Yuki took off the high heels she was wearing. Carrying the object and then starting to walk up the stairs which is not a big number. Fifteenth floor. And she was still on the second floor now.

After all, she was the type of lazy person who rarely moved. Climbing the stairs would drain Yukis energy. Not to mention that the span skirt that she was wearing made her movements a little difficult, making Yukira continue to grumble.

The woman climbed two stairs at once to shorten the time. She didn care about his breathing and sweating profusely. Continuing to grumble while cursing the annoying Mark.

”Where are you going? ” an employee reprimanded Yuki when she saw the girl sitting exhausted on the fourth floor stairs.

”Want to go to the fifteenth floor, I want an interview, ” Yuki answered weakly.

The female employee smiled a little and then pointed to the elevator which was not far from their current position, ”Thats a replacement elevator for employees during the elevator that was repaired. Compared to taking the stairs, its easier to use the elevator, madam. Save energy too before looking at the bosss fierce face, ”

”Shit, ” Yuki cursed softly, looking at the closed elevator doors in horror in front of her, ”Markuel Geraldi, Ill castrate you right now, ”

Now it was the female employee beside Yuki who put on a look of horror, ”Markuel Geraldi? CEO of Geraldi Group? ”

”Oh, do you know him? Tomorrow I want to send witchcraft to him because he has the heart to make me squirm all the way up to the fourth floor. Youll see, fool, I don care even if he is yerianas boyfriend or the presidents son, ” Yuki grumbled again, with his feet stomping, he immediately walked headed for the elevator, ”By the way, thank you for telling me, ”

”Same maam, ”


The elevator dinged. The door opens automatically.

Yuki took a deep breath, stepping out with a pounding heart. Now is her umpteenth interview but the feeling is still the same. Slightly lessen his feelings for Mark.

”Thirty seconds late, ”

”Thats because you didn tell me there was a replacement lift, Markuel Fucking Geraldi, ” Yuki cursed with bulging eyes.

”You don ask. Come with me quickly, ” Mark with his bossy look stepped quickly, successfully inviting the snort of the curly-haired girl.

e the cruelest human Ive ever met Mark. I don think why Yeri can feel at home with you, ”

e single and you won understand, ” Mark replied still without turning his head.

Yuki groaned a little, ”You don need to bring my single status. I know Im single and Im quite self-aware. So you don have to remind me, ”

”Now I understand why you
e single. You
e noisy and a nag. Guys aren in the mood to see your smug-like face either, ”

”Mark, you have the heart to be with me, ” Yuki snorted in annoyance. But the woman was silent when the two of them arrived in front of the door marked CEO Hadiwijaya. Her knees just went limp. Also the sweat that suddenly flowed profusely.

Mark turned his head, looking at Yuki who didn move in her place, ”You can come in if you still want to work here, ”

The woman glanced at Mark. Blink a few times to neutralize her nervousness.

Yuki knocked on the door several times, ”Excuse me, ”

”Enter, ” a familiar voice answered. But because she was so nervous, Yuki chose to be indifferent and without waiting any longer, he immediately opened the door.

There is a neat room for CEO Hadiwijayas grandeur. There is also a man in a black suit sitting in the oversized chair of CEO Hadiwijaya. Yuki could guess the figure sitting with his back to her was the CEO himself.

Behind there Mark just followed Yuki, the man casually sat down on the sofa in the corner of the room, ”Ive brought someone who is suitable to be a financial manager here. She is a bachelor of economics degree, ”

CEO Hadiwijaya turned his chair, and at that moment Yukis body went limp when he saw the figure. Not because of his handsome figure with a charming smile but he, CEO Hadiwijaya who is his future boss, is his own ex-boyfriend. The figure who dumped Yuki in the past when she was still in college. It made the girl quite traumatized by the word love and chose to be single until now.

Unknowingly, Yuki squeezed the folder in her arms. This mega playboy in front of her either remembers it or not. Seen from his previous attitude, it seems Yuki is the umpteenth lover. Just remembering it was enough to make the womans emotions ignite.

But for the sake of this job, Yuki could not help but choose to survive. Its better to be subordinate to a former annoying playboy than to be unemployed and forced to return to the village to prepare for marriage with the son of a rented landlord who looks like a market thugm. Of course, in times like today, finding a job is not an easy matter. Its very difficult especially for people like him who are lazy to find work.

”Yukira Ananda Suhardi, ” CEO Hadiwijaya smiled lightly, ”Its been a long time since I last saw you, maybe four to five years ago, ”

Oh? Does the man remember her? Yuki sighed in resignation. Muttering a name that she had long since thrown away from memory, Lucas Anggara Hadiwijaya. The mega playboy who used to insolently dumped his love. What a funny fate. It felt like Yuki was being toyed with now by his own destiny.

”Bachelor of economics. With a GPA almost touching 4. Wow, Im stupid for rejecting your rich people, ”

Mark in the corner of the room snorted, ”I know you only see him from her face. And again, do you know this chatty person? ”

”Oh? Why are you asking that? I clearly know him, ” Lucas laughed lightly, ”My ex-girlfriend since college. I didn expect you to be more beautiful now. And look, you haven shown any significant changes in your face since the last time. Still cute and cuddly like a baby. ”

”If I knew he was one of your ex-los mountain range, I wouldn have offered her a job here, ” Mark rolled his eyes, the man got up and stood right in front of Yuki, covering the girl from Lucas view, ”Sorry I didn You know, if it turns out that the only one of your ex who made you afraid to fall in love until now was him, ” Mark said flatly, ”Now its better for you to go home. You can work at my place to be an office girl like you wanted earlier, ”

Lucas exhaled harshly, the man rubbed his face then looked at Mark, ”I admit I used to be a jerk but that was okay? And the past has nothing to do with work. We have to stay professional, ”

”I don care but I won let Yuki work with your rich people, ” Mark said absolutely. After all, he knows how broken Yuki was when he was dumped by his ex-lover. The girl even had a hunger strike for three days, causing Yuki to be rushed to the hospital because of stomach acid.

Yuki was like a sister to him, and he wouldn let Yuki work in the office of a jerk like Lucas.

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