ed off its warm temperature with a dreamy consciousness because her eyes were still heavy.

“If you woke up, let go.”


Suddenly, Arthur’s voice from nearby woke her up.

She opened her eyes gently under the blanket and identified the object she felt and touched.
Along with Arthur’s upper body, which was not wearing anything, muscles that were firmly positioned came into her eyes.

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She grabbed her fluttering heart.
She lifted her head as she pulled on the blanket with an effortless expression on his face.

“I’m sure you didn’t attack me as a princess, right?”


Arthur exhaled for a long time as if he was amazed.
She tried to sneak her hand off his body.
Arthur’s hand grabbed her wrist and pulled it back with a mischievous smile.

“If being a servant includes this kind of thing, I’ll do it for you.”

Arthur’s lips came close as if they were about to touch mine.
She looked at him in the eye and smiled.
It’s not bad, she liked him more than Gray.

“There’s nothing difficult about sleeping.
If you write an engagement contract before that.”

“I think you’ve come to your senses, so let’s stop joking around.”

“Why? You don’t want to be in the arms of a woman who waits for her death?”

She smiled, sweeping down his chest with her hands.
Arthur grabbed her hand, removed it from his body, and raised himself from bed.

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When he laughed and leaned back, he swept his hair as if he was offended.

“Let’s stop talking about it and come out.”

“Before that, shouldn’t you explain why you’re lying down here first?”

She poked the bed with her hands and asked innocently.
The clothes would have been changed by the maid, but she didn’t understand why she was lying here like that.

“I just shared body temperature with you because you had a high fever while being treated and you were grumbling all night.”

“Really? If you can hear sounds from other rooms to this room, I think there may be a problem with the architectural design here.”

She got up from her seat, stretched slowly, and sat in a chair and held her chin.

Is that why she got chills? She guessed he shared his body temperature because she was cold.

In addition, it was ridiculous that it was not a small mansion, and that each room heard a groan in a castle with quite a wide distance.

Rather, it seemed convincing to say that he was worried that she would die from a high fever.

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