When Peaceful Times Cease to Exist : Battle of Seeker’s Village, Part 7 — Desire for Revenge

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Translated by KaiesV
Edited by KaiesV


「Huh? You, what are you doing?」

「No, no, you, what are you doing?」


Above the forest of Dulcass, just above where Alfiris and the others fighting, there is a conversation with a somewhat out-of-place air.

But they are not visible, only the voices can be heard.
Of course, they are using magic to hide their appearance so that Alfiris and others will not see them.
The same goes for their presence and voices.
They have fixed a soundproof magical space so that they can be heard only in a certain space.


「I procured the materials.
I’ve already said no to my dearest brother, okay? After all, I am the busiest person in the world.
You didn’t refused anyway, did you?」


One of the voices speaks lightly.
It was the owner of that voice, who has been working in the dark, unknown to Alfiris and her friends.
And the other voice is also speaking lightly, as if responding to the tone of the other voice.


「I wonder~.
I got tired of playing with Seekers, so I came to see this one.
It’s no good being a Seeker after all.
What a proud people they are.」

「What did you do?」


The voice begs the question.


「I had three girls left over, so I got them as toys, and I broke one of them in front od the other two.
Then, I said,『which one do you want next?』and she said,『she didn’t want to be in the next room』so they started cursing each other.」

「No, I think it’s normal, seeing the way you broke it, right?」

「Ehh? I thought went light this time?」


The owner of the voice is clearly unhappy.
But he does it while also being aware of how horrible the consequences of his sense can be for the others.


「So, the cleanup was… wait, no way.
Yoh left them in my lab cell??」

I told them to put it on number 3.
She’s an omnivore, so she should be fine, right?」

「Hmm, well, yeah but… don’t put her around 2, 5, or 11 because I’m too sensitive, alright?」


The owner of the other voice also never takes pity on the Seeker.
His only interest was his own experiments.
He would not hesitate to wipe out a city to conduct his experiments.
In regards to cruelty, he is even more cruel than the other.


「I know what you’re talking about.
So, what’s the material?」

「It was…」


One of the voices appears.
No one will ever know, but it was the owner of the voice that appeared in the room of the young man who was writing the marching orders to Zamwed the other day.
Only the voice sounded like a boy, but what appeared was an ugly old man.
His face looked like a squashed toad, or worse.
A frog’s face is still symmetrical, but the old man’s eyes were not.

Only the left eye is located at the bottom of the body, and it is also slanted.
The nose was greatly distorted and half-rotten.
The mouth was misshapen to the side, the lips were puckered up, and the chin was cracked.
Only the right side of his hair remained curly, but the left side was completely bald.
In addition, he had terrible pimples, and pus was overflowing in some places.
The smell was so bad that a person with a normal sense of smell would not be able to stand it without holding its nose.
It was not something that can withstand a close inspection.


「You look terrible as always.」

「Don’t be like that… this is convenient for me.」

「In what way?」


The owner of the voice did not know why.
A honest question is posed to the boy who looks like an old man, or rather, to the old man who looks like a boy.


「When I approach them with this face, at first men and women alike run away with disgust.
And when the fear exceeds the limit, they fight back.
Then I get punched and kicked as hard as I can… I’m cumming just thinking about it! Think about it, isn’t that amazing??」

「…I don’t know if i should say this, but you are one of our best, if not our worst, perverts.」

「I wonder about that? Either way, though, that’s a compliment.
Be that as it may, we’re heading down now.」


And the boy who looks like an old kan points down a bit.

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「Wait… Is that the seal?」

「Yes, surprising, isn’t?」


The boy, who looks like an old man, chuckles as if he has found a good toy.


「Yeah, I hadn’t noticed that.」

「But there are a lot of people here.
But now that we’re not allowed to touch them directly, what are we going to do?」

「Then it’s a good thing that I brought this with me.
We just had a job opening up, so we were meeting up.」


The air shimmers behind the lively boy like a flashing, glittering flame.
The man who emerged from the room was a man of tremendous beauty, in stark contrast to the old man.
His long, flowing golden hair was tied into a bun around his waist.
His eyelashes were long and slightly slit, but he did not look cold, and his face was generally cheerful.
In this soft atmostphere, his slit eyes accentuate the impression of cleverness.
If he were dressed as a woman, he would probably be considered an immensely beautiful lady.
He is wrapped in a black robe just like the boy and the old man, but he even has a certain elegance about him.
At the very least, he looks more royal than the prince below.


「I see, those armor pieces are your work.
By the way, it’s been a long time.
I haven’t seen you in that form for three years.」

「To be exact, it’s been three years and four months.
You two look well.」


The young man then bowed gracefully.


「You are as polite as ever.
You, were you really one of us?」

「I am proud to say so.」

「Well, well.
He’s just as perverted as we are, I’m sure.」

「Hmm… well, whatever.
By the way, can the doll you made break the spell.」


The owner of the voice, still hidden, aaks the young man.


「Yes, it’s there this time.
So, do I just need to break that seal?」

「I’m glad you’re smart enough to talk so fast.
Then get on with it!」

「W–Wait a minute! Why don’t you let me retrieve the materials first?」


The old man panicked.
He had taken time out of his busy schedule to come here.
The owner of the voice was not aware of his hardship, and he was enjoying his conversation.


「Ahh, well, can we talk about that later? Either way, the seal has to be broken to retrieve it, right? Besides, what good is a material that can be so easily beaten up?」

「No, that’s not the problem…」

「I ordered it to be disannulled for the time being, as I knew the argument would be protracted.」

「「So fast—!」」


The young man, perhaps thinking it was too much trouble to spend time arguing, ignored them and sent his armored soldiers to theseal left by Fenna.






Meanwhile, down below, the situation had changed.
Fenna shot an arrow at the Prince-Master without question.
The arrow shot through the ground at the prince’s feet with tremendous soeed, and the tail of the arrow tremblee as if to express Fenna’s anger.

The prince was furious at the act.


「What are you doing to me, the third of prince of Kramus, Dark Elf?」

「I will be the one asking questions.」

「This bitch!」

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「Don’t move!!」


As expected, the soldiers surrounding the prince were in a panic, but Fenna shouted loudly, which was unimaginable from her usual self.
The soldiers, as well as Alfiris and the others, were a little shaken up by the sheer forcefulness of the situation.


「The distance between the prince and myself is about 30 meters; at this distance, I am not good enough to finish him off with a single blow, and I might cause him to suffer.
If you don’t want to suffer needlessly, please respond promptly.
Only questions, I will not tolerate any silence.」

「Don’t joke with me, you dark elf…」


Whoosh! With a wind cutting sound, something fell out of the prince with a plop.


「Hah…hah, haahhh!?」

「My apologies, things got a little out of hand.」


The prince cringed, holding his ears, and Fenna threw in an unsympathetic word.


「My, M-My ears…!」

「I told you, a person of my skill would not let the prince go away.
Next time, my hand might itch and I might shoot him in the knee.
Next, would be the shoulder.
The thigh would be next afterwards.
Please note that my hands will go crazy very lightly.
Do you understand, what am I saying?」


Fenna’s silver eyes take on a dark gleam.
Having been together for the past few days, Alfiris and the others had always assumed that Fenna was quiet and withdrawn.
No, perhaps that was true, but they just wanted to avoid unnecessary conflict, and she was not mature enough to keep silent in the face of her family’s avenger.
She just had to put up with it for a long time.
And now, with the avenger in front of her eyes, perhaps she has now reached the end of her patience, and Fenna is looking at the prince with a devilish expression on her face.


「How do you respond, whether you answer promptly or not? As far I’m concerned, you don’t have to answer.」

「I–I get it! I’ll answer anything!!」


The prince already seemed to have completely lost the will to rebel.
It was only natural, but the way he scowled and said,「Don’t shoot me,」was so comical that nit gave everyone the impression of being very ungraceful.
Although he is a prince, the current king of Kramus has been on the throne for a long time, and even though he is the third prince, he is well before 40 years of age.
In addition, he is short and obese, with more than half of his head bald, which adds even more to his demeaning appearance.
Regardless of that, the people must be annoyed to find a man with such a miserable temperament in the royal family.

Perhaps his appearance helped, but Fenna, with a cruel look in her eyes, ask the prince a question.


「Then… first of all, where are all the people from my village?」

「T–that, I don’t know.」




With the prince’s reply, Fenna’s arrow had shot through the prince’s knee.
The prince not knowing what happened for a moment, screams as he checks his knee.



「It seems that you don’t need your ears.
Did I have to leave one? Or should I have shot it out of your lying mouth?」

「I–I swear I don’t really know… I was just asked to capture some people alive?」

「Who is it?」


Fenna draws her bow further.


「He’s recent addition to my kinsmen!」

「The name?」

That’s right, it’s Zelvados!」


Fenna mumbles her name as if it were etched in her mouth, and then continues with more questions.


「Is this the same person who suggested you to attakc the village?」

「No, that man only taught me the secret arts of this village…」

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The question makes Fenna wonder.
Why would someone from the outside know the secret arts of her village?


「What arts is this Zelvados had talking about?」

「I heard it was the secret of goldsmithing.
You dark elves can create as much gold as you like by alchemy, can’t you?」


Fenna shakes her head trembling at the prince’s question.


「That’s absurd… it’s not possible.」

「W–what the hell?」

「Think about it.
Why is gold so precious?」

「It’s sparkly and beautiful…」


Fenna was taken aback by the answer.


「…Apparently, you don’t know anything about it.
You see, any other metal is fine if all you want is to shine.
If it is just about beauty, there are many things that are much better than gold, such as gemstones, and what is beautiful depends on our sense of value.
Gold is rare because it is not oxidized, meaning that it never rusts, and it is treated as a symbol of immortality, and because its absolute quantityn is small.
If alchemy or such had existed, and gold were produced freely, its value would plummet relative to its value.
Therefore, even if alchemy could produce gold freely, it would be meaningless.」



The prince looked genuinely surprised.
He had probably never thought of such a thing.
Fenna followed up with more words.


「I am surprised that you don’t notice such a thing… Moreover, you go out and fight with your soldiers as you are told by others.
For such a moron, to an idiot like you, my family… my friends…」


Fenna is staring down and biting her lip.


「You think I’m stupid! Don’t mess with me! I’m not an idiot!」


The prince suddenly became agitated.
Fenna barked back, not even hiding her flowing tears.


「If you weren’t one, what else are you!? It is not your place to send out troops and send others to their deaths for personal gain!」

「It’s not personal! I did what I did for the good of my people!」

「That’s why you are willing to let my people die for it!?」


Fenna raises her voice even higher.
As if she is about to release the bow she has just drawn.
At that moment, the prince’s life was over, but he continues talking as if he has forgotten that.


「You darks elves are a foul race! Isn’t that exactly what it says in the books? You are the kin that was banished for helping the Archfiends, aren’t you? In other words, I am righteous, and I am willing to die for justice to be recognized in the court.
I am honored, but I have nothing to resent!」



Fenna was crestfallen.
It was a terrible outcry, even though there are some misunderstandings.
Not only Nia and Miranda, but also Blackhawks and even the soldiers protecting the prince are showing their dislike for him.
Fenna is no longer able to speak, as her anger has passed the limit.
The prince spins his words further, perhaps mistakenly believing that he was outspoken.


「I must be recognized by the court.
Just because my siblings are a little better than me, that’s why everyone, makes a fool of me…! What is it about being a little short and fat? What is so important that you can’t ride a horse? What is it that I couldn’t study? Does royalty have to be better than other people at everything? And they talk behind my back, calling me stupid, chubby, slow, and bald.
I broke a branch in the garden to take it out on them, and if I hit a kinsman a little, they called me a tyrant… but I still wanted everyone’s approval! What’s wrong with killing a useless, filthy dark elf for that!? In fairy tales, justice ends up destroying evil! You dark elves and other must die for the righteousness that is ME!」


The prince was furious, his face was telling them so.
There may be some sympathy for him, but he seems to have no thought for self-righteous he is.
Rather, he is completely unaware that he would have been hated at court because he was so.
There have been many kings and princes who were not particularly outstanding as human beings, but left their names as great monarchs because of their benevolence and personalities.
His real misfortune was that he had no one around him to tell him what he needed to do as a ruler.

But, Fenna anger was not mollified by that.
Her family, who had been living quietly in the forest, was almost all killed for the sole reason of one person’s vanity.
And they talked about the lives of their own people on the same level as a fairy tale.
Her anger has already gkne beyond the limit, and her hand shaking as she hold her bow and arrow.
Her face is completely upturned with anger, her eyes are wide open, and even her beautiful face is almost ruined, looking like a demon.


I don’t want to make a quick buck, but can I kill that guy? I’m getting really angry about something.」


「…As much as it pains me to agree with this pervert, it’s the same thing.
Captain Zelver, can we kill that idiot prince? We’ll be so thorough that we won’t leave any evidence.」


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Dorothy was the first to agree with Lexus.
She had already pulled her prized curved sword out of its sheath.


「I’m angry that I agree with that woman, but can I join them, Alfiris?」

「Don’t worry, Nia.
I’m not confident I can stop you either.」

「Lisa will stay by Fenna’s side, but I ask you to go all out for Lisa.」


Alfiris and the other Blackhawks are raring to go to kill them.
Even Lisa seems to feel the same way.
But surprisingly, Miranda nailed them all.


「Ugh– Whatever international issues might occur, I don’t care anymore… but we’re in a bad position, nevermind.
But only after Fenna has reached the end of her patience, everyone.
We must not go before Fenna.
She’s still holding back.」


Certainly, if it discovered that she killed the prince, all of them here will be permanently pursued by Krumus as suspects.
Knowing this, Femma has not yet fired an arrow.
But it was only a matter of time.

As expected, the two Blackhawk captains are still composed, though.


「I know we’re supposed to be the one to stop them.
Don’t worry about whether or not to stop.」

「I won’t stop you either.
But the air is strange.
Everyone should be aware of your surroundings.」


Everyone was taken aback by Rui’s words.


Miss, do you feel this too.
I don’t feel like I’m being killed or anything.」

「Lisa doesn’t know, but all I know is that there’s some kind of danger…」

「…The seal is about to be broken.
It’s that house.
Everyone should keep their distance from that house.
Let’s get away from it slowly.」


Everyone looks at Alfiris with a startled look.
Alfiris stares at the house with a serious look on her face.


「What do you mean? Alfie?」

「I don’t have the same sensor abilities as Lisa, and I’ve always been sensitive to discomfort, although I’ve noticed there were voices telling that something’s doesn’t feel right.
And I can’t hear them anymore.
I could hear a little bit earlier, but… was it angry? No, it’s like sadness, and also some kind of unnatural infusion of anger…」

「Alfie? What are you saying, like voices? Lisa can’t hear or feel anything, though.」


Lisa nodded her head, but Rui was also staring at the same direction as Alfiris.


「No, Alfiris was right.
I can see it clearly now, that thing is bad news.
Everyone, move out.
And prioritize protecting the elf girl.」

「The armored guys are gone too… No matter how slow they are, they should have been able to join us here.」


Dorothy points out that the members of the 3rd squadron looks at her when said that.
The special soldiers in armor were originally entrusted by the foolish prince in front of them, but if there’s an intruder, those should go after him, at least as long he is in the village.

The Blackhawks notices that something is wrong with the situation, and they spread alarm around the area.
The three earlier watch them from the sky.


「No way, did they figure what’s happening?」

「Apparently, they did so.」

But it’s too late now.
This time, I’m going to add my power to te bleeding service!」


From the direction of such voices, black viscous liquids are sloppily spilling out of empty spaces.
At first there were only few drops, but soon it began to gurgle down as if the mouth of the leak had broken.
And then, when tehy flipped mid-air and became a black mass the size of a human being, they suddenly lost its shape


「Hopefully it will become a good spectacle…」

「The direction you put them isn’t good.」

「Leave that alone!」


There was no way for Alfiris and the others could have known that such a conversation was taking place in the sky above them.
And just as Fenna was about to release the arrow from the edge of her patience——

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