「Alfie, wake up!」

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「T–The sun hasn’t risen yet…」

「Didn’t I told you yesterday that we should leave the town early? Get yourself awake now!」

「Ugh, I’ve had drink too much…」

Alfiris, who had become very popular after defeating the ruffians yesterday, was surrounded by people in the tavern and was totally drunked.
At first, she tried her best to refuse their offers, but the innocent Alfiris has no skills in dealing with a crowd of drunken and moody men.

When Anorn went downstairs to check on her about half an hour later, she found Alfiris in a helpless state, saying something like「Bring me more booze!」 As expected, Anorn thought it was bad to leave her there, so she managed to rescue Alfiris and forcibly took her upstairs to her room and put her in bed, but she was in no condition to give her anything to sober her up.

「We can’t afford to take a bath, so I just fetched some water for you to wipe yourself with, okay? I’ve prepared some sobering and tonic pills for you, so go ahead and take them.
I’ve also arranged the food and horses, so I’ll go get them.
Once you’re ready to go out, head to the east gate, okay?」


Alfiris could still see that she was sleepwalking, but she had regained enough energy to decide that it would be better to leave the city as soon as possible, just like Sister said.
And what’s more, Anorn’s deftness and kindness was enough to make Alfiris to make her believe that she was Sister.

「Even though you can’t use recovery magic.」



Alfiris was just about to change her clothes, so she hurried to cover herself.

「It’s not like there’s something gonna lose in you, since we’re both woman.」

「Wait a second.
I thought you were going to get the horse.
I didn’t sense you coming back.」

「Erasing my presence is easy as pie.」

「Where did you learn that!?」

「If you’re still not ready in a quarter of an hour, I’m gonna leave you behind, you know?」

It looked like this time, she did have gone to get the horses.
The sound of shuffling, rough footsteps are becoming distant.

「She didn’t see that, did she? These curse marks…」

When Alfiris was given this imprint by her mentor, she was told to never show it to anyone.
The reason for this wasn’t clear to her at first, it was her body after all.
As she studied more and more, it kind of made sense to her.
Later on, as she was taught and experienced various things, she recognized that it was something she should not show to others for clear reasons.
Alfiris knew that if she were to accidentally let others see this mark, she might be targeted for extermination.

「I don’t know how I got myself into this…」

Alfiris unintentionally resents her misfortune, but she still thinks she is grateful to have met her master.
She know that it is almost a miracle that she was alive and living a normal life.
Normally, she might have been disposed of if she didn’t met her master at the age of ten.
If she thought about her own safety, then secluding in the mountains would be the best thing to do.

However, her desire of wanting to know the world more had prevailed.
She’d like to experience something like love as much as anyone else.
At just eighteen years old, Alfiris’ soul was filled with youthful vitality, could taste the freedom of outside world.


Anorn, on the other hand, was thinking as she made her own preparations.

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「I hope that kid took those medicines.」

Anorn was considerate of Alfiris, who was surprisingly sloppy, she headed to the stables.
She is a sister, yet she’s unable to recovery magic.
Instead, her knowledge of medicinal herbs was the best within the church, and she was proud of it.
Also, due to her training, she is quite skilled in magic against fiends and undead.
She have never regretted not being able to use recovery magic, because she learned self-defense and she’s proud of her abilities as an adventurer.
Except for one certain situation.

「Well, I’m not originally fit to be a Sister.
Yes, yes, Horsie, good boy, good boy~!」

As Anorn walked out of the stable, pulling two horses at once, she heard a dusky voice behind her.

「Don’t you move, you goddamn sister—!」


At that time, Alfiris, who had finished her preparations quickly, was already waiting for the Sister near the gate.
Dawn was breaking and the gates of the town would soon to be open.
That said, Sister’s medicine was very effective.
Alfiris was already aware that her condition was returning to normal.

Perhaps it was because Alfiris was too occupied to talk to him, but a gate guard came up to talk to her.

「Hey, young lady.
That was a painful yesterday, isn’t?」

「Do you know me, Mr.
Gate Guard?」

「This old me was at the tavern last night.
Although, I didn’t see the mess but I could tell that it was a lot of fun, dont’cha? When I asked someone about what happened, she told me that a beautiful travelling swordsman had knocked out those rascals.
They’re from this town, they’ve been misbehaving ever since they were just kids.
They don’t work, they just plunder at night, and rumors has it that some of them even killed people.
I was just wondering if there was anything I could do about it.」

「Is there not any vigilantes over this town?」

「There are some, but they’re more numerous than us.
By the way…」

「Twenty people, maybe?」

「That’s all of them.
Wait, how did you know that… A-wa-wa–!」

The old man who was guarding the gate backed away involuntarily and the first one to escape.
The rumored people from the old man’s story has gathered near the gate.
And this time, they were all armed to the teeth.

「I’ve heard that you messed with my men yesterday.」

An unusually large man spoke up.
As he stood in the front, she thought that it was their leader.

「Oh my, I’m not worthy enough to take care of this many men by myself.」

「Aren’t you calm right now.
You’re surrounded by more than ten men and you didn’t seem to flinch at all.」

「So, what can I do for you? I’m about to leave the town soon, you know?」

「Come on, don’t be like that.
These guys from yesterday wanted to thank you.」

「What a boring way to deal with a thank you.」

「Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you’ll have a good time.
Right on my hip, hihihi~」

In the meantime, the men were closing their distance on her.
This time there were fourteen of them.
Alfiris couldn’t help but sigh, wondering if this was how it was going to play out at the end.

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「I told you not to move!」

The man’s voice was futile, and Sister showed no signs of slowing down at all.

「Don’t ignore me, you bitch!」

The man grabbed a piece of wood from around the corner and threw it at her, but she dodged it without even looking behind her.

「That’s dangerous.
What are you going to do if you happen to hit my precious horse?」

「You better worry about yourself than your horse!」

「What am I supposed to worry about in front of the guy who got knocked down by me yesterday?」

「That’s because I let my guard down yesterday! I’ve got friends here today, so it’s not going to be like yesterday.」

Anorn looked closer and saw that it was apparently the rat-faced man from yesterday.
She was completely uninterested in this man yesterday that she had almost forgotten his face.
Indeed, there are about five of them today.
Completely armed.

「Nah, it’s already less than yesterday, isn’t it?」

「What do you mean?」

「I mean, six big men with weapons are surrounding this weak little sister.
That’s already not something a man would do.
xx You bastard.
Oh, you’re not even a man xx you fucking faggot.
I don’t know, it’s kind of rude to be a faggot.」

「D—Dammit, you fucking bitch!」

「Oh, this fucking bitch! What a nice way of putting it.
Too bad, though.
I’m not ordained, I’m just…」

「Shut the fuck up!」

The rat-faced man swinged a slash at her, his face were turning red.
Anorn, on her part, was looking at the man with a refreshed face and her right hand on her hips as she lunges at him.
Just when it looked the man’s sword is going to hit the Sister.
Klank! The man’s sword was stopped with an exceptionally high metallic sound.
The man’s sword seemed to have cut off the sister’s left arm.
Or at least, that’s what the man had intended.


Just as the man was about to say something, there was a dull thud as if something snapped, and the rat-faced man’s body flew in the air.
That’s not it, he was completely blown through the air.
The man’s body, which had partially broken through the wall at the end of the stable, no longer moved a muscle.

「Oh no— Did I go too far?」

「Wha, wha, wha…」

The remaining men’s face were pale.
It doesn’t seem like a real scene for them.
The body of the large man was blown away by the strike of a not-so-large sister, a distance equivalent to several horses.
They turned their attention to the sister, and before they knew it, she has a cudgel in her hands.

「You know, I am sister, but it was different before.
For some reason, I changed my name and occupation.
But, I find being a sister to be useful.
The clothes are fluttery, which is great for hiding weapons, and catches your opponents off guard.
What’s more, it’s 30% more clean and neat.」

And so on, while winking and talking lightly.
This Sister is someone that should be feared by men.

Anorn spoke to them with a huge grin on her face.

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「Well, I am a Sister, and I’m not going to kill you.
Besides, I’m afraid of being chastised by the Master Bishop, if I overdo it.
But I’m sorry if xxxx crushes your balls and makes you all an eunuch♪」


Sister Anorn happily chased down the men, and the five of them, despite being of fully armed, their hands were trembling as they hold their swords.
Those who hunt and those were hunted had now its roles completely reversed.


And around the gate…


The two men who had tried to grab Alfiris first were blown off from the wrists up, where they had been holding their swords.
While everyone was dumbfounded, there was a *hyum!* Alfiris readied the whip in her right hand.

「Y—You bitch, aren’t you swordswoman?」

「I never claimed to be a swordswoman.
It’s just that I’m mainly used swords, and if you’re travelling, there are many situations where you’ll be forced to fight in many-to-one or mid-range combat.
This is my countermeasure for that.」

Alfiris’ stance was lean as she spoke.
Everyone can see even to the untrained eye that the way she handle the whip is skillful.

「Surround her, you bastards! The whip can’t swing in multiple directions at the same time.
Surround her and attack at once!」

The men spread around and surrounded Alfiris.

「(I see.
That big guy sure knows his way of leading around.)」

Alfiris observes her enemies, keeping a watchful eyes on her surroundings.
If she was surrounded, she would be certainly be at a disadvantage, but it was useful to defeat them all at once.

「Let’s go!」

With a shout, the people surrounding Alfiris attacked her all at once.
Still, Alfiris had calmly swung his whip and struck four men in front of her in the face with the belly of her whip.
In general, the killing power of a whip is limited to 10 centimeters at the tip, but if someone used it skillfully, it can easily rip off a person’s head.
However, if even the belly of the whip was hit in the face, the pain would be very hard to ignore.
As expected, the people who were hit in the face all cowering.

But the others didn’t stop.
Without moment’s hesitation, they scattered the powder they had taken out of their pockets behind her.
The men who were about to jump on her from behind took the brunt of it and cowered in place while screaming.
It was an eye dropping pollen from a specific plant.
The two remaining swords were then swung at Alfiris, but she managed to catch them with the cuirass of her left hand.
As soon as the two men realized that they could be caught, a hidden blade appeared from the hand armor and sliced through their faces.
The men squirmed as blood spurted out of them, and Alfiris was hit by some of the blood, but she didn’t blink and was completely unfazed.

「Wh—What the hell?」

The remaining of them couldn’t hide their shock.
In a matter of few minutes, eight adult men were beaten by one woman.
The leader of their group couldn’t hide his shock as well.

「(I’ve never seen such a capable person… There were no female mercenaries like her on the battlefield.
Who are you?)」

「This— This is no good…」

When all but the man who seemed to be leader of the group turned around and tried away, something blew in the wind.

「Ahh… Ahh…」

The men then suddenly fall down.
He look at them and see that looks like a dagger stuck in their backs.

「Don’t worry, it’s a paralyzing agent.
They won’t be able to move for a whole day.
No one’s gonna die.
Well, it’s hard to say that they’re safe, but they had it coming.」

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「Who the hell are you?」

「I’m just a simple traveller.
There’s nothing special about me.」

「I’ve never such a capable person like you before.」

「Let’s take your words as a compliment.
So what are you going to do, gonna resist? Or let yourself be arrested by vigilantes quietly?」

「I don’t hold back even if it was against a woman.
I won’t give in over my sword!」

The big man readjust himself and slashes at her.

「I don’t have any choice huh?」

Alfiris also drew her sword and strike.
She leaped backwards to dodge the man’s sidestroke.
She evaded another uppercut as she rushed forward, and struck the man in the face with the hilt of her sword.


As the man retreated, she slashed at him.

「(From above!)」

The moment the man held out his sword to block Alfiris’ uppercut—

「The sword, what happened to the trajectory of the slash?」

Alfiris’ sword changed its trajectory so that it dodged the sword that was trying to block it, and slashed down in a kesa-gatame (scarf-holding) way.
The man cowered holding his shoulder.


「I can’t be this dexterous with a sword that I swing with the intent to kill, though.
And if you’re in a battlefield, you don’t want take a sword to a sword, because you’ll end up destroying yours.
Remember that (I’m just borrowing my words from my master, though).」


As the man kicks away the dropped sword with his foot, a figure that looks like a vigilantes comes in pieces.

「Are you alright, young lady?」

「Oh, Mr.
Gate Guard.
You’ve gone to call for help?」

「Isn’t that obvious?」

「But it’s all over now.
They should be all alive, so make sure you take them in.」

「Oh my god…」

With residents of the town unable to fully comprehend the situation, Alfiris returned to her original posture as if nothing happened and muttered to herself as she collected the weapons she had used.

「Sister, you’re late… What are you doing this whole time?」

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