「Alfiris, please wake up already.」

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「Well, isn’t it a little early to be?」

「What are you going to do if it gets worse? You won’t be able to become a bride.」

「Nhn, geez.
You really know how to get people listen to you.」

Alfiris is woken up by Lisa at the inn.
It had been long since the sun had risen, but Lisa was an early riser.

「Lisa, have you had breakfast.」

「Done already.
Unlike you, Lisa is a hard worker.」

「If you ask Lisa, she’s a luddite.
Let’s just make sure I don’t grow up to be like you in the future.」

「Guh… You’re only cute when you shut up.」

「I can hear you.」

Alfiris stares at Lisa with expressionless eyes.
Although she must be five years younger than Alfiris, she’s a girl with a strange sense of oppression and intimidation.
For some reason, Alfiris finds it hard to argue with her.

「You should have a little respect for those older than you.」

「Oh, I do respect them.
As a role model.」

「… She’s really a mouthful…」

It seems that Alfiris has no chance in a quarrel.
Alfiris had no choice but to get out of bed.
But as she recalls, yesterday was a tough day.


Alfiris and company were pondering what to do, since they couldn’t leave the brawl in the tavern alone after making one of them.

「Lisa recommends to leave them alone.
They’re dorky, but they’re not stupid enough to kill each other.
Besides, if they make too much noise, Mysia’s vigilantes will come.」

「Anorn, what are we going to do?」

「Well, let’s just leave it at that, shall we?」

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「Hey! Are you still a servant of God?」

「No, I hate gods and fate.
There’s nothing in Church of Arnelia says you have to believe in God.」

「No way, this sister…」

When she saw Alfiris wincing at Anorn’s unreasonableness, Anorn thought it was a bad idea.

「I’ll go stop them if you insist so much.
Lisa come here for a minute.」

Anorn took Lisa and walked briskly to the center of the group.
On the way, they almost got into a brawl, but all the men they almost hit were blown to pieces.
Strangely enough, no one noticed that Anorn was blowing up the men.
All of them were to a certain extent, so they probably thought it was just an optical illusion that the seemingly fragile sister in front of them was tearing and throwing large men.

Then the Sister goes to the center and all the lights go out except the one that hits her again.

「(So how is she doing that!?)」

「Everyone, please listen up!」

The brawl quickly dies down and all eyes are on Anorn.

「This time, I’ve chosen this Lisa-chan as my member! So don’t fight for me anymore!」

Anorn sobbed and showed it.
Sister looks like she’s going to say more.

「And so, thank you all for your hard work.
Please stop fighting, you stupid bastards!」

Lisa’s terrible apology and the deep and polite bow was not at all sincere.
Naturally, the men begin to protest vehemently.

「No, I’m not going to accept this, Sister!」

「Yes, for whom do you think we are fighting?」

「We’re not going to stop until you take one of us with you!」

「That’s right! That’s right!」

The men were making a lot of noise and couldn’t get it under control.
At first, Anorn was listening to everyone’s complaints with her annoyed eyes, but she must have gotten tired of it.
She gradually returned to her normal face.

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「This, This isn’t good…」

Just as a bad feeling began to creep into Alfiris’ head, one of the men finally said,

「Sister, will you take me with you?」

He grabbed Anorn by the shoulders.
At that moment, Anorn’s face took on a devilish expression.

「Who said you could touch me, punk?」

Anorn twisted the man’s hand up and the man let out an inarticulate scream.
She slammed the man down on the desk and everyone on the tavern froze.
Anorn shouted in the silence.

「Don’t make me say it twice.
I told you we already have a member.
Are you punks have a problem inside your heads to not understood that, ahh!? Go home, take a shit, and sleep, you ugly bastards.
And after you wash your face, don’t ever show it in front of me again! Let’s go, Lisa!」

「Ah, yes, Sister!」

Before she knew it, Lisa was giving Anorn a glittering look of envy.
When she said『sister』 She thought she may have found the wrong target somehow.
But she’s using the name of the Arnelia Church, and Alfiris is not sure if it’s okay to do this.

The men, however, were speechless, frozen like statues with faces as if they were having a terrible nightmare, and seemed to be having none of it.
It was if their faint dreams had been shattered in an instant.
Anorn’s transformation would have surprised anyone who saw it for the first time, but for some reason Albert didn’t move an inch.
It was questionable on how calm he was.
It was clear that the mercenaries would not be able to move, at least not until they left.

「Alfiris, Albert, what are you standing there for? Let’s go!」

Alfiris suddenly came back to herself, but she didn’t want to be thought of as this Sister’s companion.
She had a feeling that she would never come back to this guild again.


As they left the guild, Lisa inquired about the contents of the request.

「I’m going to go home.
What about tomorrow’s meeting?」

「Can you come to the our inn in the morning? Well, how can I explain this to the blind Lisa?」

「No, don’t worry.
I’ve picked up on your presences, so I can use my sensor abilities to find you.
If you could just tell me where the inn is.」

「You know that much? It’s two streets over from here, I believe, with a red sign and a shovel…」

「I see, that’s Mr.
Souza’s inn.
I understand.
I’ll tell you about the reward then.」

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「We can negotiate it then, but why not now?」

「I don’t mind, you don’t seem like the kind of people who would be stingy with your rewards, and since it’s not a request made through a legitimate guild, I’ll expect the opposite.
In fact, I’m in a need of money right now, so that would be more helpful to me.
If it’s a long-term request, I’ll just take an advance payment.」

Lisa seemed to be a seasoned negotiator.
Anorn was inwardly impressed with the fact that she had earned the title of high rank at her age.

「No, let’s do these things first.
The reward is divided into four equal parts.
I’m not going to be stingy just because I’m a sensor.
How’s that sound?」

「Good enough.」

The sensor’s reward is usually a small share.
This is because they are all in the rear guard and are not in direct danger.
To receive an equal share of the reward is almost unparalleled treatment.

Albert raises his hand.

「No, I’m on a mission, so I don’t need my share.
You can divide it into three equal parts, excluding my portion.」

「That’s it then.
Anyone else have an opinion?」

No one seemed to object Anorn’s words.

「It’s settled.
If no one else has business in town, we should leave tomorrow at noon, including preparations.
That’s the plan.”」

「I’m sending my out to be sharpened, do you think it will be ready in time?”」

「If you show her one of your tits, she’ll sharpen it as fast as light.」

「So you’re the kind of person who does that.」

「No, I’m not! Anorn, please don’t mislead me.」

Alfiris began to visibly wince at Anorn and Lisa’s words, so Albert followed up seriously.

「…Give him a little grip and he’ll be sharpened by noon.
I’ll make sure we have transportation before then.
I have an idea.」

「What are you going to hold?」

「No, you’re talking about the chip there.
What did you imagine, disgusting.」

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「Well, Lisa, you should leave it at that, Alfie’s naive.
And Alfie, you should call Lisa by her normal name.
I’m sure you’ll be fine.
Is that okay with you, Lisa?」

「If that’s what Sister ask, it’s fine.」

Just when Alfiris thought she might be able get by with this,『…Tch!』she thought she heard Lisa click her tongue.
Alfiris was very anxious about her companions.


When they returned to the inn, it was already fully booked and they could not secure a room for Albert.
Alfiris and Anorn wondered what to do.

「I’ll sleep outside the door.
Wake me uo if anything happens.」

「That won’t help if you get tired.
At least on the sofa…」

「I can’t do that in a woman’s room.」

He refused without hesitation.
Alfiris was impressed that he was a knight after all, but Anorn didn’t seem to be amused.

「I thought it would be fun to have a man and a woman under one roof~ I was looking forward to seeing the look on that simpleton’s face when she tore into Alfie in front of Albert~!」

「What do you think you’re doing with my body? I’ll never be able to get it over it if someone sees me and says, 『……Fuh!’』」

「I’m afraid to say it.
I’m afraid of the Lazaar family.」

「I’m sure the sisters was a lot cooler than I thought.
Normally, when she sees a handsome guys, she’d say, 『Oh, you’re so handsome!.
Would you like to do it me?』」

「That’s not very nice to hear.
Am I a lascivious woman?」

「I thought we were the same.」

Here and there, Alfiris fires back.

「Well, I’ll admit my face is good, but I’ll spare you the Lazaar family.
Oh, I get the chills just thinking about it!」

Anorn has goosebumps.
It seems that even a violent, unmannered sister has her weaknesses.
Anorn is not sure what she remembered, but she’s sure that Alfiris will just ignore it if she tries to find out.
She have always thought that this sister is sly in that way.

Alfiris and the others fell asleep while having such a rambling conversation.
Alfiris felt that it was fun to talk with Anorn after all.

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