The Empress Of The Abandoned Palace

CH 05 ~ \"It\'s An Honour to Die By Your Hands.\"

p> ”You think am gonna believe you? Don you know that if the physician keeps this kind of news a secret, he will be beheaded? No matter who ordered him? ”

”Am telling the truth, Cathain!! ”


”Y-Your M-Majesty! I was really pregnant! He is lying! ”

”What benefits will he get by lying? Where you on the other hand might have thought that, using this matter to make me feel guilty to gain my affection? ”

”N-No…Please.. believe me! Am… Telling the truth! ”

Eleanora kneeled down and tried to hold his hands by grabbinh his trousers but he slapped her hands away.

He took out a handkerchief and wipped his hands that she had even barely touched.

She saw him to throw away the handkerchief with disgust but that handkerchief looked familiar to her.

Isn it the handkerchief i embroidered with my own hands to give him when he won the hunt competition?

He threw it away just like me…

She no longer said anything and looked down with her blurry eyes.

”GUARDS! Lock the empress up into the dungeon pool and no one is allowed to visit her or give foods! ”

”Y-Yes, Your Majesty. ”

Isn it a bit too cruel for locking up the empress at a place where we don even sent the criminals?

His majesty is being too harsh on her. Poor empress.

Eleanora didn said anything and kept looking down.

The knights came forward and started to drag hr soulless body away with pity.

While passing by him, she suddenly murmured lowly.

”One day you will regret it, Your Majesty. ”

But Cathain heard that and sneered at her remarks.

”I will never regret my actions! ”

Eleanora was locked up for seven days without any food and when she got out, she looked like a zombie.

Her hair was a mess, her body had turned pale and wrinkled because she was drenched for too long.

She had lost a lot of weight too but as she was a knight so she was able to hang on.

Even though she was an empress she didn had any knight escorts, head maid or lady in waiting.

She had dragged her body back to the abandoned palace, full of spiderwebs and darkness.

Cathain…. Why don you love me? Why don you believe me?

Tears kept flowing out from her eyes, remembering those days.

She had learnt her lesson that time so this time, she sent out the news but still the result was the same.

She lost her child both times.

She was being emotional so she was lessens her magic and Cedrick brokes out free.

He walks towards the kneeling Eleanora and kisses her hair.

”It wouldn happened if you had simply agreed to marry me and become the duchess, Elee…. ”

Cathain felt a burning jealousy inside him and he yells out.

”Don touch her with your dirty hands! ”

”You are not clean either. Do you think you can touch her? ”

Cedrick smriks at Cathains helpless look for not being able to do anything.

Where Eleanora was still dazed off.

Cedricks blue eyes suddenly becomes black and he whispers to Eleanora.

”Lets kill him, Ele…. He is the caused of your miseries… He is the killer of your childrens… Lets kill him…. ”

Hearing his words, Eleanoras Jewel Blue eyes starts to turn black too and she repeats his words..

”He…is the…. cause… Miseries…. Killer… Of my Childrens… Lets kill… Him… Kill him… ”

Eleanora stands ups and reaches for her sword that had previously slipped down from her hand grip.

Cathain almost couldn believe what he was seeing.

Cedrick was controlling Eleanora completely.

Isn it the dark attributes power to control peoples mind like this? But he doesn had any attribute power previously… So how?? wait… D-Did he controlled me like this too?

Everything started to make sense to him. The poisoning, the controlling… The banned dark attributes… His behaviour and sudden memory loses… Eleanora being poisoned and the rebel.

It was all a pre-planed scheme from a long ago where he and Ele was just their puppet doll.

Grabbing her sword, Ele starts to take steps towards Cathain.

Cathain looks at Ele with a smile and closes his eyes.

Its an honour for me to die by your hands, Ele. I have wronged you so much that i can even atone for it in this lifetime. I hope, i will treat you better if theres a next life.

”I-I love you, Eleee….. ”


Blood splashed out and drenched Eles snow white skin with red blood…

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