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The breeze felt warm between the buildings.
The season of the year is about to change from spring to summer.
The days are long at this time of year and the sky is still light, but the white moon has already risen high in the sky and streets of Mysia are beginning to show the bustle of the night.

Mysia is a big town, and the waves of people never stop flowing even at night.
The stores are lit up with lights, and the stalls are transformed from stores selling travel gears and daily necessities to stores selling foods and drinks.
The streets are filled with vendors and touts calling out to passerbys, and near the fountain in the square, many friends and lovers can be seen waiting for each other.
Miliazar walks alone, away from the hustle and bustle, while squinting at the scene that could be a symbol of the peaceful Midlands.

「People still live the same way they have for hundreds of years… but there are certainly more smiling faces than there were during the war.」

Miliazar was suddenly reminded of the past.
When the founding body of the Arnelia religion had not yet been established, and she was traveling around the country like a pilgrim, the living area of humans was a very small part of this continent.
People were so frightened by the existence of fiends that they could not travel or emigrate, and it was not uncommon for villages and towns to be attacked and destroyed by packs of fiends.
The population may have been less than 1/10 of what it is today.

In addition, there were many more Archfiends than there are now.
Among them, there were six extremely powerful Archfiends who were capable of swallowing entire nations.
These powerful Archfiends were called.『Great Archfiends』, and the war against them lasted for 300 years, and the time when the series of wars continued was called the Great War Period.
The Great War Period ended about 350 years ago.
Since then, there have been many wars and conflicts between humans, and the period up to the current peacekeeping system in each country is called the Dawn Period.
The Dawn Period ended about 20 years ago.

Milizar began her pilgrimage before the start of the Great War.
No, there is no doubt that her very existence was a factor in causing the Great War.
As she traveled from place to place, she was naturally involved in defeating fiends, and many people began to work for her, and by the time ten years had passed, she had become a major force.
As a result, the force led by Miliazar became one of the banners for the rebellion against the Archfiends.
This was the organization that became the foundation of Arnelian religion.

Of course, it shouldn’t be forgotten that at the same time there were many other legendary heroes who led their people against the Archfiends.
The Arnelian religion, which could move without being bound by national borders, was much easier to move the country, although it was not flexible as them.

In any case, Miliazar helped the sick and injured, enabled villages and towns to keep in touch with each other, and made it possible for people to come and go safely.
She also created the land of fiends and expanded the range of life for humans.
At some point, she came to be called a saint or a supreme teacher.
Recovery magic was originally taught by her to those who had the background to help others more efficiently, but as a result many people developed the abilities of sisters, priests, and priestesses, and humans became much less likely to die than before.
In the midst of this, many of her subordinates swore to give their lives to her and followed her, dead or alive.
This is how the Arnelian religion was created.

Their dedication and many sacrifices have made Arnelia what it is today.
Nowadays, most of Arnelia’s activities are to help people in need, but in the past, the main content was to defeat fiends.
They devoted a lot of energy to defeating the Great Archfiends.
Many people were sacrificed, but even more people benefitted.
It’s not that she’s proud of ber accomplishments by weighing the lives of humans on a scale, and it’s not that fighting was her goal, but she have never felt regret for what she have done.
She believes that any regret would be an insult to those stake their dreams, hopes and even their lives on what she had done.

「I’ll never know if I did the right thing or not…」

As the power of the fiends faded and the range of human life expanded, humans began to fight among themselves.
The Arnelian Church, led by Miliazar, basically remained neutral in the war between humans, but because of the lack of cooperation with the other countries to defeat the fiends, the Arnelian Church continued to defeat the fiends alone for a long time.
In the process, many knights, sisters and monks died.
There were many times when the church was criticized for this and an internal split almost occurred.

There were also many who took advantage of the expanding power of the church to do evil.
This is in spite of the fact that the group is based on the principles of charity and salvation.
When she first entered the Arnelian Church, she did not have such evil intentions, and she was sure that most of them were working hard with noble ideals.
Having dealt with internal conflicts with her own hands at times, Miliazar had always been haunted by grief.
But she was not one to cut corners or show half-hearted mercy, that was for sure.

As the Arnelian religion has grown, there is no denying that it has become filled with darkness.
Miliazar smiled to herself.
That’s probably because she was that kind of person.
The group she created was like her own children.
Children take after their parents.

While Miliazar was lost in thought, the downtown area had already been cut off and she was entering a dark back alley.
This is one of the most unsafe streets in Mysia, lined with brothels, gambling dens, and black markets.
The street are lined with scantily clad prostitutes and ruffians with bad eyesights, snatching wallets from drunken people lying in the street, and the shouts of fights coming from the narrow alleys.
At dawn, it is not uncommon to find a dead body lying on the street.

But nowadays, this kind of scene can be seen in any town.
It’s not as bad as the famous back streets of Tarlam, but Miliazar can’t help but feel a pang in her chest at the sight of such a scene.

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「I didn’t mean to save these people.
They work hard every day, they try their best to live, and yet they lose their lives over trivial things.
I just didn’t want to overlook such events.
But I can’t choose who I save…」

She remembered the villagers who had been good to her in the past.
They worked hard to survive, never complained about working late every day, and even though they were not wealthy, they never abandoned those in need.
And yet, with just one attack by a pack of fiends, everything was reduced to ashes.

The old couple who invited her to their home for dinner, the big family whom she sowed seeds, and her best friends, the twins who ran the fields and mountains with her, were all gone.
Also gone with the sisters who always spoke to me.
At that moment, something grabbed the hem of her clothes.
It was dirty man, probably some kind of beggar.

「You’re a sister, right? I haven’t eaten anything for three days… please have mercy on me.」


She took out the sweets she had just bought from the stall.
The shape was like a star, and she was looking forward on sneaking some later, but Miliazar thought that she would be disqualified from preaching the beliefs of the church if she was stingy with this.

「This is all I have at the moment, but…」

「Tch! What the hell? It’s just a candy bar! Are you mocking me because I’m lowly?」

「Unfortunately, it’s all I have.」

「Then give me the money! I’ll buy liquor with it.
I can live on liquor.」

「Unfortunately, I don’t have any money either.
I’d like to give it to you, but…」

「Don’t fuck with me!」.

The man grabbed Miliazar by the chest.

「Let go of your hands.
Anyone who harasses the Sisters of Arnelia will be punished accordingly.」


Maybe the man used to have a certain amount of faith, maybe he felt guilty about wreaking havoc on the young sister, or maybe Miliazar’s eyes were sharper than he thought.
Either way, he withdrew more easily than she expected and disappeared into the alleyway, swearing.
Of course, if she had tried to do anything more, Miliazar would nhave punished him first, before Heaven could punish him.

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「He didn’t even work for himself, yet he was so dependent on others… typical of a bad person.
In the past, people like that would have not survived.
If you didn’t support each other, it was hard to even survive.」

「It can’t be helped」, she muttered to herself as she straightened her posture.

「I just can’t bring myself to love them as much as you do to those people.
I can’t help it, though I would help them it they were in trouble.
But I’m sure you’d have no hesitation in showing your love to such people… Aren’t you, Arnelia…」

She remembered the face of the sister who had picked her up a long time ago.
It was so long ago that the description of her face is now only dim image.
But she will never forget a single word she said to Miliazar.

––Don’t hate them––

「Arnelia, I’m no saint, and I’m not a worthy master.
I’m just a imitation of you.
I still hate the people who killed you, even to this day.」

She took care of her, protecting her from being an outcast.
She took care of her and persuaded the villagers to let her stay in the village.
If she had a fever, Arnelia would stay awake and take care of Miliazar until she got well.
If a villager was injured, she would fly to its house to help, and if there was no food in the house, she would give them food even if she had to cut down her own.
The villagers were so moved by her kindness that they decided to do the same as Arnelia.
In an age infested with fiends, there was no probably no village in the world at that time that was so peaceful.
Whenever she think back on it, she feel a warmth welling up in her chest.

「Such a scene… I wish could see it again.」

As she was lost in her reverie, she noticed that the street was empty.
Even though they were deep in the backstreets, it was strange that no one was around.

「Hmm… They were probably around here somewhere, come on out.」

And then the shadows appearing, swooshing in and out.
There were five in all, but they might still be lurking.
Miliazar’s yawn tinkled.

「I’ve been waiting for you.
Let’s ask you who you are.」


「You’re not talking.
That’s not very interesting…」

Before Miliazar could finish, the first one gave the signal, and without a sound, the others began to move.
All of them took out blades from their pockets.

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「So soon!」

Miliazar fluttered left and right to avoid the approaching people.
It should be difficult to move in a sister’s uniform, but the lightness of her body language is hard to believe for a sister.
She grabbed one of them by the hand and slammed it into the wall.

There was a dull thud, as if a bone had been broken, but the person didn’t scream and quickly regained its position.
It seemed to be a very well trained person to be able to repeat the attack despite the pain.
But she’s not going to stop half-heartedly.

「I’m sorry, but we’re going to keep you stuck for a while, okay?」

Miliazar was about to use a simple captivity spell when she realized that she couldn’t use magic.


Instantly, Miliazar jumped upwards to dodge something flying at her.
She kicked the wall of tbe building and ran up to the roof of the building, which had four floors.

「I see.
To perform the exorcism magic and the blocking magic at the same time… The leading one, are you a jounin?」

In no time at all, the five of them came running up to the roof.
A ninja is a person from another continent to the east, and is the name of an assassin.
The continent to the east is only about the half the size of the continent they are currently on, but the fiends are stronger on average than the ones here, and there are many untouched lands, so therea are many opportunities to fight.
In addition, the resources are scarce, so since the opening of diplomatic relations across the sea about 400 years ago, the country has been importing weapons amd human resources from the eastern continent in exchange of food and clothing from the western continent.
One of those was the ninja.

The ninja, whose specialty is assassination, and who can also use magic (called fujutsu or ninjutsu), which has different system from that of this continent.
It seems that they can also use direct offensive magic, but they mainly use magic with indirect effects in order to undertake clandestine work.
This time, the magic of Miliazar has been sealed, and it is probably in that vein.

「(It’s also nighttime, and the season is not conducive to sacred magic.
I’m sure the effect will be short-lived, though, since it’s powerful enough to block my magic.
I can’t even break the spell without knowing the strain.
I’m sure I’ll be able to find something that works on you.)」

Miliazar looked for an opportunity to make a move, but as expected, the enemy gave her no chance.
And before she knew it, each of them had something in their hands.

「(Is that… a sign? So it’s a summon or a shikigami.)」

There were many more different types of techniques in the East than this continent, and they all used different styles to summon their servants.
In some cases, the signs would grow and the servants would crawl out.
Some would draw a kind of magic circle on the ground.
some of the signs themselves transformed into servants.
There are so many different kinds of summoning magic.

「(Youkai, shiki-oni, shiki-mushi… it’s quite a variety.)」

The number of servants summoned by rhe ninjas reached 20 in all.
This could be a dangerous situation for Miliazar, who could not use magic.
It was the first time the ninjas opened their mouths, as if they were quite sure of their advantage.

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「…Prepare yourself, Master Bishop-dono.」

「What, you can talk? But more importantly, if you know me as me, you know who you’re working for, don’t you?」

The ninjas stopped moving for a moment as Miliazar spoke in a completely calm manner.


「You’re not talking again.
Oh well.
If you can provide us with information about your employer, we’ll double your current fee, how about that?」


But the ninjas showed no reaction and attacked.

「You guys are really boring.
I’ve given you a chance to live, why don’t you value your life?」

Miliazar put her hands on her hips and sighed,『Good grief,』but in the meantime, the two-meter tall shiki-oni attacked her.
But Miliazar dodged the fist and grabbed the face of the shiki-oni.
Right after that—


With a bursting sound, Miliazar crushed the head of the shiki-oni, which was more than five time the size of her palm, as if she were crushing a palm-sized fruit.
Brain plasma splattered around her, wnd flesh blood dripped from her hand.


Not only the monsters that were about to attack her, but the ninjas also gasped.

「It’s been years since I’ve killed anything, even a shiki-oni.
Now, then.
It seems that you’ve raised your hand to me, there’s no room negotiation.
Besides, if I don’t fight once in a while, I’ll forget how to do it.
I’m sorry, but you’re going to help me get used to the idea, risking your life, that is.」

「…Surround her.」

Miliazar’s face became more and more ready for battle.
It seems that the ninjas, even though they were pushing themselves so hard, realized that their opponent was someone they couldn’t let their guard down for a minute.
However, they had already made a mistake at this stage.
At this point, they should have used all the shikigami as bait and fled, but they realized this 10 seconds late.
Even if they had noticed, they don’t know if there would have been a chance to escape.

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