Her mind became more blurred than before, and she even felt dizzy.
Arthur saw her like that and raised his body and bowed his head to her.

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“Now, it’s time to fall asleep.”


She dropped her head helplessly as it was—she felt like she was being hugged.
It was strangely warm and cold.

She had a long dream.
She thinks she walked endlessly in a place surrounded by darkness and couldn’t see anything.
She could feel the gaze staring at her in the dark.

“I feel bad.”

The annoyance soared.
She screamed, but it didn’t work.
She was so exhausted that she lay down in the dark.


She felt pain in her head.
Her head was pounding, and she struggled to get up.

She felt bad about being heavy.
She felt like she kept sinking, so she wanted to get up as soon as possible.

“What is this?”

It was a strange place.
Not her room.
Wait, wasn’t she riding the Douglas’ wagon? So this is his castle?

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She got out of bed, took a breath, and woke up to look around.
It was a room with no splendor and no colors with vitality different from her room.
It was empty, with nothing but essential things.

She was dizzy and stood on the wall for a long time.
In the end, what Grand Duke said to her came to mind.

‘It’s time to fall asleep.’

She bit her lips.
She could feel the taste of blood as it was bitten so hard.

Whatever he did to her, she couldn’t tolerate this situation.

‘How dare he, to me?’

She was a Princess.
No matter how powerful the Grand Duke, the only Princess in this country, should not have treated her like this.

Are you saying that a villain is a villain? Then she has to show him, too.

What she saw around her was thrown at random.
She knocked down the erected table and knocked down all the chairs and furniture he had.


It was a curtain attached to the bed with the sound of the mirror breaking, and everything in the room was dug up.
The room was a mess itself.

She was out of breath, so she tried to choose to breathe.
She’s still angry.
She had to know what he did to her and why she was lying here without even remembering.

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The door opened.
She sat on the bed and saw the face of the person who came in quietly.
As if he didn’t care about the situation in front of him, he straightened a chair and sat facing her.

“Are you up?”

“As you can see.”

“I guess you didn’t like your room.”

She also doesn’t have to have manners because she’s not polite.
She was the one above him.

She didn’t like the cheeky smile as if he knew everything.
She still didn’t know that the corner of his rolled mouth would come down.

What was so enjoyable was that the eyes of the Grand Duke looking at her were bent.

As she got up from her seat and approached Arthur’s front, she immediately raised her hand and slapped him.


“I can’t like it.”

“I’ll change rooms for you.”

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“What did you do to me?”

She asked in a cold, frozen voice.
Arthur twisted his head and turned it toward her.

His eyes, as empty as hers, sank heavily.

“I just brought you safely.”

“Really? Then you can tell the Empire as it is.”

“Do whatever you want.
But they’ll have to know where the Princess is.”

Unlike before, Arthur’s voice stood up.
She felt the flow of airflow surrounding him changing.

She got chills.
She glared at him with a twitch.

It was intimidation, but she had nothing to fear because she would die no matter what.

“Do whatever you want because I’m going to die anyway.
You know that, right Grand Duke?”

She lay down on the bed as it was.
She didn’t forget to giggle and laugh.
This colorless space was not inadequate either.
No, it was somewhat familiar.

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She saw Arthur’s eyes laying on the bed and looking at her.
Even in her actions, he still didn’t smile.

“You came here for a purpose, right? You have to cooperate to get what you want.”

Arthur’s words sounded like sweet temptation.
The strange voice that she couldn’t refuse soon raised herself up.

Breaking the engagement is not difficult because she’s a Princess.

But all she wants is to break the engagement and at the same time give Gray the same pain and frustration.

“Did such a person bring me like this?”

“I’ll explain it one by one.”

Arthur didn’t answer her anymore.
He looked at the table lying on the floor and soon got up from the chair, took the paper out of his arms, and handed it over.

The letter ‘contract’ written along with a lot of writing on parchment paper caught my eye.


“It’s the terms and conditions I want.”

A cold sword in his waist caught her eye.
Why does he have to wear a sword in his own place?

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