putting them to the floor

”He has three types of magic? ” The young knight says

She charges for an attack but he uses his wind to push him back but she froze the ground and slid towards him, he covers himself with lighting and covers his fist with flames and charges, when the two clashed they caused a shock wave that blown away all the stalls on the street and continue their fight

The young knight slightly ahead of Liu but he kept trying as he thinks about his family, he uses his lighting to cover a ball of fire which he throws at the knight, she looked confused trying to figure out how to dodge the attack

”If I move out the way it could injure surrounding civilians, if I strike it Ill take impact damage and shock damage which he could use to finish me off. ” She thinks to herself

After a moment of thinking she uses her ice to make a pillar to block the attack and make more walls of ice to protect the village, after the impact fog covered the street, the young knight looked around to find Liu but suddenly a lighting bolt was shot at her from the side forcing her to lean back to dodge, Liu grabbed her face from the behind then he jumped and kicked the back of her legs forcing her to drop to the floor, Liu put himself on top of her and launched a series of fire fist punches at her later on adding lighting but suddenly she broke into pieces of ice

The pieces of ice gathered behind Liu piecing themselves back together which makes the young knight appear again and kicking Liu down the street then instantly charging him not letting him get up, she thrusts her blade at Liu buy he clapped his hands catching the blade in between them, he uses his lighting to shock her and uses his wind to quickly move behind her aiming for her neck nut suddenly a burst of flame was fired at Liu

The attack was launched by the recovered guards, Liu was caught off guard being unable to dodge it. When he recovers he tries to charge up his own attack when suddenly being hit by the hilt of the young knight sword on the back of his head putting him to the floor. Liu is slowly going unconscious but shocks himself to keep him awake, the knight and guards surround him but he still tries his best to fight

”I must win, I can lose, no I can , I won ! ” He yells as his body is covered in flames. The knight saw and quickly surrounded him in ice out of fear when suddenly an explosion happened inside of the ice which blows everyone back

”What happened ” The knight said as she saw Liu laying on the floor unconscious, the guards walk towards Liu to take him in when suddenly a bolt of thunder was shot at them. They look up and see Su who shot the thunder to stop them from getting close to Liu and giving Koiyo enough time to grab Liu and fly off back to the orphanage after picking up Su. The guard makes a small flame in his hand getting ready to throw it at Koiyo and Su but the young knight stopped him

”Let them go. Well get them next time. ” She says making the guards fall back

”That kid is strong….is it because he wants to protect his family or is he someone who was born to be a monster? ” The knight thinks to herself

”Liu! Liu! Liu! ” Dori says as she tries to wake him up

Liu opens his eyes and is shocked to see himself back at the orphanage

”W-what happened? ” Liu ask

”Thats what I want to ask you! Why did you explode! ”Dori asked in shock from the event she witnessed

”I-I don know. ” Liu replies

They had a conversation about everything that happened. All the kids where scared thinking Liu might be hurt really bad from the fight but he comforts them and tells them its time to eat. Atter they all went to bed

-The next morning

”Hey did yall see the orphan yesterday? ” A boy ask

”Yeah, what a loser, he got in a big fight just because he couldn buy food. ” A girl replies

”Yeah, him and the other orphans should just die, I mean its not like anyone wants them here anyways. ” Another young boy says

”Hey how far are we gonna go. ” The girl ask as they walk in the forest

”What, you scared? ” The boy in the back says

”No! Shut up! ” The girl says

”Hey, t-theres blood on the ground! ” The boy leading the way says

”Hey look over there, its a dead beast. ” The boy in the back says

”A hunter must have been here. ” The girl says

Suddenly they hear heavy breaths and the sound of sticks being crushed and the sound of wood being hit. They continue to walk and they see a strange figure hitting a tree

”H-hey look at the dead best surrounding this place, d-doesn it look like they were killed with bare hands instead of weapons. ” The girl says

They all look back at the figure and see the blood on his hands, the figure stopped and started to turn around, the kids see its Liu

”Hey do yall need something? If not then leave before yall become my next target! ” Liu says scaring the kids away

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