Zamora POV

Its dinnertime and Zulia isn at the table yet

”I don think Zulia will be eating with us tonight, shes at the frontline defending our kingdom ” Father says looking unbothered

”Flina are you okay,you haven touched your dinner yet ” She looks sad lately,I haven been able to talk to her for months, busy with the kingdom affairs

”Flina youll be turning 18 soon,would you love for a party ”

”No Mother,Ill just like a nice dinner just like this ” she says then faces her food

Looks like shes not happy in this castle,I should do something for her

”Your Highness I have a– ”

Zulia barges in,

”We have defeated Kingdom Lipeo and irs finally our kingdom ” she smirks evily

”Would you elaborate? ” I asked

”The king of Lipeo is dead,and now we have merge with them, in simple words I expanded our kingdom ” she says

”Im proud of you ” Father praises her

”I got this for you,its a rune stone it reminded me of your eyes ” she gave Flina

”Thank you sister ”

”By the way you were about to to say something before I interrupted Zamora ”

”Your Highness,a proposal was brought to our kingdom ”

”Decline it,Im not giving any of my daughters ” Father gives a very dissatisfied look

”Would you keep them here forever ” Mother says

”Well Father I think it would be good to form an alliance of marriage with this Kingdom i must say ”

”What are you saying Zamora, you
e sending our sister out because its befitting to our kingdom thats outrageous ” Zulia yells

”I don think its a bad idea,Flina is coming of age soon ” Mother supports me

”What kingdom are we talking about? ” Father asks

”The Empire Of Ztoa,they
e more expanded and of good land,their community is rich and the commoners are of a different caliber,Its an Empire that is feared due to the king that rules,we would also be fear if we form an alliance with them ” I said

”What rubbish, Won you even ask if Flina wants or doesn want to get married ”

”Thats not her call,Im making the right choice for her,she would be very much happy in that kingdom ” I said

e really thinking you
e a big thing now,Ms next heir to the kingdom ”

”Watch your mouth Zulia, don speak to me that way ”

”Enough Zulia,youve been acting out of place, I get You
e a commander now but don talk to the next ruler of the Kingdom that way ” Mother says

”Next ruler my foot,Flina is not even 18 yet and why are you trying so hard to be in control of everyones life…I hate you all ” She stood up angrily and walked out

Flina didn say a word,she ate as quietly as she could

”Flina my dear,do you want to get married ” Father asks

”Father remember the wish you said you would grant us 2 years ago, ” she says

”Yes my princess ”

”I would like to use mine now,I wish to not dine with the family as from now ”

”What did you just say ” Mother stood up confused

”I don care what you plan for me,you never bother about me anyways,but just grant this wish,its unbearable to sit here and eat with people who don care about my opinions ” She stood up and walked away

”Flina ” I called out

She stops and looks back

”I am doing this for you,for your happiness ”

”I don want to be controlled like you,how can you know what happiness is when you
e not happy yourself ”

she looked at me with rage, her red eyes looks at me with hatred or am I hallucinating,Im sure her eyes glowed

She must really hate me

By Eimy Mabel

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