”Why is the world cruel to those unworthy of such a thing? Why is the world good to those unworthy of such a life? Who is the one making all the decisions of this sad, scary, cruel reality? ” Says a boy whos laying on grass covered in ash as the church behind him is burning to the ground

– Earlier

”Hey Chris, can you help me prepare for supper? ” A nun at an orphanage whos preparing for todays dinner says to a small child

”Yes! ” The young boy says excitedly

”Hey I want to help too! ” A young girl says as she tugs on the nuns habit

”Okay, okay you can help too but make sure you wash your hands first okay. ” The nun says to the young girl with a smile

”Okay! ” The young girl replies

-After a few minutes

”Hey Chris come play with us. ” A young boy in a group with some of the other kids

”Hey can you see im helping Ms.Lee right now. ” Chris says to the boy

Ms.Lee giggles and says ” Its fine you can go play. ”

”Are you sure? ” Chris ask and she nods her head so went towards the boy and group of kids to play

”Hey Dori whats it like to have a family. ” A boy ask a girl 1 year older than him and Chris

”From what the books say, it can either be happy and feel really good or feel really bad because your family doesn like you. ” Dori replies

” I see, hey Chris do you think of me as your brother? ” The boy asks Chris

”Of course I do, I think of everyone here as my family and that won change even if I do get adopted one day or you, Dori or anyone else youll always be my family. ” Chris says to everyone at the small broken down playground behind the orphanage

”Yeah lets be a family forever no matter where we are, I Liu…. I forgot I don have a last name yet. ” The boy says as the other kids laugh

”Don worry Ill give you one, how bout Bu! Yeah Bu like Lu Bu who was really really strong! ” Chris shouts excitedly as Lu Bu is his ideal

”Bu? Yeah lets go with that! From now on I am Liu Bu! ” Liu shouts as his eyes widen and glows with stars as hes happy about finally getting a last name

” Hey do yall smell that? ” A young girl named Su asks

”Yeah it smells like something burning. ” Liu says

”Oh no Ms.Lee! ” Chris shouts as he starts running towards the orphanage but then suddenly the building catches on fire but Chris still runs towards the building

”Wait Chris don ! ” Dori shouts

”I gotta help Ms.Lee. ” He says as he continues to run when suddenly Liu starts chasing after Chris

”No don Chris! ” Dori shouts

”I gotta save my brother! ” Liu shouts

When Liu gets in the burning building he sees Chris whos trying to find Ms.Lee

”Liu! Quick help me find her! ” Chris shouts

After looking around for a while Liu sees a pile of boards and sees they
e moving so he yelled for Chris and they moved the boards thinking it was Ms.Lee under there but instead it was an abandoned dog who would visit the orphanage from time to time, they make it to the kitchen and they see Ms.Lee who is standing in front of the stove they was getting ready to approach her but then she turns around and they see her eyes changed turned red and she was smiling but at the same time tears was running down her cheek

The boys couldn say a single word as they were too shocked to speak , an explosion happens but before they got caught in it Ms.Lee pushed them out of the building saving their lives but not Chriss arm for it was lost during the explosion.

All the other kids and people from nearby surrounds the boys they were asking so many questions that the boys couldn understand a single one since everyone was talking over each other. Chris was taken away to see a doctor and Liu was left behind laying in a pile of ashes

”Why is the world cruel to those unworthy of such a thing? Why is the world good to those unworthy of such a life? Who is the one making all the decisions of this sad, scary and cruel reality? ” Liu asks himself over and over

As Liu continues to question reality he started to think about what happened earlier

”Why was Ms.Lee acting so weird, when she was coming towards us to push us out of dangers way it look as if she was fighting with herself, forcing herself to move she was grabbing her legs and moving them one by one to walk close to us. ” Liu thinks to himself

-The next day

The kids were standing in front of the burned down church and people from all over the town came to take them into their families as they felt bad about the recent events, out of the 27 kids 16 were adopted including Chris and Liu but the other 11 kids was abandoned by the town as their was no families thhat wanted them, but Liu who was adopted felt bad for them and couldn except it so one day he left the house that belongs to his new family and went with the abandoned kids who was still at the orphanage, they told him they was going to leave this town since there is nothing here for them but then

”No stay, Ill prove you wrong Ill make it where we can stay here Ill make this a place where we can doing anything can go anywhere just wait I promise our lives will be better than any dream we ever had. ” Liu says with great resolve

– 3 years has later

3 years have passed since he promised the kids a better life and well…. he kept it, over the years he trained him self to become strong enough to protect his family he learned how fight and learned three different types of magic which should be impossible in this world since learning 2 types of magic is considered rare

He also taught his family how to fight, he managed to teach 3 others how to use magic, he showed them how to steal to eat and how to adapt to their surrounds he promised them something I couldn even imagine and kept his promise

”Hey that kid is stronger than any mortal we ever saw. ” A mysterious voice said

e right and wasn Zoku after that girl? ” Another mysterious voice replied

” It looks like he created a monster while trying to capture one. ” Another voice replied

”Yeah but this is just the beginning, I sense even bigger things from him in the future. ”

”Yeah but for now lets just watch and see what the future will bring. ”

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