The Empress Of The Abandoned Palace

CH 02 ~ \"Last Duty As An Empress.\"


(Mature Content And Violence)

Eleanora Cathain La Valentino, The empress was currently waiting at the emperors office that had a small room, as he called for her.

She knew why he called her very well but she still came, leaving her pride.

Then finally after an hour waiting the emperor came in and the first thing he spoke, made her heart ache.

”What are you waiting for? Take off your clothes. ”

Cathain De Valerian Valentino, The Emperor of the Valentino empire only looks for the empress Eleanora Cathain La Valentino, when he is in sexual need.

And Eleanora who belives that he will come to love her back one day, endures all the insults just for that day.

”Yes, Your Majesty. ”

One by one, she slowly removed all of her clothes and immediately Cathain pins her down on the bed.

He starts to kiss her neck and everywhere around her body except her lips.

Soon, he unbuckles his pants and lets out his giant member. He lays down and as they have been doing it for the past 2 years, Eleanora knew what to do.

She lays on top of him and holds his giant member with her trembling fingertips. Where he cups her buttocks and starts to lick her damp hole.

Eleanora never liked this indecency but for him, she did it.

Holding his member in her hand, she slowly puts it in her mouth and starts to lick it with the tip of her tounge.

Cathain was groaning in pleasure and slipped his tounge into her vagina.

Whenever Eleanora slowed down in sucking, he would slap her butt to make her fasten her pace.

When Eleanora felt he is going to climax, she finally took away her mouth and gasped for breath.

Cathain immediately switched their position as he have always liked to cum inside her.

He made her positioned in all four and he kneeled down, behind her. He entered her from behind while rubbing her clitoris with his thumb.

He moved back and forth to enter her more deeper and harder. While she was shaking as her hands was losing its strength and finaly after thrusting into her for a long time, he came.

But he was still not satisfied only by this.

He made her sat on his lap while facing her back. He rubbed her swollen clitoris with his thumb again and started to massage her vagina. Where his other hand was squeezing her breast hard, pinching her nipples. He was biting, kissing her neck and shoulder when he suddenly thrust into her again.

He was moving her hips up and down so fast that her whole body was trembling. Her breast was moving with her body thus everytime he thrust into hers, her breasts would make slapping sound too.

”Say my name, Eleanora. ”

”C-Cathain! ”

”Not this! ”

He bite her shoulder so hard that it left a bite mark on her slender smooth shoulders and tears came out from her eyes.

”Cain…Cain! ”

”Say Again! ”

”Cain..C-Cain… ”

”Keep saying.. ”

After more then two rounds, he finally gave a last deep thrust into her and so deep that their body was now one. He hold her so close that, Even his semens wasn able to come out from her insides.

After he loosened his grip over her, she dropped to the bed immediately and fall asleep.

Cathain frowned after this. Nowadays, he feels like she have changed. She no longer looks for him or appear like it was a coincidence.

Even in bed, except for some moans and his name that she only calls after he tolds her to, she stays silent no matter how deep he thrust inside her.

He took some time to look at her sleepy face. It looked liked she only came to him cause he called her otherwise she wouldn and this pissed him off.

Why is she acting this way for the past few months? Wasn she always obedient? She was cold and emotionless before too but not infront of me. She would faintly smile everytime she saw me.

She would smile so faintly that no one ever noticed but it was clear to him.

He reached out his hand to strock her hair but suddenly stopped midway.

What the hell am i doing??

He took back his hand and left after tidying up his clothes. He never stayed with her after he was satisfied.

Hearing the door closing sound, Eleanora slowly opened her eyes that had no emotion.

How long do i have to stay like this?

She was just an empress in name, who lived in an abandoned palace. There was no maid to serve her, no one to help her. Just living alone in a big castle.

Eleanora sighed and closed her eyes again. Hoping that tommorow will be better day.

She has been saying this to her for the past two years, since the day they got married and he said to her…

”Even if you sit on the empress sit, it doesn belongs to you. I will never love you and your child won be my heir no matter how many child you give birth for me. ”

And she just replied without any expression on her face and bowed to show respect.

”Yes, Your Majesty. ”

From then on they only spent the night in his office room. He never even took her to the royal bedroom or went to her.

He didn even arranged any maids to her and gave her a palace far away from the royal palace that was totally abandoned.

He has a girl he loves, but everyone opposed their relationship as she was just a lowly maid without any origin.

So they couldn get married. But still that maid enjoys all the things, Eleanora had wanted. She never wanted to be an empress, she only wanted his love.

She was decleared as his fiance and trained as an empress from a young age.

She was also a honourary knight commander of the first squad of royal knights. The only blood heir of the Dalton dukedom.

But she was nothing to him. Just a sheild to protect his lover from others gaze.

An empress without any power who exists only in name.

After a month later, she was pregnant. But no one rejoiced or a royal decree was given to her for congratulate her.

She waited and waited for him to come and finally he came one day when she was three months along.

Her tummy had grown a little because of pregnancy and her feet was heavy. She took a long breathe and finally knocked on the door.

”Greetings to the sun of the empire, Your Maje.. ”

But before she could complete her greetings he came over to her and slapped her hard.


Eleanora who had fall to the ground with her palm covering her swollen cheak from his slap looked at him with fear.

What? She is also pregnant? Hah! No wonder no one congratulated me, rejoiced the news of my child coming.

She sarcasticly laughed and seeing this, Cathain came forward and grabbed her jaw.

”All the maid who was present confessed that you told her how your child will become the next emperor and you will chase her child away! ”

”No…I…I..didn …your majesty! ”

”Still not admitting? I have always feed you conception, so how can you be pregnant? I don think you will commit adultery with that high pride of yours. But i can help but suspect… ”

A resounding slap fall back at Cathains cheeks and he looked at her with bloody red eyes while his mind seemed to be clearer to him now.

But that didn calmed down the anger he felt from her slap.



Cathain pulled her back from the floor and pushed her onto a couch without thinking much. He climbed up above her and she looked at him with terrified eyes.

”N-No… You can ! Don you dare…AAH!!! ”

Before she could escape, he lifted her dress up and directly thrust into her without any foreplay. So it hurted much more then the normal pain.

”No! Your Majesty!. Please don do this! Am..Aah! ”

He kept thrusting into her and their naked flesh slapping sound against each other filled up the room. She knew he wouldn listen so she stopped yelling after some time.

She didn made a sound and grabbed the pillow under her head with a cleanched fist. Tears flowed down from her eyes continually as he deepened his thrust.

It was the first time, he saw her face while making out.

Did she always cried like that everytime we had sex?

Did she gained weight? Her belly has grown a little round since the last time i saw it.

He wanted to touch her bulged belly, wipe way her tears, caress the cheak that has turned swollen from his hard slap.

He doesn know why but he felt so aggressive right after she came. He only feels a little peace whenever he is inside hers.

After a while, he got up when he was finished. While Eleanora just laid there, staring at the cellings without any expression.

He looked at her and frowned at the sight of her disheveled dress.

He walked towards her and stared at her with a annoyed gaze.

”Why aren you leaving yet? ”

”Hey! Am talking with you! Why are you laying like dead person? ”

”What are yo….u…. ”

Then he finally noticed at the blood that was flowing out from her lower body and he felt panicked in his heart.

”GUARDS! Call the royal physician right now! ”

He called some maids to fix her appearance and run to his bedroom with her on his arms. Blood was still flowing out from her lower part and she wasn moving.

Her eyes was open but without any light on it. He felt fear for the first time in his life.

No! Nothing will happen to her! She will be fine!

He gently putted her on his bed and the doctor came in immediately.

After a long time, the doctor finally spoked again.

”Your Majesty, Am sorry for the great loss. The empress had a miscarriage and she seemed to know it the moment it happened, So she went into a psychological shock. ”


”Y-Your M-Majesty? Pardon me but… You might have been quite agressive during making out with the empress and as the empress was always in a poor health condition so her body couldn handle it. Its also risky to do it at the first few months… ”


”W-What do you mean by this, Your M-Majesty? ”

”It was m-me, who personally told you about the pregnancy news of the empress… ”


Cathain yelled while standing still without any movements and lost in thoughts.

He was always agressive and often forget things caused by over working but he has become more agressive for the past few years.

No matter what, There is no way he would forget such big information.

He can even remember his conversation with her a few hours ago in his office room, no matter how hard he tries except a few vague memory.

He sat beside her and looked at her with fear in his heart.

What the hell did i have done! How could i do such a inhuman act with her! My first child with her… We lost it… Because of me…

He slowly called her name but there was no response from her.

”Eleanora? ”

”E…..Ele? ”

That was the first time he called her by her nickname but he didn got any response from her lifeless eyes.

He hesitated but at the end, he finally caught her hands and placed then on his palm.

”Am…Am Sorry, Ele. Am so sorry! I shouldn have done this to you… Otherwise you wouldn be at this stage and our baby… ”

He felt so hurt in his heart that he wanted to kill himself. But suddenly he felt warmness flowing into his body and a flash of emotions seemed to clear his head.

Where he remembered everything that he did, said, but none of this was his memory. He would never do this no matter what happens.

How he treated her, how he confessed his love to another women, how miserable she was.

Those memories and emotions was completely different and strange to him.

Then suddenly someone knocked the door again.

”Come in. ”

”Y-Your M-Majesty… ”

”What? ”

”There was people before so i didn said it loud but i think i should inform you about this. ”

”Speak directly. ”

”The Empress is severely poisoned. ”

”W-What? You sure? Don you dare to lie! ”

”Its true your majesty! you can cheak her up with any other doctors. She has been poisoned for nearly two years! and the last poison that i got from her blood is a poison that causes miscarriage. ”

Cathain stayed silent for a long time and finally spoke again.

”Take my blood to and cheak if i have any poison inside me or not. ”

”Do you suspect that you are poisoned too? ”

”Just draw it out! ”

”Y-Yes, Your Majesty! ”

After the doctor took his blood sample, he was about to leave when he called the doctor again.

”What kind of poisoning she has? ”

”Well, its kind of poison that makes you feel agressive and if the dose is over taken or consume a large potion, you will forget your memories out of pressure and will lose control of your emotion. ”

”I see. Go out. ”

”Farewell, Your Majesty! ”

After the doctor went out he called for his assistant, Hayden Evans.

”Your Majesty. ”

”Cheak out the empress meals and who delivered it to her, cheak out every single thing that happened after she married me and report it. ”

”Yes, Your Majesty! ”

Then he glanced at Eleanora again and holding her hands, tears dropped down from his red eyes.

”Elee…. ”

He had many things to say but nothing left out from his thin lips to say.

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