The location changed to the Adventurer’e Guild in Mysia.
It seemed to be mercenary guild in a large city, and it was crowded with people.
At a tavern in the middle of it, Alfiris, Anorn, and Albert were having a consultation.

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Many of thses guilds are attached to taverns and restaurants.
It is a common practice for travelers to go to a tavern if they want to get information, and mercenaries often hang out in these places to get information about each country as quickly as possible.
This was the place where they were going to have dinner and find out who they were looking for.

「But why do we need one only?」

「In ancient times, a party of four has been required to defeat an archfiend.」

「I think there were times when it was three.」

「I remember the first time there was only one.」

「–? What are you talking about?」

Alfiris can’t keep up with what the two of them are saying at all.

「No, I’m pretty sure in some other cases it was five.」

「It’s fluid.
There was even one time where 12 of us beat up one of them.」

「Didn’t they have, like, 50 people?」

「Maybe 30? I don’t know much about that.」

「Please, tell me something I can understand! Or is it my fault for being naive!?」

They don’t think that’s the problem.
Alfiris’ scream changed the subject.

「But the matter of fact is that all three of us are more like vanguards.
It would be helpful to have a support person.
I think mage mercenaries are rare, but in a city this big, they might be around.」

「Oh, I thought Sister were supposed to be at the rear?」

「Well, yes, but at this point I think I can defend myself better than Alfie.」

「Oh, no…」

At these words, Alfiris nodded pitifully.
She have been in the mercenary business for almost a year now, and she thought she was getting used to it.

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「But what about recruiting?」

「I’ll take care of it.」

Anorn stepped out into the open where everyone in the tavern could see her.
At that moment, all the lights went out except for the one shining on her.


Alfiris’ question was inevitable, but at any rate, everyone in the room stopped bustling about to see what was going on and turned their attention to the sister.

「Ladies and gentlemen… I’m in a great deal of trouble.」

The sister appeals to everyone with moist eyes.
Anorn must have her eyedrops hidden in her sleeve earlier.

「I’m a Sister of the Church of Arnelia and one of my travelling companions has fallen ill, but I must continue my journey by order of the church.
I’m looking for a strong person to protect me, but I can’t seem to find one… If you don’t mind, can one of you protect me?」

There, she shows them her tears.
Alfiris wondered what kind of training this sister had in her life.
From Alfiris’ point of view, it seemed like “wow… what a monkey show”, but it had a great effect on the men in the guild.

「Sister! I’ll protect you!」

「What are you talking about? You bastard can’t do it! I’ll protect you, Sister!」

「No, if that’s the case, I’ll do it!」

「You can’t protect her if you’re a poor bastard like this.
Stop before you embarrass yourself!」

「A rude person like you will only hurt this delicate sister.
Pull yourself together!」

「What the hell, you bastard!」

In no time at all, a fight broke out over Anorn’s companion.
It was a huge brawl inside the tavern.

「I wonder if all the men in the world are like this… Master, I’m 18 and about to give up at finding my boyfriend…」

In the middle of the hustle and bustle, Alfiris was secretly losing herself in the despair of life.
But she couldn’t stay like that forever.
As if to interrupt the brawl, she rushed to Anorn’s side.

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「(But what do we actually do here?)」

「(Should we just let these guys fight it out until there’s only one left, and then take the survivor.)」

「(How can you do that?)」

「(It’s easy.
I’ll just say, “Now you’re going to kill each other.” There solved!)」

「(Fraud and inducement to murder? That’s not an idea should be coming from a Sister!)」

The inside of the guild was already in chaos.
The clerk lady at the reception desk was frothing and almost fainted from the sheer destruction of the guild.

「(Shouldn’t this Sister create her own religion? She’s going to take the world by storm.)」

While Alfiris was fantasizing about this, in reality, the atmosphere was such that they might actually kill each other.
At that moment, someone tugged on Alfiris’ sleeve.

「Who is it? I’m kind of busy…」

「Those simpletons will slow you down one way or the other.
If you’re going to take them, let me do it.」

When she turned around, she saw a girl of about 14 or 15 standing there, but as soon as Alfiris saw the girl, her eyes widened.
Her skin was as white as porcelain, and her face was as neat as a doll’s.
She was beautiful, of course, but her overly tidy appearance made her seem less human than she really was.
In fact, the girl was expressionless.
In addition, the color of her hair, which reached her waist, was very distinctive.
Rumor has it that in the East, there is a tree called Sakura that blooms in the spring with pale peach petals, but isn’t that what they call her hair color? Furthermore, the fact that she was carrying a white cane suggested that she was blind.
But most of all, Alfiris felt…

「(I wonder… it’s as if the space around her has been cut off.)」

As if ignoring the hustle and bustle around her, only her surroundings are quiet.
It was as if she had stepped out of a single portrait and was looking at her.

「Ahh! Watch out!」

A liquor bottle came flying out of nowhere towards her.
Alfiris tried to get it in the air, but she couldn’t seem to get in time.

「(It’s going to hit her…!)」

Alfiris was about to run over to her, when the girl quickly caught the bottle in midair.
She gulped it down and then…

「Eh, you’re drinking it?」

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「This is Dia fruit juice, I was hoping for Cucus fruit juice, but I didn’t expect to find that in the spur of the moment.
I’m not done yet, am I?」

When Alfiris looked closely, she saw that it was indeed a fruit juice bottle.
Alfiris’ expression showed that she was curious as to how she knew, but the girl was quick to retort.

「You do think I was actually drinking, do you? Good grief.
I’m not even sixteen and so it’s natural for me to not drink any alcohol.
You’re actually an idiot, aren’t you?」

Then she turned her expression to Alfiris and with a blank expression, said,「Hnn!」And then she made a gesture of disgust.

Alfiris felt as if she had been caught off guard by a peashooter.

「(Unlike Anorn, who’s not very foul-mouthed, but this kid is the opposite of it…)」

「I see.
You’re a sensor, aren’t you?」

Anorn leaned forward.

「Yes, ma’am.
You noticed?」

「Yeah, when a blind child makes such a great catch.
Do you have a rank in the guild?」

「Sort of.」

With a chirp, the girl pulls out a rank insignia from her chest, which she wears around her neck.
The rank insignia showed a bow with three arrows.

「I see, C Rank huh? Alfie, she’s ranked higher than you.」

「W–wow… I’m surprised…」

Once again, Alfiris is drooping.
She thinks that she might been a slob ever since she came to Mysia.

「A sensor, and a C+ at that age…」

「I don’t know about the details of the request, but is this good enough level for a sensor?」


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「There are definitely some skilled people in this guild, but they are all out of town.
I’m sure I’m a lot better than all of the dorks here.」

「You’re actually right.
Then I have decided on you!」

「You and I seem to be on the same page, Sister.
Let’s get along.
Oh, you big, useless swordswoman, you’re different.
In your case, use honorifics with me!」

Alfiris is pointed out by the girl firmly.

「What, why?」

「I won’t tolerate any backchat.」

「I’ve made up my mind…」

「So, what’s your name?」

Anorn spoke to her as if nothing had happened.

「I apologise for my behavior.
My name is Lisa Fandoland.
You can call me 『Lisa-chan.』」

「Okay, Lisa-chan.
I’m Sister Anorn.」

「It’s nice to meet you.」

The girl, who called herself Lisa, gave Anorn a polite bow.
Alfiris also offered her hand to Lisa.

「It’s nice to meet you too, Lisa-chan.
I’m Alfiris.」

「What’s with that hand? You’re too chummy.
You can call me『Lisa-sama』 if you want.
Anything else is unacceptable, you tall bitch.」


「Why is it just me? And this guy who only reacts there is annoying too!」

Alfiris’ stress was reaching its peak, but at any rate, the fourth member of the team had been decided.

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