The Empress Of The Abandoned Palace

CH 03 ~ \"Return Of The Sadistic Tyrant.\"

Its been two months since her miscarriage incident. She is still just like before. Her eyes are open but her conscious is not.

She doesn talk, doesn response to anything.

Cathain has called almost all of the doctors across the empire to treat her. But no one was able to bring her sense back.

Cathain sighed and sat beside her.

”What should i do to wake you up, Ele? What do you want? ”

And suddenly there was loud noises outside of the room that caught Cathains attention.

”Duke! you can enter without any prior appointment! his majesty is inside! ”

”Duke!!! ”


Duke Alexander De Xavier Dalton kicked open the door. He was on the borders for the past two years and came back immediately after he heard about Eleanoras condition.

Cathain frowned cause of this action of him and stood up.

”Duke, Do you know what you just did? ”

”I don know what i just did but i know one thing for sure. It was my biggest mistake to sent her here! ”

Alexander let out such a intimidating aura that everyone except Cathain was forced to step back.

”Am here to take her back. ”

Cathain widened his eyes and looked at Alexander as he couldn believe what he just heard.

Taking a empress back to her father house? Is he out of his mind?

”What do you mean by this, Duke Dalton? ”

”You heard it right. Although i wasn the best father for her as i didn even knew how my daughter lived for the past two years. But it was still way better then you, who treated her worse then a maid! ”

Cathain understood what he meant. Although he have never shown affection to her but he had always let her live in luxury.

This is what he thought. But the from the reports he got to know that, how she lived in an abandoned palace without any maids. She lived alone in a palace that looks like a hunted palace, all alone.

Then a person suddenly appeard from behind and kneeled down infront of Alexander.

”Duke! It wasn Cath, i mean His majestys fault. Blame me if you want! It was my fault that i couldn control my emotions for pregnancy and his majesty noticed it! He didn meant to push the empress in this condition. ”

Alexander and Cathain, who has now clear minded was not stupid to not understand the hidden meaning behind her words.

”Oh? So it was your fault that my daughter is in such a condition? I can punish the emperor but i think i can punish A LOWLY MAID like you! ”


”What? Does it hurts to hear that am about to punish your lowly lover who is pregnant? Where you made my daughter lost her child in such a despicable way? ”

”It was my fault at that but Jena is innocent. She didn did anything. ”

Hearing this, Alexander couldn control his emotions and kicked her with a full force that she flew away far cause of his kick.

She started to cry out in pain and Cathain was shocked beyond his imagination.


The royal knights came forward and pointed their sword at Alexander. He rushed to pull up Jena who was crying from pain but Cathain suddenly noticed the weird shape of her belly.

When he helped her to stand suddenly a pile of cottons fall down from her dress and now her belly was totally flat.

Alexander burst out into laughter after seeing this.

”So the heir of the empire have turned into cottons? Don tell me it was me who have turned your child into cotton now. ”

Cathain couldn said anything as he couldn believe his eyes!

How did it turned out like this? Although i don remember the night when i slept with Jena but still. How could she do this and why?

Seeing that Cathain had no intention to talk anymore, he called someone.

”Cedrick! Bring those reports to our HONOURABLE MAJESTY to see! ”

Cedrick De Alessandro Dalton, The next duke of the Dalton duchy and who is the son of Alexanders brother Alessandro, came in with a report file. He cleanched his fist when he saw how his little sister has become.

The Dalton knights also came in and they stood beside the bed of Eleanora in a firm position.

Although they wasn blood related but he have always treated Eleanora as a blood sister of his and the same goes for Eleanora.

He threw the report file to Cathain and rushed toward Eleanora.

”Ele!! Wake up Elee! What has happened to you! ”

Seeing it with his eyes that how Eleanora didn reacted after such a commission, Alexander couldn help but step back in shock.

He took big steps toward her bed and grabbed her shoulders hard.



But still there was no reaction from hers. Alexander finally lost his mind and started cry.


”ELE! ”

Alexander hugged Eleanora with a crying face and finally she snapped back to reality.

Who? Who is calling me?

She moved her trembling hands and hugged him.

”PA…PA ”

Hearing his daughter who didn called him papa for more then ten years saying this again to him, he was shocked.

”E-Ele? ”

Cathain wanted to see her but couldn as the knights of the Dalton duchy was standing on his way.

They never liked Cathain as their ladys partner. So when they got to know how their precious lady was treated here, they won mind to rebel here right now.

Sensing their intention, the royal gurds wanted to came forward but Cathain gesture them to stop.

He has no right to see her.

Eleanora burst into loud crying in her fathers arm.

”Pa..Pa!! M-My baby!! My b-baby is no more. ”

”Sush! Don cry, Ele… Don cry! ”

”My b-baby! ”

Alexander and Cedrick was trying to console her where guilt filled up Cathains heart.

Its my fault… All of this are my fault!

Jena was already taken away by a knight where another knight suddenly came in panicking.

”Y-Your Majesty! We are under attack! ”

Everyone in the room was shocked. What does it mean by under attack? Which country dares to attack an empire in broad daylight without any commission.

”Its Duke of Ravens! He had start a rebellion mind and they have taken away Miss Jena! ”


He was angry because he wanted to interrogate Jena but everyone misinterpreted his intention.

Hearing this Eleanora finally spoke again.

”Father, I want to go back home. ”

Cathain moved his head to Eleanoras direction.

S-She wants to leave? She wants to leave me?

Alexander kissed Eleanoras forehead and patted her head.

”Yes, Father have come to take you away. I won let you suffer anymore. ”

”Yes, little Ele will live with father and brother from now on again! ”

The three of them hugged each other and Ele finally came back to her sprit.

”Bring back my sword! ”

Eleanora ordered an imperial knight. But they was hesitant as she had just waken up.

”Ele, your health is not good to fight! ”

”Father, am not that weak. Let me fulfil my last duty as an empress. ”

”As you wish. ”

Cathain wanted to yell to her about what she meant by last duty as an empress but he couldn bring himself to ask it. So he just went out with the knights to prepare for the battle.

You can leave, Ele. I won let you!

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