「! Everyone, hide! This way!」

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Shortly after entering the village, Lisa suddenly raised her sharp voice, albeit in a whisper, and urged everyone into the shade of trees.

「Enemies, Lisa?」

It seems to be human in perception, but I’ll try to pick up the conversation as well.
Please wait a moment.」

They all hide behind a tree in the outermost perimeter and Lisa begins to focus her hearing.

(There’s nothing to do…)

(Isn’t there anything interesting?)

(It would be fun to have a dark elf girl.
Have you seen their body shape.
They had a body like they were born to please a man.)

(Your face is enough to make them sick.)


(But they took them all somewhere, right? They could have left at least one person behind.)

(All of them, you know, like 30 of them, right? Well, those mercenaries cut down about half of inhabitants.
They really wanted to take a few more alive, didn’t they?)

(I guess the prince who hired them didn’t expect them to be that strong.
In fact, we did almost nothing.)

You were behind that Special Forces guy the whole time, weren’t you?)

(It can’t be helped.
With arrows and magic flying at you with such precision, it would be suicide to run.)

(And yet they cut them down with impunity… especially that woman.
She was killing the dark elves with laughter.)

(I thought she was pretty, but she’s crazy.)

(I agree.)

(Hey, they’re going to hear you!)

Everyone pauses for a moment.

(…They could kill us, too, if they hear us.)

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(So, how long do we have to stay here?)

(Who knows? The prince was in some kind of a hurry.)

(Well, that’s what you get for doing this without telling a country.)

(You mean, they didn’t get the important results?)

(Whatever, they’re looking for some kind of seal.)

(That’s impossible without a magician.
That prince must not be smart after all.)

(Hey, hey, what are we to do with him, then?)

(I guess those who went outside to search for seals are being forced to do so without a clue.
I feel sorry for them.)

(Come to think of it, we’re probably next.)

(By the way, there was a mage among the mercenaries, wasn’t there? Can’t we find them?)

(I heard the old man said it was out of his request to explore the area and haggled over a ridiculous price.
And the prince skimped on the reward, didn’t he?)

(… I’m serious, you’re so smart.
I remember there was an elf who escaped with some kind of transporter magic, right? What if she calls for reinforcements.)

(I don’t think he’s thinking about that.
The chief and his wife who knew where the seal had committed suicide together.
It was their fault not properly inspecting their belongings, but they got all frustrated and kicked the corpses out.
What an unbelievable man.
A man like that never dies in a good way.)

(Let’s not say any more.
It makes us sad that we serve such a being…)

(I agree…)

When the soldiers are done with their conversation, Lisa relaxes her concentration and slowly opens her eyes.

「Lisa, how did it go?」

「…First off, let’s start with a report that’s hard to say.」

Lisa answered Alfiris’ question in an uncomfortable tone.

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「Fenna, your father and mother committed suicide.」

「…I was prepared for that.」


Fenna is trying hard to not show her tears, but she must not be in peace inside.
Her fists are clenching tightly and her body is shrinking and tense.
She seems to be trembling slightly.

「Fenna, are you okay?」

「…I’m okay, Alfiris-san.
Keep me tabs on it, Lisa-san.」

Fenna urges Lisa with a strong gaze.
Alfiris unwittingly hugged Fenna’s shoulder.
ThenLisa nodded and continued.

「The enemy is apparently the regular army of some country.
In my opinion, the most likely possibility is the Principality of Kulmus.
However, it seems that they are acting covertly without telling the country.
Moreover, it seems they are being led by a royal family member.」

「That’s not good.
This could become an international problem.」

「No, it’s already an international problem.」

Nia answers Miranda’s problem.


「Don’t you see? Fenna, who is already Seeker royalty, has already found out what happened.
We haven’t gotten confirmation yet, and we don’t know if we can get any hints again.
But there will surely be proof, and Fenna will be able to back it up with magic or something.
Even a covert force is no excuse.
How the elves will act is another matter, but in this case, even though they are Seekers, ther retaliatory action is likely supported by the nations.」

「I’m sure there will be some desire for the territory of Krumus.
The situation in the West is also suspicious, and even the Middle Plains are becoming questionable.」

「Keep me posted there as well.」

With Nia and Miranda groaning, Lisa continues.

「More than half of the Seekers died.
There are about 30 survivors, but they are not here, and it seems they were taken somewhere.
The enemy’s goal seems to be to capture the Seekers alive and to search for the seal.」

「Why do humans know about our seal?」

Fenna wondered.
The sealing of this village is, of course, a secret.
No one but the Seekers could have known it.

「I don’t know about that thing, but was the seal portable type?」

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「One can.」

「Do you have more than one?」

The other is a seal that is tied to the land, so there is nothing we can do about it.
As far I can tell, they haven’t found it.」

「How do you know?」

「No, because both seals are inside my home.」

Fenna points to a large tree.

「…How could they not notice?」

「According to the soldiers, the prince in command seems to be quite crazy.
They say he is exploring the seal without a mage.」

「That’s downright stupid.
Nothing is more painful than a soldier having a stupid commander.」

Nia sighs unusually at Lisa’s words.

It is rather uncommon knowledge, but seals applied by magic often use some kind of physical medium.
For example, seals are sometimes placed on objects such as figurines, and sometimes magic circles are drawn on them.
Such as objects that leave magical evidence can be quickly discovered, whether or not they can be unsealed by those who are able to use search magic.

However, it is useless if the sealer cannot find it, so it may be placed in a hidden room, hidden in the terrain, or even hidden like a trompe l’oeil.
They may also set traps, making the search for seals without a mage is a waste of time and money.

It is not surprising that all of them think that if they have attacked with the search for seals in mind, they would be nothing but crazy fools not to be prepared.

「Then we’ll check the seals as peacefully as possible, then retreat.
I know you’ll want to check on the remains of your parents, but… Lisa, how many enemies are there.」

「Five in the big house, four in the house to the east, five in the house to the north, and that’s all to this village.
The rest of them are out there search.」

「Then it’s pretty much impossible.
Probably the people who raided this place are still here.
It took 100 elves to wipe them out but we can’t do it.
Fenna, are you convinced?」

「Yes, I had to.
My priority right now is to confirm the seal.
Next is to contact the other villages… I’m also concerned to the people who were taken away…」

Fenna biting her was painful.
They could all feel that she was clearly straining.

「Fenna, if you survive and do what you have to do, come back and give your parents and everyone a proper burial.」

「Alfiris-san… Thank you.」

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Fenna giggled, but it was a wistful laugh.
Not only Alfiris, but all of them were filled with a sense of resentment that they wanted to blow away all the people who did this to Fenna, but that was not going to happen this time.
They had to keep their cool here.
They can’t trade their lives for temporary feelings.

「What’s the plan? Miranda?」

「I’ll take Alfie’s numbing medicine and my sleeping pills and have them a goodnight’s sleep.
Considering the location of the door, we will first eliminate the north side of the building.
Then the center.
Ignore the east.」

「「「「Roger that.」」」」

First, they all go around to the north side of the room, hiding themselves.
All five of them were inside the room, so Nia knocks on the door first.
Then one of them said,「What is it~?」and Miranda quickly dragged it down, choking and knocking it unconscious.
Then, just as Miranda drags the soldier away, Alfiris and Fenna shoots daggers and arrows filled with paralyzing agents and sedatives through the windows on either side (although the Seeker’s house is simple, with no glass or screens to block the way).
Nia jumped in at the back of the line just in case, but they all collapsed into unconsciousness before they had time to even groan.
They had been completely distracted and were not wearing armor.

Next was the middle, which was equally easy to drop.
The enemy was completely loose, and this one was not wearing armor.
This time there was only one window, so it was impossible to knock them out from outside the room at once, so Nia was forced to charge in, but the other two did not have time to scream, and Nia hit them in the gut, causing it to faint.
At that moment, Fenna’s arrow shot through their shoulders.
They easily conquered this place too, without making a sound.
If they had at least wearing armor, it would have been this easy.

「Fenna, hurry up and check the seal.」

I’ll go check.」

Alfiris urges Fenna to go upstairs.

「Will this go off without a hitch?」

「I hope so.」

「We must stay sharp.
The guys back east are still up.」

「Please don’t sneeze loudly in here or do anything stupid.」

Lisa makes a light remark, but her expression is not distracted.
A few moments later, Fenna comes down.
She holds a grimoire in her hand.

「Is that the seal?」

「Yes, it was safe.

「What is it?」

「The other seal is in not so good condition.
It may be because it may have sucked a lot of Seeker’s blood, but the seal is a little loose.
But there ia nothing I can do about it, so I think it would be best for us to leave and call for reinforcements.」

「I understand.
Everyone, let’s leave.」

As Nia, who was closest to the door, put her hand on the knob to go outside, a shadow appeared, blocking sunlight from hitting Nia.

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