Zulia POV

On getting to the training grounds with Artemis

”Hello Princess ” a soldier bowed

I smiled at him

”Ill be very delighted if you refer to me as Zulia,in here Im just part of you ”

A guy walked towards me,he looks tough

”Princess you sure you won have a hard time here?,this isn a tea party ” he laughs

”Thanks for you concern, but I won ” I faked a smile

The captain arrived and approached me

”Your Majesty said I should train you,directly from my command ” he says

”Okay sir ”

”You shall refer to me as commander ”

”Yes commander ”

”Firstly well have to see what our princess can do,looks like you got a sword there in your hands ” he points at me sword

Seems like he is looking down on me

”Ill give you one of our weakest soldiers why don you go into actual combat with him ”

”Weakest? ”

”Jack!!! ” he called out

Everyone seems to be making fun of this Jack as he comes forward

”Looks like youll finally he able to beat someone up today ” someone among the soldiers yelled

”Are you ready princess ” Commander says

”Ready set…. draw your swords ”

I held the handle of my sword which felt like we became one.

”Thats some nice looking sword you got there Princess ” he smiles

”Better don stab yourself princess, its not a bread knife ” a soldier yelled from the back

Looks like they mock weaklings alot here,Ill have to show them their place

I might be 17 but not so weak as they might think

The sword fight began

Jack swung his sword and he hits my waist with the back of his sword,i lost my balance and fell on the floor

They all laughed

I got back up

”You really must think today is your day Jack,don go easy on me ”

He came close to me with full force swinging his sword,he sliced the air almost hitting me

For the first time Im actually thrilled,Im meant to probably feel fear

But where is this confidence I feel within me

I grasped my sword tighter ran forward doing a weird flip I never knew I could do,swung my sword and was able to hit him

”Yessss! ” I shouted,Jack looks at me with the little tear on his cheek,he wipes off the blood

”Looks like the princess might be better than me ” He smiles

”You sure talk sweetly Jack,better concentrate ”

Our swords clashes making a schwinging sound,I must admit I love sword fighting

My body began to move like it was on air,my body felt lighter

I could move amd swing as much as I want in this dress

I am filled with joy to the brim,I finally held my sword at Jacks neck

”I win ”

I jumped Artemis approaches me

”looks like you came to congratulate momma, ”i pet his back

e so pathetic Jack, you got beaten by a princess, once a weakling always a weakling ”

I walked up to him

”May I know your name ”

”Kai,my name is Kai ”

”Kai you say, seems we have a problem already ” I looked at him

”Ohh Princess what problem, seems you got proud beating just one soldier,a weak one to be presise

I drew my sword

”Dare move and that head of yours might end up on the floor ” I said in a cold voice

”Princess ” Commander Rake yells

”Yes commander ” I removed my sword from Kais neck

”No inner fight within a squad except issued as a competition ”

”Yes commander ”

”And you Kai, watch what you say ” He warns

”Shes one of us and part of our squad and will train with us ” He said in a stern voice

”To be honest, you
e actually stronger than I thought, how can you move like that ”Jack says

”Don flatter me,I just moved ”

To be honest, I also can believe I moved that way, I caught Artemis staring at me

Does a wolf stare that way?

By Eimy Mabel

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