”Hey have you hear about that orphan boy? ” A Woman villager says

”Yeah! I heard he matched the strength of a low ranked knight and destroy part of the village. ” Another villager woman replied

”I heard some kids saw him in the forest and came back scared half to death, literally. ” A man said

”Oh no thats just horrible! ” A woman says in shock by what the man said

”Hey look! Its the knight that fought the demon orphan. ” One of the women says

The kids of the village runs of to the young knight

”Hey Ms.Knight is it true you fought against the devil orphan? ” A small child asked

”No no I didn fight a devil but an angel instead. ” The knight said

”Angel? But wasn he bad? ” A child said

”He may have been committing an act against the law but he was doing it for his family, he put everything on the line for them, so he had good intentions but was doing it the wrong way. ” She said

”Really? ” The children said

”Yes. ” She replied

”Okay, goodbye Ms.knight see you later! ” The children said as they run off

”Devil huh. They really think a small child who puts everything on the line for his family with no help from adults is a devil? This world sure is cruel. ” The knight said as she walk

-At the orphanage

”Hey, have you seen Liu? ” Dori says

”No? I haven why? ” Daniel says

”I need to talk to him. ” Dori says

”Well no duh but about what. ” Su says

”I saw bandits a long the path to our village during my trip to the waterfall. ” Dori said

”What! ” The kids say in shock

”What should we do? ” Su says

”Nothing, we do absolutely nothing. The knights can take care of it. ” Liu says as we walks from the forest covered in sweat

”Why do nothing!? ” Dori asked in shock

”Why do something? This village abandoned us, the only time well act is if they come towards us thats it. ” Liu said

”I guess you
e right, but we
e not villains so we can at least help out. ” Dori said

”How would that make us villains? Think of it this way rich people could help the poor from starving but instead they sit back and watch without stepping in, they watch the poor die without lending a cent, but they aren seen as bad people so whats wrong doing the same thing. Now don get me wrong we will help only if our orphanage is in trouble so if anyone runs here to hide we will help to protect them but not those outside. ” Liu says

”I know you
e not wrong but it still feels wrong. Why not help the poor and weak leave those rich and powerful to fend for themselves! ” Dori shouts

”Hmm fine we can do that but remember my main focus is keeping you all safe so if I see that you
e in trouble ill leave the villagers and come straight for you, got it. ” Liu says

-At dawn

BOOM* A giant explosion happens at the front gate of the village which starts a fire that burns the village at an unbelievable rate, the villagers start to panic and leave their houses and runs to safety outside of the village

”Heh heh look at all these ants running away hahahaha. ” A bandit says as he watches from afar

”Get ready boys, its time to hunt. ” Another bandit says

”You all are ready? ” Liu says

”Yeah. ” The other children replies

”Everyone without magic go help the villagers and Su follow them and protect them with your magic, Koiyo use your wind to scout for injured villagers and Daniel… Fire. ” HE says to his siblings and Daniel smiles creepily. They all split up to fulfill Liu command. As his siblings go help the villagers Liu fights off some of the bandits until he heard a loud explosion from afar, Liu decides to go see what happened

”W-who are you! ” A bandit says as he lays on the ground injured

”Someone like you doesn have the right to know. ” Chris says

Liu arrives at the scene and goes into a state of shock when he sees Chris standing in front of him. He quickly runs to Chris while yelling his name

”Chris!Chris!Chris! ” Liu shouts

”Liu? ” Chris says as hes surprised to see Liu again

”Chris! I thought Ill never see you again after you left. ” Liu says

”Yeah same, what are you doing here anyways i thought you were also adopted? ” Chris says

”Huh, oh yeah I was but I left to be with my true family, and now that you
e here we can be brothers again. ” Liu says excitedly

”That won happen. Ive been adopted by a rich family, why would I want to go back to a poor village? ” Chris says

”What! ” Liu says confusingly

”You heard me, I don want to return to that poor orphanage in fact im surprised you went back when you saw the same thing I did. ” Chris said

”You take that back. ” Liu mumbles

”What? ” Chris asks

”YOU TAKE THAT BACK! ” Liu shouts

Liu body is covered with lighting and his hands are covered with flames and a giant wing of wind forms on his back as his eyes go blank. Chris stands in shock as he feels the huge amount of magical power he feels coming from Liu. In a blink of an eye Liu attacks Chris dragging him in the ground, Chris body turns into light as he disappears from Liu hand and appears behind Liu holding a spear of light which he throws at Liu but the wing on his back deflects the spear.

” What the hell happened to you Liu, Clam down! ” Chris shouts

”He can hear your kid. Hes in a state of rage and you
e too weak to deal with him right now so let me make you an offer. Take my power, work with me and you can defeat him hehehe. ” A strange voice told Chris

”Who are you! ” Chris says as he looks around trying to figure out who was talking to him when suddenly Liu strikes at him again

”You don need to know that all you need is trust in me. ” The voice said

”I decline your offer then, why should I trust someone who won even tell me who they are? ” Chris said

”I see, you declined hope and power and welcomed death. ” The voice says as its fades

Chris uses his light magic to dodge Lius ruthless attacks trying to find an opening to attack when the earth suddenly begins to rise

”Hmm this must be Lizzy. ” Chris says as he steps back when a young girl shows up behind him

”Chris are you alright! ” The young girl says

”Yeah im alright Lizzy. ” Chris says to her

”Who is that? ” She says as she points at Liu

”He was once my brother when I was at the orphanage, I guess what I said triggered him into this state. ” Chris said

”Does that boy really think thats all it takes for someone to go into a state of rage like that? Hes naive, this wasn his doing but the gods. If only he could see all the gods that were gathered around him and that boy. ” A woman in a purple robe says as she watches the boys from afar. She looks up and sees a total of 38 gods gather around the boys to watch this fight

”What do you mean by that. ” The young knight says as she pulls out her sword

”What I mean is a god has tried to possess that boy but failed so he used the words of the other one to trigger this rage coming from that child. ” The woman says

”How would you know that? ” The knight asks

”Because I am someone trying to kill the gods for what they have done. ” The woman replied

Lizzy builds a giant barrier with her earth magic but Liu burns right through it

”I never knew you had such a monster as a brother before. ” Lizzy says

”I also didn know that. ” Chris says

Chris shoots a ball of light into the sky which flashes a light so bright it would blind those that look at it

”There I sent the signal the others should arrive soon. ” Chris says

”When they get here we should be able to take him out pretty easi- ” She says until she turn her head to see Liu who has his hand on Chriss face and takes him away

Liu takes Chris to the sky, once hes in the air he throws Chris with full power towards the ground but Chris uses his light magic to teleport him safely to the ground but Liu blitz right in front of him getting ready to attack, Chris jumped back by instinct when Liu punches the ground destroying it and sending Chris back with the shock wave of the impact. Liu goes in for another attack and hits Chris in the stomach and sends him flying, Lizzy makes a giant hand out of mud and catches Chris but the mud suddenly turns into solid rock. Lizzy is confuse and turns her head to see Liu charging an fire attack to launch at Chris, the attack was so hot it was heating the mud into a solid leaving Chris trapped and opened for an attack

Liu launches the attack but to the side, it looks as if Liu is trying to fight with his own body. A big storm is formed and the sounds of thunder could be heard from afar lighting could be seen from the royal castle and winds that could destroy villages formed. Chris noticed Lius strange actions and dashes towards Liu to help him. The other children from the orphanage stop and looks at the storm in shock when suddenly Dori noticed Chris and Liu and suddenly dropped to the floor

”This can be, Chris is back but attacking Liu and Liu doesn look like himself. Why, why, why did I suggest we help the village! If I didn suggest it this wouldn be happening! ” She says crying

”Liu snap out of it! ” Chris says as he jumps to the sky and stabs Liu with a sword of light

Liu pupils return and falls to the ground. Shortly after Chriss back up came and tried to lock Liu up but Chris stops them and requests that a healer heals Lius wounds. After the event Chris would visit the orphanage every once and awhile and bring gifts and talks and play with them till sunset. After awhile Chris noticed Liu would be there less and less, why? Because Liu would train himself as much as he could.

-6 years later

Since a year ago Chris stopped visiting and Liu got so strong he learned 14 different types of magic which is the record of most magic learned in history and created 106 different fighting styles to stop anything that comes his way. Liu had learned 6 common elemental magics – fire, wind, lighting, water, earth, ice and learned 3 rare times of magic- gravity, teleportation and body reconstruction and learned 2 mythical types of magic- beast transformation and time and 3 legendary types of magic- void, star and dark cursed magic. With this he taught all his siblings how to use magic and how to fight and because of their strength the village welcomes them and helps them rebuild the orphanage. The whole village prepares for Lius and Doris 16th birthday and Liu decides to find Chris and invite him to the party as it would make all the kids happy if he was there.

-at dawn

”Do you take Miss hand in mirage? ” A pastor says

”I do. ” Chris says

”Do you take his hand into mirage? ” The pastor says

”I do. ” A woman in a wedding dress says

”I announce you as husband and wife, you may kiss the bride. ” The pastor says

”Now hold on. ” Liu says loudly as he walks in the room

”Liu? ” Chris says surprised

” You know thats just cold. You didn even invite me, your brother to your wedding and whats more you
e marrying the princess which is gonna make you a prince then king. Doesn that seem kinda harsh I mean its a big day for you wouldn you want your loved ones to know so they can support you? ” Liu says

”His loved ones are here, we
e standing right here. ” Chriss family he was adopted into says

”Like hell you are. ” Liu says

”I didn tell you because im cutting ties from you and that village. I gave you the honor of seeing me for 5 years so now im done with that poor orphanage. ” Chris says which angers Liu which makes him release a strong aura which makes the guards point there swords at Liu

”You dare point those toys at me. ” He says before knocking them all out

”You know I came here to invite you to mine and Doris birthday but it looks like theres no need but let me say this you might be the future king but you are not the ruler of Sage village so if you or anyone does anything wrong in my territory. Ill kill them! ” Liu says as he releases a strong killing intent

Liu leaves and the princess tells Chris

”Why did you stand back and do nothing? ”

”What can I do about him? If he wanted to he could destroy this whole kingdom. The reason I cut ties with him was because I was scared. I love him and the rest of my family at the orphanage but I feel so uneasy around him like if theres some sort of devil inside of him. ” Chris says as he starts to sweat in fear

”Hey did you find Chris. ” Dori says

”No. ” Liu says

”I see, well everyone is here so lets start. ” Dori says

The party goes on till night fall, once night comes Liu went to bed. A few hours later he wakes up and sees himself in a room he is unfamiliar with, he stands up and opens the curtains to the window and sees a place hes never seen before. A city, the modern world

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