“What are you doing? If I keep bleeding like this, I’ll die if you leave it.”


Nervously tilted his head back and exhaled.
She didn’t care and didn’t let go of her blood dripping hands.

Arthur tried to stay calm and left the room.
She stood still in the place.
She just stayed still as if she was protesting.

“It’s not going to come like this, right? Then it’s big trouble.”

She thought it was important to get a head start.
She can’t look easy.
She meant what she said earlier—she’s not afraid of death.
However, she doesn’t want to go through it again.

But the desire to live was nothing more than hopeful torture to her now.

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She’s been suffocating again.
She clenched her hand, where blood continued to flow.
She didn’t think he’d ever come.

She looked around and found something to stop bleeding.
She felt pain in her hands, but she didn’t spit it out.


“So, who told you to do something that no one asked for?”

Before she knew it, he came in and stood in front of her.
She didn’t feel any sign of him again.
It was a strange thing.

Arthur put down the treatment box and frowned his eyebrows without fail.
She kept her mouth shut.
She did it, so it’s best to stay quiet in this case.

‘It’s here.
I thought it wouldn’t come.’

She slowly opened her hand.
Arthur grabbed her wrist and put it on a chair.
Still, the impression was not good.
He looked disgusted because he couldn’t show that he didn’t want to do it.

“Arthur, why don’t you say anything when I call your name?”

“It doesn’t matter.
Whatever you call me.”

“Is that so? I like it, your attitude.”

When he nodded satisfactorily, he held her hand as if to stay still and looked at the wound.
The box was full of drugs that looked different from the treatments she knew.

“I wouldn’t scream because it hurts for what you did.”

“I’m doing treatment.”

She breathed a short breath as he poured it into her blood-stained hands with transparent water.
He kept pouring enough to think it was a little too much.

It’s intentional; this is definitely intentional.

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‘Oh, this hurts a lot…?’

Her palms were sore.
It wasn’t just to the point of being sick.
It felt like it was digging through her flesh as if it was digging into a wound, whether it was water or not.


A moan came out of her mouth, unable to bear it.
When Arthur saw her like that, he raised one corner of his mouth and poured more.

‘Let’s kill him.
Yes, let’s kill him.’

Biting her lips, she stared at Arthur as if to kill him.
He smiled even more and began to treat her hands with excitement.

She watched it with a heart of seeing how long it would last.
Arthur soon applied something and wrapped a bandage when he saw a cut in a sword on her clean palm.

“Grand Duke Arthur Douglas.”

“Why are you like that? Didn’t you ask for treatment?”

She wondered if she could recognize this as a hand.
She looked at her hand.
She couldn’t wrap it in a bandage, and it was just a weapon.

“Ah, I guess Archduke is thinking of being my hand?”

“I don’t intend to do that.”

“I can’t do anything like this.”

She waved her hand, wrapped tightly in a bandage, and couldn’t do anything.

“A servant is better than a dog.
It sounds fun.”

He folded his eyes and smiled beautifully with a voice full of murder.

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