The Empress Of The Abandoned Palace

CH 04 ~ \"Traitor Among Them.\"

Duke Evan Ravens was always an ambitious man who aimed for the throne.

But the last emperor and the Daltons protection was so strict that he had no chance.

So he aimed for the little prince. He started to manupulate him against the emperor and Daltons.

When he saw that despite his hatred, he had some feelings for the daughter of the Daltons, he started to poison him.

After that he sent Jena as spy to become close to the prince.

Even if he wasn close to her in private that much but the rumore made it seem like they was really close.

But his plans started to flop when Cathain married Eleanora after becoming the emperor.

So he started to poison Eleanora too and managed to sent duke Dalton to the borders.

He even controlled Cathain with Dark Powers thats forbidden to use within the empire.

Now he is finally achieving his dreams. Eleanora has been in a coma, so there is no one to lead the black knights.

She is alone enough to kill hundreds of trained soldiers. Even Duke Dalton can support the emperor with his knights left on borders.

The total number of knights in the palace are one thousand right now.

As his plan, he already sent them away long ago by controlling Cathain.

So as long as he manages to kill Cathain somehow, he will succeed.

”Leader!! ”

”What happened? ”

”That…That.. ”

”Just speak! ”

”That Sadistic tyrant has woke up! ”

”What! How came? ”

Then he finally saw from afar…

A long crimson red cape with shiny silver hair, flying on the air as she moved. She wore a full black suit and a sword that was decorated with shiny blue gems like her blue jewel eyes.

It was no other then Eleanora La Alexander Dalton, the sadistic tyrant of the battle fields.

She conquered every land that the previous emperor had just laid his eyes on before she even came of her age. She was the twin sword of the emperor along with her brother who leads the Red knights.

She was 18 when she returned with blood all over her face and body with the head of the enemy countrys emperor.

After marriage, she gave up her sword and started to manage the empire along with the emperor.

But seeing how she is just slashing everyones neck thats blocking her from moving forward, its sure that she is very mad and lost her control over her strength and power.

Every soilder she has killed has turned into frozen ice because of her ice magic.

This isn good… If it goes on we will lose for sure.

The Imperial palace ~

The emperor, Duke Dalton, The captains of Black & Red knights, Marquis Roselia and some other imperial party was gathered together to came up with a plane to fight back.

”Does anyone have anything to say? ” Cathain asks.

”Duke and his Silver knights of the Daltons along with the royal knight protects the main entrance of the royal palace.

Black knights along with captain Dalton protects the palace.

Marquis Roselia and the others with royal gurds protects the emperor.

I will take care of the outside with Black and shadow knights. ”

”Thats too risky, Empress! How can you handle that many rebels alone? You are not in a good health too! ”

Cathain abruptly stoods up from his sit and looks at Eleanora with a panicked gaze.

Is she for real? She just woke up and she is thinking of fighting in the main city?

”Your Majesty, Think rationally. Am very pissed off and mad now, So i want to calm down by killing some insects only. ”

All of the presented people become silent where Alexander and Cedrick smriked as sensing that their Ele is finally back.

They are dead meat today. The sadistic tyrant is finaly back again.

What a cruel away to relieve anger…. Only the Daltons can be this cold as coldness ruins through their veins.

Seeing that everyone also agreed with Eleanoras plan, Cathain had no choice but to accept it.

Saying this they all stood up and placed their hands on their hearts.

”For our motherland and peoples! For our Valentino Empire! ”

After taking the oath, they all started to move for their positions and Cathain blanky stared at her back.

This two month seems to be never happened to her.

How he took her to walks in the garden, how he feed her everyday, how he spent all night talking with her, dressing her up, combing her hair, she doesn remember anything of those.

She looks completely fine from the outside but he can feel that something has changed in her inner emotions.

After all those things that happened to her, she is bound to change.

But his heart was throbbing seeing her like this. She is clearly devasted deep inside of her heart while acting strong on the upper apearence.

Soon, Eleanora left with the other knights to rescue the main city.

With Alexander, Cedrick and Cathain who are the top tiered sword master of the empire, they will be able to handle the palace very easily with those trained soldiers.

Taylor De Evan Roselia, Marquis Roselias son was the Vice Captain of Black knights.

During the two years when Eleanora was absent from her position he managed the knights on behalf of hers.

He is was waiting for Eleanora with her horse, that she used to ride in battle fields.

”Taylor… ”

Taylor immediately looks back at her and he smiled seeing her.

After she entered the palace, except official works he never saw her again.

When they were together at the battle field, they would always train together, drink and celebrate their victory.

He always looked at her shiny back, but never dared to approach it as she didn cared about her shine.

She only cared about to be worthy for him, all she wanted was his love that she never noticed Taylors overwhelming feelings for her.

”Long time no see, Commander. Welcome Back! ”

”Welcome back, Commander !! ”

”We will always support you, Commander!! ”

Eleanora was overwhelmed by their warm welcome.

”Thank you, guys.. Thank you so much… ”

There are so many people who clearly loves me.. Why i never noticed it before? Why i always chased after something that didn belonged to me?

I won be like that anymore from now on. Lets begin a new beginning.

No more Eleanora Cathain Valentino, I will start the beginning again as Eleanora La Alexander Dalton.

Commander Dalton is back again.!

Eleanora stroke her horse, Elijah and put her forehead against hers.

Elijah was a gift from her parents, when she was only five.

”Noora, This is your fifth birthday gift. ”

”Wats dis, mommy? ”

”This is a pony…umm… A little horse? ”

”Ele likes dissss… ”

From behind Alexander came in with a doll that was bigger then Eleanora.

”Girls like dolls, Lia. I will win this time…. Ele, here is your favourite doll! ”

”Elee likes dissss too. ”

”You need to choose one, Ele. Which one do you like more? ”

”Thenn… Mommys ponny.. ”

”… ”

Enuicelia burst into laughter and Alexander sighed. He failed to impress his daughter this year too.

”Noora, lets give a name to this little pony okey? ”

”Yep!!!! ”

”Do you have any name on your mind? ”

”Um…. Elijah? ”

”… ”

Elijah was the name that she previously wanted to give to her little sister, that she wanted from her parents to play with.

Thats why Alexander had bought a doll for her. But never thought she will use that same name for her horse.

They couldn help but laught at this. This was a normal scenery at the Dalton Duchy until that incident happened.

Her mother teached her to ride a horse. The same horse that fled with ten year old Ele on her back from the assault attack on house Dalton, where she lost her mother.

That was a normal day for them. Alexander had to go to the border for some sudden work, so it was only Eunicelia, Eleanora and a few knights along with some maids.

They was playing on the garden with Elijah who was able to run with Ele on her back.

Suddenly some masked mans with swords appeared and the servants started to yell.

As they was at the garden, Eunicelia didn bought her sword with her.

She grabbed a fruit knife and took out a dagger that was hidden under her dress.

She took Eleanora on her arms and made her sat on Elijahs back.

”Noora, Mommy loves you…. Take care of your dad. Tell your dad that.. Mommy loves him and wish for his happiness. ”

”….Mom…Mommy… ”

Little Eleanora who grew up on a happy atmosphere till now had never encountered anything like this, so she was frightened to death hearing all the screams and slashing sound.

Enuicelia kissed Eleanoras forehead and gave her a big smile with tears on her beautiful face because she knew she won be able to see her lovely daughter again.


Hearing her orders, Elijah started to run with little Ele on her back.

Eleanora looked back to see her mother but only saw how a sword pierced through her mothers chest and she stabbed that man with a dagger.

She looked at Ele and bid goodbye to her. There was more then one hundred killers was sent so there was no way she could kill that many people.

Still she tried her best to hang on. Blood was flowing out from her heart and she knew its the time.

She looked up to the sky and took a last heavy breathe.

Be safe and happy, Noora… I love you, Alexander..

”Liaaaa….. NOOOOOO! ”

Soon a big explosion was heard from far away and sparkling lighting droplets started to drop from the sky.


Alexander was struggling and his hands was trying to reach her.

Seven knights was having a hard time in the attempt to stop him and other was managing a protection sheild on them as Lias magic outburst was way to destructive.

He was crying and struggling with all his might to touch her one last time.

Eleanora knew what it was too. It was the explosion of someone who had burst out her all inner powers.

Eunicelia had light attribute power that can heal people but it also had the most destructive sucidical damage.

From then on she practiced day and night to protect people, so that anymore mother won have to sacrifice themselves to save their children, no more little Ele have to flee with tears for leaving her mother away.

But this created distance between her and her father.

She was guilty for leaving her mother alone and he was guilty for not being able to save them in time.

He shut off himself from the world then on. He sent Ele to the palace that she will be safe there.

Never he imagined that, the place he thought would be safe for her will turn into a hell for her.

Eleanora wiped away her tears and rode on Elijahs back.


Everyone yelled the same after Eleanora and they started to move towards the city, killing every rebel party that came in.

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