「Ahh, that’s bad! I will not allow any questions to be asked!」


It was an absurd response to a request for an opinion of one’s own.
However, the boy is still cheerful and light-hearted.
Then, after a few moments of thinking, with the soldiers turning blue, he clapped his hands together as if he had come up with something.


「Nhn, I’m not interested in killing everyone, so I’m going to let you guys kill each other until there’s one left, okay? However, I will let the last one live.
How’s that to give you guys hope?」



All of them gasp.
The child in front of them siad the most outrageous thing:「Can we play tag?」The soldier could not even speak.
But some of them began to back away slowly, and finally someone,「Uwaahh!」That person tried to get away from that place.
However, with a gurgling sound, the soldier also met the same end as the previous one.


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「Nhn, not that one either! I don’t approve of running away at all~!」


The child makes a bat with his hands and shakes his head.
Finally, some of the soldiers sat down on the spots, as if their spirits were no longer able to keep up with the abnormal situation.
Seeing this, the child was really smiling happily.


「Well, I think it’s time to get started… is everyone ready? If anyone has an opinion on this game, I’m taking questions right now! Ten, nine— so annoying, zero! …But no one seems to have any questions.
Okay, the next time I clapped my hands, we’ll start the game, but the game is too boring if you don’t take this seriously, so I’ll ask those who don’t want to play to leave the room without asking any questions.
For example, like this!」


Then the limb of one of the slumped soldiers began to twist.




Soldiers die with a scream and a sickening bone-crunching sound.
Seeing this, the soldiers began to scream.
They were in a state of panic.



「Help me—!」


「Ahh, shut up! Quiet down!」


Several more twist and die.
Perhaps realizing that they are not even allowed to make a noise, the soldiers fall silent and wait for the child’s next statement.
The child’s voice, which was released in the midst of all this, produced a rhyme that seemed to resonate directly to the solder’s heads.
It was innocent yet dark, bright yet deep, or should they describe it as such? There is a strange compulsion and seduction in that tone of voice.


「It’s alright.
If you kill your friends standing next to you, you’ll be saved.
It’s easy, isn’t it.
Okay, everyone ready?」


As if on cue, the eyes of the soldiers, clouded by fear, began to bleed.
They no longer have a choice.
Soon, one of them draws its sword, and they all began to draw their swords, turning to face their fellow imperial guards who had just been complaining to each other.


「No way, I’m so impressed that all of you joined! Well, let’s… start!」


As soon as the child clapped his hands, the forest was enveloped in a whirlpool of anguish.
The Seekers watched helplessly as the soldiers engaged in a serious killing spree, blood splatting everywhere, a scene more gruesome than war.
No, they were helpless.
Rather, for some reason, they could not look away from the scene.
In fact, they could not even close their eyes.
It was also a technique of the boy, but even if they understood that, it would not change the situation.

And after a while.
In the forest, where everything painted red, a soldier survived.
He stabbed his sword to the ground, propped it up, and breathed on his shoulders without a word.
A child cracks up and claps at the sight of him.


「No way, congratulations.
You are the wimner! Do you have any thoughts?」


But the soldier was all wobbly and shaky, in no condition to speak.
In fact, it can be assumed that he is not going insane.
He may not understand what he has done.
But his nightmares were just beginning to really get to him.


「I see, you’re happy beyond words, aren’t you? I’m glad I let you live after all… Oh, that’s right! You deserve a treat!」


The child snapped.
And snapping his fingers, he begins to hear what sounds like whisper from all around him.
It seems that the voices are gradually getting louder.


「I think friends to be together, don’t they? I’ll be nice, and arrange it so that you can be all together forever.」


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At first, everyone present failed to grasp the meaning of the words, but when they began to hear the whispers around them clearly, they understood the meaning.
Or, as it turned out, perhaps it was better that they did mot understand.
And the murmuring gradually made clearer and clearer sense.


(Why did you kill me…)

(I’ve been taking care of you since you were a rookie.)

(We’re in the same class… we went through such hard training together…)

(Why did you cut me down? Senpai…)

(Where am I? What happened to me…?)



「How is it, I let you hear the voices of your dead friends? They’ll be with you for the rest of your life, and you won’t be lonely anymore, are you?」


(I was going to get married when I get back home…)

(Sorry, Daddy can’t go back home…)

(How did this happen?)

(You! How dare you? I’ll kill you, I KILL YOU!!)

(I don’t want to be alone…)





Finally, the surviving soldier also gave up its own sanity.
And when the pool of blood around him seemed to move, it slowly engulfed the soldier.
The soldier sank into the ground, leaving not even a trace of blood behind.
The boy who had set up such a terrifying moment and seemed to be truly enjoying himself.
The quiet boy, on the other hand, looked on in amazement.


「…Is it interesting…?」

「No way, it totally is! Because, no matter how where I do it, the human reactions is the same, and it breaks down fast! They are an utterly fragile species.」

「… Then you’ll get bored afterwards, won’t you?」

「Not really.
They may be the same, but they are minutely different.
It’s fun to examine why those differences occur!」

「…And you’re not even considering it anyway…」

「Ahha?! Did I leave you there?」


The other boy also seemed sincerely uninterested.
The Seekers who were watching the scene and the exchange were so disgusted and horrified that they could no longer do anything but shiver and shake.
Many of them had already fainted.
Looking back at the Seekers, the boy began to speak cheerfully.


「Ah, sorry.
You were all surprised, weren’t you? But don’t worry, you guys are next.
After all, it’s your turn right?」


Hearing that line no longer gives the Seekers even the energy to run away.
With tears in their eyes, they just shake their heads and beg for help.
Ignoring the Seekers, however, the boy continues.



「It’s not like I don’t have to pity with you all, do we? … Between me and him, I can’t keep up with that quiet guy’s sense of style.
I think what is about to happen to you guys is so amazing that it makes like this look like it’s child’s play, don’t you? Well, because I’m actually a kid!! Anyway, he doesn’t recognize any of you as being alive or having emotions.
Expect it the next time you all wake up.
Have a great nightmare then.


The Seekers all fell asleep when the child held up his hand, not seeming to care about the Seeker’s attempts to speak unvoiced.
No one saw them after that.

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