The Bloody Crown

Answers to questions

Raphael de Mourey


– You know, Princess, if you wanted to seduce me, then you
e not doing well, – I sincerely tried to keep the laughter in my voice, but it turned out with difficulty.

Although who could blame me for this, because its not every day you see a princess entangled with her feet in a hedge and hanging upside down. Her entire massive multi-layered skirt of the dress turned inside out and hung, covering the body of her own mistress dangling in the air.

– Cute panties, – I whistled, continuing to stretch the smile on my face wider and wider. The girl won see it anyway, in this case the dress played into her hands, hiding the embarrassment on her face under a pile of fabric. She violently tugged at the dress with her hands, trying to pull it higher and cover herself, but the force of gravity was against it.

– Immediately put me down on the ground, – grumbling like an old woman, she puffed her angry voice, which was too quiet under the layers of skirts, but I heard her clearly anyway.

– Im sorry, didn I hear what you said there? Leave you to get some air? – it was fun to make her angry.

As a result, having coped with her shyness, she stopped pulling her skirt up and just lifted it to open the view for herself. Furrowed brows, a deadly look, a wrinkled nose and clenched teeth – and you might see them crumble from the onslaught. Bursting with fire like a dragon.

– That carnivorous vegetation of yours… take me off it! – no one but Dex dares to address me so familiarly, but from her lips it sounded so funny every time. But, apparently, the stress completely knocked her brain, and the aristocrat in her died. Well, in such a situation, it is forgivable.

– Please? – play, so to the end.

– Please! – the voice was displeased, but she had to accept her hopelessness.

I came closer and lifted her up , straightening her heavy skirts (how can such a small body carry such weights?), ran my hand over the leaves of the vine, and she began to untangle her thickets, freeing her prey. You
e my smart girl, its not for nothing that I feed you with my magic. The princesss legs were freed from captivity, and she whined piteously in pain, squeezing them.

– You shouldn have resisted, it wouldn have been so sad. Although she would have tasted your blood anyway. – the princess sat down on the grass and, having got rid of her shoes, took off her bloody stockings, completely not looking up at me. And she was silent.

– As you correctly said, liana is carnivorous, and she is also my main and faithful guardian. Like a watchdog, but more capable. No one can get in and out of here without my permission, so she regarded you as a potential enemy. You
e lucky you
e still alive. You know, its another sight when she bites into the neck, tearing the tender skin and draining all the blood dry from her prey. There have been numerous precedents. – I kept talking and smiling, proud of my wonderful creation.

– Please, let me go, please. – she spoke so softly and so plaintively, which is not at all comparable to the fighting mood that was a couple of minutes ago. – I can be of any use to you, Im just an ordinary person, without magic, without connections, without values. I have nothing to give you in return, and I do not know what you want from me, but I beg you to let me go. – Tears blurred her clear blue eyes, like the sea. She casually wiped them with her hands, and they continued to pour more and more, washing off makeup and leaving black streaks on her cheeks. And she sniffed sweetly.

– Im sorry, Princess. Im not interested in jewelry, property or gold. I can give you that myself, my connections will be more reliable than your fathers, and magic is not required of you. However, your value lies elsewhere. – Her tear–stained face looked at me expectantly.

– You
e my prisoner. Your father is involved in the theft of something valuable to me, more valuable than your life. And I intend to return it. And you will help me in this.

– What if I refuse?

– I will get rid of you and you will finally find the freedom you dream of. – I didn try to joke with her anymore, it was worth letting her know right away what would happen if she refused to cooperate.

– You must have forgotten that I jumped out of the window myself. – what a stubborn woman, goes to the end.

– What I will do to you will be radically different from the easy and quick death that you preferred. – threats were used, but what can you do if such a wild animal fell into a trap.

She was silent, her gaze lowered to her feet, which still continued to bleed, despite the fact that she tried to stop her by wrapping wet stockings. Time passed, I did not hurry, let him think or ask questions. Its better than running away right away.

– And what do you suggest? I won be able to help anyway-my father will marry me off as soon as I get back.

– Is that what you were running from? Whats wrong with getting married? Are you planning to walk in virgins until old age? – not that I care. It makes absolutely no difference what she will do with her life after she fulfills her part of the deal, which I will definitely impose on her.

– Can we talk somewhere else? Its getting chilly. – She was still speaking softly, as if in a whisper.

– It was you who preferred fresh air to a cozy warm room. – I did not fail to reproach her. But I still went towards the castle, while she was trailing somewhere behind. I walked in silence with my hands clasped behind my back and only heard her moaning and groaning behind me. Well, what a useless creature, should I still carry her in my arms? I gave her a quick unsatisfied look and met her piercing blue, but she never asked for help. Well, then let her suffer, since she is so stubborn. Why would I even feel sorry for her, the daughter of my enemy?

We walked slowly because of someone, but eventually we reached my room. She was still standing behind, but now clearing her throat, she was able to squeeze out the words.

– Can we talk somewhere else? Id rather not stay in your room, it makes me look worse. – her gaze wandered anywhere but on me, confused.

– So, Princess, Im not interested in you at all, so drop even such thoughts. Im not interested in this type of women. – I waved my hand in the air in front of her, assessing her from head to toe. No, she was definitely beautiful and well-groomed, but she was too small, too fragile, like a child, and apart from the desire to feed her, she did not at all cause a desire to touch her as a woman.

These words did not have the proper effect on her, she did not get flustered, did not start snorting and indignant, but simply looked at me indifferently.

– And, secondly, you will do what I tell you. And if I say that we will talk in my room, even if at that moment I order you to kneel and bark like a dog, you will do it. You
e not in a position to be able to choose.

Imagine my surprise when, without saying anything, she walked past me and pushed the door, slipping inside, and then closed it right in front of my nose. A trashy, ill-mannered girl! With a loud bang, I opened the doors that they ricocheted off the walls, and puffed indignation. But I didn find her in the room, she went to the bathroom. Nimble and unscrupulous.

– I need a first aid kit to treat the wounds. Then well talk. – she shouted from the bathroom, her tone was not an order, but an ultimatum for sure.

I didn keep any medicines here. With my ability to regenerate cells quickly, I just didn need them. But the smell of her fresh blood coming from the bathroom told me that she just needs medical help.

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