Chapter 44

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Character Introduction, Part 3 — Nia and Fenna

Translated by KaiesV
Edited by KaiesV


Name : Nia (Beastkin usually don’t have last names)

Age : 27 ( Equivalent to 16 in human terms), Female

Appearance : 149cm/ 46kg/ 75/52/78, Short hair and eyes that are somewhere between blue and gray, a little habitual and catlike.

Occupation : Feline Infantry Commander

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Likes and excels at : Milk, Sunbathing, Round Objects, Grooming (fur), Working Out

Dislikes : Cat powder, Warrior Chief in her unit, Frivolous People

First-Person : Watashi/私


< Profile >

A woman of the feline tribe who belongs to the military registry of the beastman nation of Gruzald (The name Feline is a name given by humans because of their resemblance to cats, and they themselves call themselves by other names).
Currently, he is traveling around Middle Plains, imitating mercenaries for training as a warrior.

Her personality is very serious and she hates crookedness, but she thinks she is cool rather than hot-blooded.
However, according to the people(by Lisa) around her, she is far from cool, but rather quite cute, a typical tsundere, and 10 years too early to be cool.
Incidentally, although he originally loves cat powder, she refrains from using it because even a whiff of it causes her to lose most of his memory and go into a frenzy, and every time she does so, those around her tell her「not to do it again.」Lisa also tried it once and swore never to use it again with the line of,「I almost went off the beaten path…」


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Both her father and mother were in the military, but her father retired from the service after a serious injury in the line of duty.
Her mother passed away from illness when Nia was six years old.
Six years later, Nia’s father married his second wife and had another child with her.
This means that Nia has a half-sister, but since Nia enlisted in the army when she was 12 and has never returned home since then, she only knows about her sister’s development through letters.

Incidentally, Nia and her stepmother have known each other since Nia was a child, and although Nia does not dislike her, she is not good at being honest and sweet.


Nia is quite good as a soldier, and although she is currently a platoon member, she has already been approached long ago about a promotion, such as a ten-man head.
However, she is still a layman because the warrior leader (centurion) of the unit she is currently attached to is against it.
She has often quarreled with the chief warrior about this (he is not a good person either), and she is going on a journey on the condition that if he wins the chief warrior in single combat after this warrior training, she will be promoted to the position of chief centurion at once.

She is a female feline who is not very strong for a beastkin, and her arm strength is not much different from that of a human.
However, her initial movement speed is faster than that of an average human, and she is good at attacking sudden points by moving in and out, destroying internal organs with palm strikes, and performing joint techniques while standing up.
To put it simply, one can imagine her as a jiu-jitsu fighter who can outbox.
Incidentally, the tail is also used with considerable dexterity and is as powerful as a human slap.



Name : Fenna Schmidt Rosenworks

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Age : 32 (Outwardly equivalent to 20 years old in humans), Female

Appearance : 160cm/48kg/87/56/84, Long, straight silver hair, silver eyes

Occupation : Magic Archer

Things (she) like : Playing with small animals, beautiful jewelry, nature, grass whistles

Things (she) don’t like : Rugged man, angry people, ghost.

First Person • Favorite Phrase : Watashi/私,「I’m sorry!」


< Profile >

A Seeker (Humans call them dark elves, but there are actually many different races) royalty.
She is quite distant from the current royal family, the heart of the Seeker, and although she is aware of her royal blood, she lives a private life almost like a commoner.

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Fenna’s family has a special kind of magic, and although it has not been publicized as of Episode 41, alchemy is not unrelated to it.
Because of the dangers of their magical power, as well as the management of the seal of Giant Treant (appeared in Episode 42), this girl dared to live quietly in small settlements.


Fenna herself is the youngest in the village and is often teased by the Seekers of her generation.
She is also very concerned about her small stature among the elves (the average female elf is about 170 cm), which has led her to develop a slightly frightened personality.
Because of this, she is strangely accustomed to apologizing even though she is royalty.
She also does not like conflict, so she believes that if she, as royalty, is the first to bow down, there will be no major disputes.
However, she is not a timid person and is able to say what she wants to say clearly.

She is not a quiet person, but rather curious and interested in many things for an elf.
She is even more naive than Alfiris, and her love of jewelry often plunges parties into the crisis of running out of money.
By the way, she has no siblings.

Although she is unaware of it, she has the appearance of a neat young lady, and her style is「too perfect,」according to Miranda, Alfiris, and Lisa.
Nia, who is from the south, also prefers to wear shorts and other rough clothing (partly because her fighting style is fighting), but Fenna, who are forest people, are even rougher, usually dressed almost naked in the human sense.
Therefore, when Fenna walks outside, she is always accompanied by Lisa or Nia as her chaperone.
Otherwise, she might dress in such a way that she would soon be mistaken for prostitute.


In addition, her skill with the bow is also at the mastery level, a threatening skill considering that, unlike Alfiris, she is not assisted by wind magic.
It is even more frightening that she is still a weak archer among the elves, who overall handle bows more often than not.
Incidentally, as has been mentioned several times, the killing power of bows in this period averaged 20 meters, while elven bows are capable of killing at 40 meters due to special processing and manufacturing methods.

The reason for this is that elves are not good at close combat, and because they are forest people, they had to excel in archery techniques in order to kill their quarry without causing damage to the forest.
Living in the forest makes it easier to obtain materials suitable for making bows, among other things.

On the other hand, humans are basically a people of the plains, and the development of magic enabled long-distance attacks before research on bow materials was advanced.
The bow was not considered a very important weapon because the life force of hostile monsters and fiends was so strong that the bow was useless in many situations.

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