It was too big a house, she would have to try her luck next time. That was if Richard (Adam) ever brought her back here. When it got to that time, shed think about it.

Rita took fast steps out of the house immediately. Why were the maids looking at her like she was a stranger? Oh yes, she was strange she had forgotten.

She released a pent up sigh as she exited Richard ( Adams) premises. For a minute, she had forgotten that she was a one night stand whom Adam had brought home. But why?

She shook her head as she hailed a taxi. There was no tangible reason as to why he did that. Maybe he was tired like he said.

Shr couldn think about that right now. She had other pressing matters to attend to. Like how she was going to appease the man. Her mind was troubled.

Ledger hopped into the car immediately he received a quick call. He didn understand what was going on but there was something up with Sir Adam.

However, until he was told, ”ok sir, ” was his reply. Ledger maneuvered the car out of the large compound onto the streets.

He followed the taxi closely. What could be the reason he had to trail after her? Was she a spy?

He stopped a few meters from the taxi. Rita alighted and paid the cabman. She strolled into her apartment without suspicion. Her mind was busy cooking up excuses to give the ever angry looking man.

Ledger took note of the address and texted it to Richard immediately. His job was done. He drove off.

Richard wanted to find out who this girl was. They hadn even introduced themselves properly. Thank goodness he didn do so. The girl wasn to be trusted from what he had seen.

He hoped to find out what she wanted and why she was searching his house like she was looking for something so important. What could it be?

He wondered as he picked up his phone from the bed to read the message notification that popped up on the screen.

2, Carlton Street.

The message from Ledger read. He would have to do something about this.

Seen. You can come back home, Ledger. Thank you.

The first time, he had noticed the way his clothes were. He didn give it a second thought because there was nothing suspicious. However he now thought about it. She had searched his clothes. It all now made sense to him as to why the room had also looked a bit different to him that morning in the hotel.

This time, why was she searching his room? He had brought her here on purpose. They had a good time and he was tired.

However he could wake up at the slightest noise. He didn know how she managed to ransack the room at the hotel without waking him up.

Maybe it was because he had too much to drink that night. The next day he had paid dearly for it in the washbasin. He woke up with a terrible hangover, a wave of vertigo and he had retched.

Rita hurried down the streets to make it in time for her afternoon shift at the eatery. She went to work almost every day of the week and yet there was really nothing to show for it.

Fear gripped her innards as she stepped into the eatery. He was there sitting comfortably and having a drink.

Rita gripped her skirts in a jittery movement as she made her way to the counter to get an apron.

As expected, he must have been expecting good news.

”Hello, can you please see me for a moment? ” The man raised his hand, drawing her attention to him. He smiled, or rather smirked in a way she understood. Ritas face went pale immediately.

The time was now. She had thought hard about it all through the morning but nothing had come to her head as an excuse

”Im coming, ” Rita left her tray on the counter and turned away from a colleague who was trying to make small conversation with her without noticing how jumpy she was.

”Hello, ” she greeted him with a fake smile.

”Where is it? ” Hard lines had replaced the smirk on his face. He folded his hands and regarded her with a stony glare, as if he knew the answer already.

”I- I don have i- it, ” Rita stammered. She hoped her boss wasn around. He could come out at any moment wondering what she was doing to make a client look this angry.

”Please just give me more time please. Ill get it for you. Im sure its in his study. I just have to find my way in there and… ” she was interrupted.

He didn have time for any dilly-dallying. He needed that document immediately. It was as important as life itself to him. He had to get it before Richard laid his hands on it.

He didn care if she had to enter his study or whatever. He wanted to scream at her. However he looked around him. Then he brought his face closer to her and spoke in clear words.

”This is your last chance, ” the man stood up and walked out of the restaurant with a snarl on his face.

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