The Empress Of The Abandoned Palace

CH 05 ~ \"It\'s An Honour to Die By Your Hands.\"

Eleanora didn rode Elijah for more then two years. Now that her crimson red cape was flying on the air with her shiny silver hair, The cold air that was hitting against her body, filling her body with cold breathe,, she finally relaxed.

She finaly got the feeling of being alive again. Its seems like the past two years at that abandoned palace that was full of spiderwebs never existed.

Her painful memory as an abandoned empress has vanished the moment she breathe in the battle fields cold air.

This is where i Eleanora belongs to..

”ELIJAH, Faster! ”

Soon she reaches the city and starts to rescue people first.

She had two groups of knights, each had hundred members.

She ordered each group of knights to help the people and fight against the rebels.

Where she asked Taylor to supervise them and then she will go to attack the rebel base.

”You are going alone? Are you sure Commander? ”

”Just take care of the situation here. I will be right back. ”

Saying this she started to ride fast toward the north, enemy base camp.

Duke Ravens colluded with their rival kingdom Rua and Barak to attack at the empire.

Although they can compare with a empire but if they had the guts to do it then it meant they had a master plan if things doesn goes to their way.

I hope dad and brother handles things there well.

At the other side ~

”Commander! ”

”Speak… ”

”The empre- Commander of the Black knight has reached here. ”

”She can do anything even if she reaches here. We have this area protected with our dark ma- ”

Before he could finish his sentence, Eleanora tore apart the dark sheild that was stopping her from entering with her sword.

”REVENS! Surrender right now if you don wanna die a miserable death. ”

”Do you think i rebel against the great empire just to surrender? ”

”You cowardly attacked when i was in coma, my dad and the silver knights was away and more then half of the palace knights was on war! ”

”Thats called planning, how can a mere abandoned empress like you can understand that? ”

Duke Raven smriked after saying that, thinking he has succeed into hurting her.

But Eleanora was doing a braid on Elijahs hair as she was bored from their conversation.

”Raven… Am bored… Can we just shut up and start killing each other already?

Just don cry later saying that i didn gave you the chance to surrender. ”

Hearing this sarcastic remark from her made Duke Ravens blood boil with anger and he yelled at his army to charge.

He had over five hundred army here, where she was only alone.

Raven laughed out loud and said with a laughing tone,

”Lets see how a pathetic empress will fight against five hundred knights all alone…. Ohh wait, this reminds me of something… Duchess Eunicelia!

Who fought against hundred trained killers with only a dagger… ”

Her mothers incident was a dip cut on her heart. So hearing the incident from his mouth made her veins hard with anger.

”Y-YOU! How dare you mention my mother! ”

”She was also like you, A shining knight… Who choosed your NOTHING FOR GOOD father OVER ME! ”

Hearing this Eleanora felt ridiculous.

”Raven…. Don tell me you was jealous over my father for this! And my mom had eyes, she wouldn choose a trash can like you to stay with as she wasn a trash either.

She was a gemstone, who choosed a tressure box to stay with. ”


”Sigh…Using force….but, i like that! Finally you are doing something thats not useless. ”

Hundred of knights came to attack on her at once and she started to kill like a madman.

This is why i liked being on battlefields. It helps me release my madness without any restrictions.

But as she didn trained for two years, she became a little stiff that was still much better then the rebel knights.

So after taking down three hundred knights without a scratch in two hours, she finally noticed that Raven was moving towards the emperial palace.

Why is he moving? shouldn he wait for the news here?

She became distracted and felt a sharp pain in her shoulder.


A deep slash cut opened through her left shoulder flesh and she turned her head back to behead that knight.

She ignored them and the pain of her shoulder to chase after him while fighting against the knights who was trying to stop her.

Along with the journey she fought against more then hundred knights who had successfully launched a few attacks on her.

Blood was dripping out from her body but she ignored the pain.

Then she noticed that when he entered the palace, no one even noticed him.

He is going through the palace then why is no one noticing him? Or is it only me who can see him right now?

Seeing Alexander at the front gate she quickly went to him.

”Father! Raven is in the palace but no one is able to see him, i don know why! ”

”No one can see him? Wait, Did he perhaps concluded with the dark attributes? ”

No Way! If he have dark attributes supporting him then Cain is in danger!

Eleanora got down from Elijah and handed her over to Alexander before she rushed into the palace to find him.

Alexander yelled after her but she was more fast.

I-I shouldn go to save him, but if i don then i will regret…

Cain, We don owe each other anything anymore.

Eleanora speed up her speed and soon reached the hall where she saw him standing with Jena and stopped there.

”Cathain, I love you! I know i did wrong but i just wanted to be with you…. Thats why i agreed with Duke Ravens. You love me too, Otherwise you wouldn talk with me here… ”

Hah, Am really pathetic. I came here to save him where he is hugging another girl after killing my child.

Saying this Jena leaned towards his chest to hug him but before he could push Jena away, he heard Eleanoras scream.


A sword had pierced through her chest just like her mother incident.

She looked back and stared at the man behind her,

”So it was really you from the very beginning. ”

”If you people was obedient, then this wouldn happen. ”

”No wonder, we could…. never find any traces…. regarding that attack…..because there was a traitor among….us..that we could..have never imagined…. Brother! ”

It was Cedrick Alessandro Dalton, Her loving brother who was a rebel under the disguise of supporting the empire army.

Cathain was horrified by this scene. Eleanora had a sword pierced through her heart, while blood started to rush out.

She had already lost to much blood and she was still weak in body.

Cathain wanted to rush toward her when Jena suddenly stabbed his back with a dagger.


”E-Eleee… ”

Cathain tried to reach Eleanora while crawling on four but Jena stabbed the dagger on his hand and Cathain let out a horrified scream from the pain.


He couldn move his hands anymore but he also wanted to reach Eleanora.

His magic was locked by dark power so he was just a helpless normal human now.

Eleanora looked at Jena with her red blooded eyes. She pushed away Cedrick and threw sharp ice daggers towards him to hold him back.

She used some ice to cover her cuts to stop the bloods to flow out.

Suddenly someone started to clap out loudly and Eleanora looked at the man with disgust.

”Hah, As expected from the empires tyrant! Still standing with full of scars! ”

”Now you look exactly like you mother! She was also like this that day. How i wish i could have her once before she blast herself out. ”


”Let me tell you a secret, When your mother died… She was pregnant! But i killed her child, like i did to yours! ”

”W-WHAT…? ”

Eleanoras hand started to tremble and she fall to her knees.

My mother was with a child? My little sibling was also killed off like my baby?

Seeing Eleanoras condition, Cathain understood that, they was just trying to provoke her emotions.

”El..Elee… Don listen to them. They are just trying to provoke you!!! ”

”M-My… Child… ”

”Thats not the first child you lost anyway… Remember the first time? ”

Hearing this, Cathain felt like his heart stopped breathing with a heavy pain where Eleanoras body stopped moving and her eyes started to lose its light again….

How can i forget that…. My first child!

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