「So, back to my original question.
Will you accept my request?」

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「… It’s fine.
You’re right, there is some truth to what you’re saying.
I’m going to trust you.
But if you fail Lisa…」

「What will you do? Are you going to kill me?」

「It’s difficult for me to do that, so I’d rather die! I’ll spread such embarrassing rumors that I’ll kill you socially.」

「That’s much scarier! That’s not an idea coming from a 14-year old usually, is it?」

「Fufufu, I’ve been through a lot of rough patches.」

Lisa lets out a gruff laugh, her face expressionless.
If Miliazar misinterpreted her promise, she would seriously do it.
Miliazar felt a slight chill run down her back, out of character.

「Now, Lisa has one more for you.」

Okay, but no three sizes or anything.」

「Who cares about a little girl’s flat three-size? Why do you care so much about those two?」

「That’s a big thing to say! I think it’s no different than you caring about those two.」

Miliazar thought she had said it in a mischievous way, but Lisa seemed to be annoyed.

「Don’t make fun of me.」

「Hmph, what a boring brat… You did hear that Miranda is immortal, right?」


「It’s good when『you don’t die.』It’s hard when 『you can’t die.』It was really painful for me when I saw her lose her beloved once.
It’s worse than you think to be hopeless in life and not be able to die.」

Miliazar narrowed her eyes and remembered the time when she had picked up Miranda before.

 The guild had a reputation for having a woman whose whole body was dyed red with the returning blood of demons and went on a rampage, and it had become a problem.
Anybody who tried to get close to her, regardless of whether they liked or disliked her, would be incapacitated without exception, but Miliazar had no intention of making a business trip if that was the extent of it.

However, Miriazar made her move when the magical beasts and fiends that she had made her promise not to attack humans, and even the beastmen that had been relatively friendly to humans, were touched.
At first, she sent in her own dark side, the mouthless one, but even after reports of her capture, her survival was confirmed again after a while.
After receiving reports that the woman she had captured would not die no matter what she did, Miriazar finally went out herself.

 At that time, Miranda saw her eyes.
They were already shining with a strange light that did not seem to belong to a person.
The woman who was supposed to be a mere human being was equipped with a pressure that even the experienced Miliazar felt frightened of.

But at the same time, Miliazar remembered feeling a sense of sadness.
She wondered what had happened in the woman’s life to make her look that way.
It made Miliazar’s heart ache just by thinking about it.

「I have a long life, but I still have people who will serve me for a long time.
I’ve also been loved by many people and friends.
I’ve seen many people die unhappily, but I’ve also seen many people live happily ever after.
But Miranda had lost almost everyone who had ever been good to her in some unfortunate way.
With all those memories, the human heart will die.」

「…That’s true.」

「Immortality is a problem, as is aging.
Even if you are torn apart, you will never die.
But it can be made to stop working.
Try being crucified or something while being torn apart.
You can’t die, you can’t regenerate, and you stay that way forever.
Do you have any idea how horrible that sounds?」

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「Lisa is pretty sure to not approve that.」

Lisa shuddered involuntarily.
Imagining such a scene and wondering what Miranda would look like at that moment.
She wondered if that happened to her.
It was horrible to even think about it.

「They are also beautiful to look at.
And unfortunately, some humans and fiends are cruelty we can’t even imagine.」

「That is, something I can understand.」

Even though, Lisa has always avoided conflict, she has heard of the horrors of war in the guild.
In addition, there are several cases that she deal with on a daily basis that make her want to turn a blind eye to them.

「I’m also worried about Alfiris.
It would be best for her to live in seclusion deep in the mountains, but that would be a pity.
I wish I could travel with her, but unfortunately that’s not possible.」

「So you want Lisa, Lisa is strong enough, is she?」

「There aren’t many people who are better than me anyway.
And I’m not all-powerful, either.
Traveling is usually good for those who are comfortable with each other.
I can see them as children… well, that may have bothered you.」

「No, I don’t mind them as much as I thought I would.
In fact, if it weren’t for the little ones, I might have offered to do it myself.」

Lisa answered immediately.
This reaction was little a surprising even to Miliazar.

「Hmm… Why?」

「What can I say… I care about those two.
And they were the most pleasant people I’ve ever been with.
I guess you could call it a sensor-like rambling.
It’s ridiculous for me to say this as a younger person, but I feel like I have to protect those two, especially Alfiris.」

Lisa didn’t know why she felt that way.
She knows that sensors are basically weak beings and that she is of little use to them in battle unless she is taken by surprise.
Ir was odd to think that she would want to protect Alfiris when she was in a position to be protected by her.

Well, it could be the same reason why Miranda is by your side.
It’s true that Miranda is a strangely protective person, and the fact that you’re a sensor lends credibility to her claims.」

「Well, I’m sure there are lot of weirdos that come around.」

「Really… weird huh?」

Miliazar couldn’t help but gush.
For some reason, she could easily imagine the scene, which was terrifying.

「But don’t worry, Lisa will take care of the weird bugs from behind.」

「Hmm, fine, in moderation… Kukuku」

Lisa mimicked doing the giggling from behind, and the gesture was so cute that Miliazar laughed out loud.

「(Another person too good to let die.
I should secretly have my dark side asa guard.)」

She thought to herself.


Then Miliazar and Lisa successfully negotiated and met up with Alfiris and the others.

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Apparently, Millie wanted to have a victory celebration with them.
And Lisa wanted to accompany them on their journey.
At first, Alfiris and the others were surprised, but they gladly agreed, as they welcomed more traveling companions.

At the suggestion of Alfiris, the victory party was to be held at the restaurant of the beastman who had first approached her in the city of Mysia.
When she arrived at the restaurant, he answered with two words and secured her a seat.
He was still the same affable man she had met when she first met him.
He was half dog-beast and half human, and his name was Urd.

「Iyaa, I’m thrilled that the Onee-san remembered me!」

「Oh, how can I forget people who owed me?」

「You’ve got a nice thing to say.
What do you day, Onee-san? Do you want to go out with me sometime?」

「What are you doing hitting my Alfie? You charlatan!」

「I see you’ve gotten the bug.」

Miranda and Lisa held their prey in their hands.

「Quickly, this is ridiculous! And I didn’t know that Onee-san was into that kind of stuff.」

「No, I’m not! I’m a real man pleaser…」

「What kind of lewd comments are you making here? Isn’t there a right and wrong thing to say even at night? It’s not good for your education.」

「Alfie… I’m not proposing to you, okay?」

「I don’t want your proposal!」

「So… Alfie-dono likes men.」

「Albert, that’s not a joke, is it?」

There wasn’t much alcohol in them yet, but they were a lively bunch.
The owner of the store, a wolf beastman, was watching them with a smile on his face.

「Urd, you’ve got a cheerful costumer.」

「Right? And they’re all beautiful.
It’s a feast for the eyes.」

「Yes, they are quite beautiful, even for a beastman like me.
But they are even more capable than that.」

「Is that so? I don’t know much about that stuff.」

「Huh, you’re just being loud.」

The one who swore was a feline beast of a woman.
She was sipping alone in front of the store owner.

「Something good happened to you, didn’t it? Don’t say that, Nia?」

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「They’re not even close to being calm.
A warrior has to be calm.」

「Your warrior chief doesn’t need to be calm, does he?」

「Tha’ts why I don’t like him.
And he’s got a first-class track record… A reason I can’t understand.」

「Well, he was special.
But maybe those guys are as strong as your warrior chief.」

「Hmph, they’re no big deal.」

「Doesn’t it bother you to say that?」

「I don’t care about them!」

The feline beastwoman, named Nia made a slam! And placed the cup on the table with great vigor.
But, her ears and tails were moving rapidly, and it was obvious to anyone who looked at her that she was very interested in them.

「She’s so easy to understand…」

「She really is easy to understand…」

Urd and the owner looked at each other and laughed, but the stubborn Nia would never admit it, so they decided to leave it alone.

「So, why are you drinking milk at the bar counter?」

「…Liquor is bad for me.」

「Nu-uh, a little bit is good for you, okay? You’re an adult now, aren’t you, Nia?」

「You want to grow taller this time?」

「Leave me alone!」

It was true that Nia was a bit small, even for the feline beastmen who are mostly small, but for a warrior, she was quite small.
It is forbidden for her to say that she is too old to grow taller.
At that time, Alfiris and the others’ table became even more lively.

「Albert~, you haven’t been drinking at all!」

「I refrain.
I’m not a drinker.」

「Well, then what are you drinking?」

「Cucus juice.」

「What are you, a child?」

「…I was wondering why I couldn’t get any Cucus juice here, you’re the one drinking it, Albert.」

「I’m not giving you any juice.
Urd, add two more bottles of Cucus juice here.」

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「Tsk… Urd! Bring three here!」

「Bring four.」


It seems that a strange fight has started.
Lisa against Albert is an unexpected combination.

「What’s with the fruit juice chugging match?」

But the sparks were flying even if they tried to stop them… They decided to leave them alone.

And as for Millie and Miranda, it was…

「Onee-sama! (Looks like you finally told the truth.
You’ve finally got your diaper off, chick.)」

「Millie~ (You’re getting too old for diapers as well, aren’t you?)」

「Onee-sama! (You idiot, I can live for another 1000 years!)」

「Millie~ (Take it easy, you’re almost ready to go to the bathroom.)」

「Onee-sama! (I think you’re the one who’s getting lazy, don’t you? )」

「Millie~ (It’s better than being moldy like you!)」

The two girls have been calling each other only by name since a while ago, but somehow the atmosphere is getting more and more sour.
No one but the girls knew the true meaning behind the words they were exchanging.
Naturally, there was no one to answer Alfiris’ question as to why.

「(I feel like Sister Millie has been guzzing alcohol for a while now… is this alright?)」

Drinking alcohol is generally forbidden until one reaches the age of 16, but it is allowed for celebratory purpose.
However, it is natural that such a custom is not observed.
In addition, the age limit differs slightly depending on the region.

But what Miliie is drinking now was a strong drink liquor, even in a tavern.
In the past, Alfiris would have lost her footing after just one glass of the same drink.
The two sisters have already started to drink from bottles.

「I’m not moldy—! (Onee-sama!)」

「Then let’s see it! (Millie~)」

「Hey, don’t you think you’ve got the real intentions and the pretense backwards?」

For some reason, the two of them start trying to undress.
Two sisters stripping off their clothes in a place like this is indeed unfashionable.
She ask Albert for help, but before she knew it, he’s got about 15 bottles of Cucus juice open.
Lisa’s and Alberto’s eyes were now completely fixed, and they were beginning to glow with a suspicious light.

「(How could the fruit juice do this to me? S–Someone, please help me!)」

Alfiris tried to hold off both Millie and Miranda, but they easily flung her in the opposite direction.
It might not be the right thing to do, she thought.

At that moment, there was commotion at the entrance of the tavern.
Alfiris thought that her heart’s cry had been heard, but it seemed that the situation was not in such an easy-going mood.
Her friends, who had been acting strangely earlier, had already come to their senses.

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