「You see? I am a second-rate warrior at best.
You, by the way, is just third-rate fighter.」

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「Hey, that’s a bit much, don’t you think?」

「No, it’s rather lenient.
In my opinion, Albert is just barely first-rate.
The very best is even better.」

「That’s pretty harsh.」

Albert’s swordsmanship came as a shock to Alfiris.
She could not believe that there were so many people stronger than him in the world.

Miranda continued.

「If you take pure swordsmanship, Albert may be one of the one best on the continent.
But weapons have their own affinities, and if one’s swordsmanship is top-notch, one’s fighting ability is also top-notch.
Especially when it comes to killing each other rather than fighting them head-on, the most advantageous person is the one who can sneak up from behind without making a sound and kill its opponent with a single blow.」

「Wouldn’t you call that cowardice?」

「In the battlefield, the survivor wins, no matter how cowardly it is.
If you are going to be a mercenary, you should remember that.
In fact, if Lisa really wanted to kill you, would you be able to prevent it?」


Alfiris recalls the losing sight of Lisa during the recent battle.
Surely that technique could be used for assassination.

「If you and Lisa were to go head-to-head, there’s about a 100% chance that Alfie would win.
But what if Alfie is caught off guard? What about when you’re sleeping? What about when you’re in the bathroom? What if she put poison in your food?」


「That’s what fighting is all about.
Well, I think Albert just lacks experience, but I thinkhe has the qualities to go even higher.
Only when you overcome all these qualifications, is when you become the best.
But that’s assuming there aren’t more than a few top-notch people on the continent.」

「So what kind of people does Miranda think are top-notch?」

Nia joined the conversation.
After all, her blood as a warrior must have been boiling.


Miranda’s eyes suddenly became distant.
Perhaps she is remembering her own good man.
Indeed, he had fought an army of six archfiends with only five person.
It means that he was a tremendous warrior, beyond the reach of Alfiris.

「? What’s the matter, Miranda, you’ve traveled the world and know a lot, don’t you? I have not been in the road very long and I need a reference.」

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Nia had no way of knowing about Miranda’s past, and the question was purely out of curiosity.
For a moment, Miranda’s expression faded, but she quickly regained her composure.

「I haven’t seen it myself, but isn’t the King of Gruzald or something like that? I think Nia knows more about it than I do.」

「I have never seen the king fight either.
But I heard when I was just a child, he blew away all the current generals in one fell swoop, just to get rid of his limp arm.
The current generals are all strong, one-hit wits, but I can’t imagine beating them all together.」

And maybe the Hero Zemus, too.
But I think he is including the party.
And then there’s that mercenary group called… what was it again?」

Miranda looks at all of them as if to say, she forgot.
Nia was the first to react to that look.

「I’ve heard that one before.
It was the swordsman known as the『mad beast』, aren’t it? Moreover, in Gruzald, I hear, our king is the only person alive who has fought that person alive.
I heard that the mercenary band he leads is also full of monsters.」

「It’s a mercemary group of less than 50 mrn, yet it’s said to be the most powerful on this continent, I believe—」

「Everybody, quiet!」

In the middle of a lively conversation, Lisa suddenly speaks up.
For a moment they suspected she was pondering again, but this time she seems to be serious.

「Lisa, what’s wrong?」

「Nothing… something must have moved, but there was no sign of it… it’s odd.」

「You must be tired.
We’ll take turns sleeping too.」

「I don’t think so… well, but I certain don’t feel anything.
It’s not like it doesn’t take my sensor abilities or anything.」

Lisa sighed and released her tension.


「Where have you been?」

「Well, I felt the presence of someone about three kilometers away, and I thought it might have beem Zelver and the others.」

「Guess you’re wrong?」

「It was those beauties recently.」

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「I see…」

Rui sighs lightly.
It is rare for this female swordsman to show interest in others.
She doesn’t care who she slays on the battlefield, and she doesn’t even take a glance at her allies when they fall.
The nickname she earned is「Iceblade Rui.」Lexus does not think she is cruel, but it is an odd thing to say.

「So, what’s up?」


「What are you fooling around.
You didn’t kill them, do you?」

「No, no, I don’t kill for money.」

「Hmph, you miser.」

Rui said as if to throw up.
Rui’s relationship with Lexus was surprisingly thin.
It’s not even two years yet.
Louis was forced to take this strange person because Valsus told him,「You’re going to run into them, so take this person with you.」He was a pervert, a miser, and a slacker.
But he had a tremendous arm.
And he was unusually sensitive to signals, even though he was not a sensor.
He once noticed a pursuer from five kilometers behind.
It certainly helps, but—

「A—NE—SA—NNN! Please stroke my head again today!」

「…I’ve never stroked you before.」

「Well, the usual then!」

「…I’m supposed to punch you?」

Today, this kind of exchange continues nto take place between the two of them.
Even though he was a man, he was just so noisy.
Rui wondered if there was anything she could do about it.


And the sun circled the sky for another day and the sun was about to crest, Fenna called out.

「Everyone, we will be soon in my village.」

「We haven’t seen a single fiend.」

「Unusual for Alfie.」

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「What is that~?」

「When Alfie walks, fiends and perverts hit her.」

「That’s harsh~!」

Alfiris protests to Miranda.

「Perhaps it’s the proximity of the elf village, but my sensor abilities don’t work well.
There were wardings here, aren’t they?」

「Yes, I think it will be fine once we get inside.
It’s strange though…」

「What is it?」

Nia asks Fenna.
Fenna puts her hand on the tree and examines something.

「No… the wards are still all activated.
That can’t be…」

「That’s odd.」


「What is odd?」

Alfiris comes into the conversation.

「If all the wards are working, where do you think the enemy got in? Alfiris.」

「If you put it that way…」

「Isn’t that kind of transference magic?」

Miranda also entered the conversation.

「No, I don’t think so.」


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「Transferemce magic is quite complex to activate, and it would normally take a great deal or effort and time, even with elven magic, to accurate transfer a single person.」

「That’s just how it is.」

Because it is especially important to specify the destination, because if you’re mot careful, you may be transferred inside the the walks.
In the case of the elves, we have prepared a transfer circle connecting each village, so the transfer can be done quite simply and safely, but it would still take five people ten minutes.
Originally, to transfer the distance from here to Mysia would take 30 minutes with 10 people’s magic.
That is why Transfer Magic, while useful, is not used in wars.」

「Them how mich effort would it take for the forces that dropped this village, if they were all flown in by metastasis?」

Nia’s questions are always on practice.
After all, she must have a military temperament.

「It depends on… the distance and the amount of magic power required for the activation time.
If we transfer the work at the perimeter of the forest, it would take 2,000 human mages half a day to break the wards alomg the way.
This is a rough estimate, assuming there is no assistance ay the destination.」

「That’s not an realistic approach.」

「Do you think it’s a good idea to do that test right now? For now, let’s enter the village on maximum alert.」

「Don’t forget to secure an escape plan.」

They all agreed that Alfiris and Lisa were right, and decided to proceed, assuming that they were in a state of combat from this point on.
The village of the elves came into view.

「Everyone, this is our Seeker Village.」

As the view opened up, the scene that unfolded was quite fantastic.

In the dark forest, only this village was illuminated by the sun, and it reminded me of a spring without the dreary image of gloom.
In the first place, the plants were different.
The forest was somewhat frightening, but the plants in the village were full of life and vividly colored.

There are even birds and small animals, which are normal animals, and they are very peaceful.
Looking at this scene, no one would think that dark elves are evil.

The trees are not cut down or removed unnecessarily, but the only the necessary amount is kept in order and utilized in the landscape.
And the houses are made of big tree.
It seems that the trees are hollowed out ir joined together to make the houses.
The house in the center of the building, in particular, is a large tree that could just as well be described as a housing complex.
The other houses seem to be used as a scaffolding with their branches joined to each other.
Almost all the houses are connected around the big house.
Some houses even have trees bear fruit.
They wondered if it was possible to bite and eat them.

「It’s beautiful.」


Alfiris and Miranda were so enchanted by the beauty that they forgot their wariness, and they stepped into the settlement.

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