When Peaceful Times Cease to Exist : A New Ally, Part 8 — Mysterious Man and Woman

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Wondering how Miranda’s face lit up, Alfiris poked Miranda with her elbow.

「Hey, why do you look so happy?」

「Because I smell some handsome man here.」

「Sister is really a pervert.
Well, I won’t stop you from helping people, but I’m sure the real disaster will begin when he is saved.」

「You’re bad at listening to me!」

And so on, but Alfiris and Miranda were serious about helping.
Lisa said,「God, help the poor passerby… Heaven, help that Sister and an appetizing event for the huge woman…」Muttering something like that.

「Hello, mister.
How can I help you? Is there something wrong?」

There’s no response.
Apparently, it was just a mere shibboleth.
And then,



「Ohh… Oppai……」

They were wrong, it was just a pervert.
At that moment, the man’s head hit the ground with a crunching sound.
Of course, it was Miranda who did it.

「Ahh—… This guy’s beyond saving.
He’s just so, so, so… human.」

「No, Miranda just put the finishing touches on it, didn’t she?」

「He’s beyond saving for you as a person, Onee-sama.」

「Hey, Lisa, don’t you think you’ve been acting to kind of awful to Alfie and me lately?」

While Nia and Fenna, who were not accustomed to the usual development, were stunned, the man who was thought to be dead came back to life.

「A—NE— SA—N—!」


The man jumped into Alfiris’ chest, uttering unintelligible words.

「Wha— What are you doing—!」

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「Miss, don’t be so cold! Do it like you always done!」

「What do you mean,『as usual?』」

Everyone, including passerbys, went completely blank.
Miranda was the first to come to her senses.

「…Ha! Hey, you little pervert, get away from Alfie!」

「…Another strange bug.
Alfie, aren’t you emitting some kind of pheromone that attracts strange insects?」

「I— don’t care, just rip this guy off!」

But even with the help of three people, the man showed no sign of leaving.

「He’s one of the biggest, weirdest bug I’ve ever seen… Can we kill him?」

「We got no choice… Kill him!?」

The moment Lisa and Miranda look at each other, saying something disturbing—

「…Oi, Lexus, what are you doing?」


The man who never tried to leave Alfiris no matter what she had done before, suddenly turned around.


The man’s head was hit by a pickle stone with an impact sound.
It must have been a blow to the man’s heart, and he fainted again.
Alfiris and the others thought that he might never wake up again.

「My companion is disrespectful.
Please let this slide.」

「No—… It’s fine.」

In front of her was a man, perhaps a woman, of about the same stature as Alfiris.
Her firm and ample breast give away her gender, but without them, it would be easy to her appearance for that of a man.
She has sharp eyes and well-defined face.
Lusa and Miranda are also well-rounded, but they are different.
She looks as if all the softness has been removed, leaving only the features of a warrior.
It is rough, yet seamless.
But if she were properly dressed, she could pass as a pretty woman.
Although she does not look like she would be at all suutable for such an outfit.

On that subject, her hair is dark and long.
It is tied in one bundle a little above the neck, but if she untie it, would it be close to her waist? But it is rare to see black hair.
It seems that people around her were the same way, and when Alfiris was admiring her, wondering uf she was a mage or not, the woman was already walking away.

「I’ll leave you guys to it.
I am in a hurry and cannot offer much in the way of apology but I see you again, I will return the favor in some way.」

「Ah, no, that’s… M-May I ask your name?」

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For some reason, Alfiris reflexively asked the woman’s name.
The woman looked a little perplexed, but answered without looking particularly uncomfortable.

「It’s Rui.
I’ve given up my last name for certain reasons.
How about you?」

「Ah, my name is Alfiris.
I, also, have given up my last name…」

「Well, we have each other’s like this, so we must be going through a lot.
Then, I’ll see you again when we have a chance.」

Leaving only those words, the woman went without hesitation.
The pervert is properly taken… however, dragged away away with his legs.
He’s on his back, so his face is going to look terrible, Alfiris worries, while Miranda holds her head in her hands.

「What’s wrong, Miranda? Are you frustrated that you didn’t get the hot guy?」

「Nah, I don’t want that pervert… I mean his name is…」

「I’m certain that you said the name Lexus? Do you know him?」

「No, I don’t think we know each other.
I think I’ve heard that somewhere.」


「…wake up, Lexus.
You’re awake already, aren’t you? Walk by yourself.」

「…Did they know?」

The man who was being dragged rises with a boost.

「What would you have done if I had been a few seconds late?」

「Hmmm, I think I would have comatose those three beauties anyway, and taken the elf with me, was that enough?」

「She was a pretty capable person, including the beastkin behind her.」

「But she’s still a little green.
I can beat her no problem.」

「If only those guys would let their guard down.
But that’s not our job this time.」

「Well, I’m not sure.
I figured it couldn’t hurt to ingratiate myself with Zelver.」

Lexus while laughing, replies with a light-hearted smile.
But Rui’s expression remains the same.

「Let it go.
Zelver just screwed up.
There’s no need to clean up his mess.」

「If Miss says so.
So, what do we do now.」

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「I know what I’m going to do.
I left my coat at the inn.」

「Well, Valthus-san will get mad at us again right—?」

「I know that’s why you’re going to get it.
You’re not even wearing it.」

The two then return to the inn and put on matching coats that are randomly left in their room.
A black coat with gold buttons.
On the left breast is embroidered the crest of a hawk, also in gold.
On top of this, Rui wears a large sword on her back and Lexus wears sword on both side of his hips.

「Miss, let’s make sure the front of your coat is properly lined up.」

「It’s hot.
You’d better be right about Valthus, he’s wearing a cloak.」

「Hmmm, I wonder what old man Betts would say if he saw me…」

「It’s my job to nag him.
If I were to get serious, Betts would lose his job and the bour would progress faster.」

「…That old man, doesn’t look like he’s going to be around for another 50 years or so, though.」

「I’ll stop with the light talk.
Let’s go.」

「Ahh, wait a second! Ane-sannnn!」

Rui leaves the inn in a dash, followed by Lexus in a hurry.
In the direction they are traveling, they can see—— the forest of Dulcass.



「…Ugh! Come on, Miranda, speak louder.」

Here was Alfiris and company.
They are going to spend the night in this derve today in order to prepare to go into the forest.
They had arranged a place to stay before going out for shopping, and just as they came to put their luggage in the room, they heard this loud voice.
Nia and Fenna are also holding their ears.

「You’re really restless, Sister… what’s wrong?」

「Lexus… I just remembered!」

「You’ve been worried about him all day?」

They all look doubtful, but Miranda’s face is serious.

「I couldn’t tell because it was so different from what I imagined… maybe we were lucky.」

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「Lexus… if I’m not mistaken, he was mercenary known in the West as the 『Lexus the Reaper』and『Lexus the Hundred Slayer,』that person.」

「Was he that famous?」

Nia makes a face that says she still can’t believe it.

「I only heard rumors, too.
But I’ve heard the same rumor many times, so it’s pretty plausible.」

「Like what?」

「I heard that when he participated in a war in a certain country… his unit was ordered to pursue an enemy force of over 2,000 men.
But it was raining too hard to chase them.
And the enemy soldiers were camped across the river on a snadbar or something like that.
The river was flooding, and the enemy troops couldn’t move anyway, so his commander decided to wait and see what would happen.
That’s reasonable.」


「Then the young swordsman said,『If I hit the enemy in the neck in this rain, how much do I get paid?』Everyone thought it was a joke.
They thought he was bluffing, because it was insane to cross a river flooded by heavy rain and come back with a surprise attack.
So they said,『How about 100,000 pence for 100 people?』And then he said,『That’s good』and walked out.」

Miranda speaks plainly.

「And in the morning he appeared before the commander and said,『I’ve killed a hundred people.
You can check on it when it stops raining.』The commander thought he was joking around and said,『Alright, this is fine.』Then he said,『I’m going back today.
It’s the second day.
Make it count.』and disappeared.
Amd the days went by and the rain never stopped.
On the eleventh day, when the rain stopped, his unit’s watchman was astonished by what he witnessed.」


「The flooding of the river had notnyet subsided, but a soldier who was observing the enemy position through his binoculars screamed.
『There’s that kid over there!』Amd what was even more astonishing was that Lexus, alone, was disrupting enemies’ position.
And they were completely on the run, no they were so scared of Lexus thay they didn’t hve the energy to resist.
Well, for ten days they were left alome and helpless to escape, and half of them, 1,000 peolple, were killed.
And yet, when he thought he had slayed every single person who begged for their lives, he suddenly stopped killing and came back.
He sawm across the still-flooding river without a care in the world.
Them, as soon as he returned to his camp, he said 『I’ve killed another 100 people.
This time, you made sure of it, didn’t you?』」

Gradually, everyone’s complexion turns pale.

「The next morning, the enemy finally begam to flee across the river, which was still flooding.
That’s how scared they were Lexus.
I heard that most of them drowmed and sank during their escape.
But the eneky commander survived and escaped to a large fort.」


「But no reward was paid.
That’s because, aside from the commander’s head, the rest of the deal was all a joke.
The moment the captain of the pursuit unit mentioned that, the captain’s head left his torso.
The company commander, platoon commander, and kinsmen who were present were not concerned.
And he became a hunted man amd got a nickname.
He was monikered 『The Hundred Slayer』and『The Reaper.』If the rumors were true, and he was willing to do it right then and there, it would have taken all of us to find out.」

「That woman, treated that Lexus thing like a subordinate.」

Nia mumbles softly.

「If so, how strong is that woman?」

「…I don’t want to bother thinking about it.
I just hope that when we meet on the battlefield, theyatre the not the enemy.」

They all fell silent.
Would they see them again? No, she bet they will meet soon.
For some reason, Alfiris was sure of it.
And that woman who called herself Rui was more interesting to Alfiris than Lexus.

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