”Ill be waiting for it. ” Richard hung up on the caller. Immediately he had gotten Ritas address the day before, he had gotten Ledger to run a good background check on her.

Ledger had gotten around to it immediately and had come back with a response. A response he wasn pleased with but he knew that he had to allow his patience win the race or the battle…whichever one it was that they were both battling with.

”Well have it tomorrow. ” The chauffeur had informed him.

Though he couldn keep calm because he really wanted to know why she came and whatever it was she needed from him. Was Adam owing her something?

It had to be that, he thought as he began to nodded his head. All the grudges had to be because his twins owned her something. What it was, he had no idea. All he just knew was that whatever the thing was, it was important to her. If not, why would she bother risking herself so many times just to get whatever it was.

Now, Ledger had just called that he had gotten the documents on her and was on his way home. He would wait before jumping into conclusions.

”Welcome Ledger, ” he greeted Ledger who strolled in with a brown envelope containing who Rita was.

He stretched it forward to Richard. Richard collected it.

”Thank you, ” he acknowledged and dismissed him before opening the documents. It looked untampered with. He knew the driver was curious but he couldn say anything to him until he himself had found out what was going on.

He would slowly unravel this puzzle because he was sure there was more to it. Richard rested back in the chair as he went through her pictures and information about her.

It was well detailed. It even contained where she worked. He was glad. He had paid a good deal to get that on her. Money could really be useful.

He looked through her background.

”Rita Allen, ” her name rolled off his tongue perfectly.

He continued reading up on her and who she was. He couldn miss a detail. It would be useful later.


After a few minutes of reading about her, he dropped the paper on the brown envelope on the table beside him and picked up his glass of orange juice.

It was surprising that she didn do hookups. This meant that she was new to the club. So why had she come there? Had she baited him? Did he walk into her trap? What had he done?

So many questions coursed through his mind as he dropped the glass of juice on the marble center table before him.

Given her financial background, she could have chosen to sleep with people for the money. She could have even done worse but she worked at a restaurant where she earned a living.

Something was amiss. Richard sighed. He was trying to wrap his head around it. She seemed to need money. He had looked at her bank statement also and it wasn what he expected.

All these didn tally with the personality she portrayed to people. Why had she been in the club? Why had she allowed him to take her home even if that meant shed lose customers?

Besides, what kind of hookup girl would forget to take her money for the first time. Especially since she needed the money.

She lived in a cheap apartment downtown. Richard picked up his phone from the table. He tapped on the screen to unlock it. Then he scrolled to the Google icon.

She lived in Inwood. The neighborhood was known to be cheap and had so many thugs. He read up more about it and he was surprised. Richard then scrolled to see some pictures of the place.

His gaze flicked back to the documents on the table before him. Why did Rita Allen leave her money that night and why did she never mention it again? He had every reasons to doubt her

She should have at least hinted on it but she didn . Maybe her mind was elsewhere. If her mind was elsewhere,she wouldn think about the money. It would be fixed on it.

So what was it? Who had Adam offended? Why did the lady keep on appearing in the bar when it was obvious she wasn a prostitute?

He racked his head.

Her actions didn match the findings, so Richard was convinced something was up. And the sooner he found out, the better it was for them. This thing could escalate into a whole lot more than he expected.

He decided to approach her and find out for himself.

Richard donned his jacket and strolled out of the room.

”Get the car ready, Ledger, ” he sent a message to him.

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