“Don’t worry, this won’t kill me.”

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“I shouldn’t.
If you die again, I might go crazy this time.”

“What did you just say?”

She tilted her head at Arthur’s small reciting words.
She thought he said she was going to die again.
Did she mishear it?

Arthur changed his face again and simply put on his clothes and sat face to face with her.
Arthur handed me the paper on the table.

“Hmm, if you mess with me again this time, then I won’t be still, whether I jump from here or stab myself to death.”

“You will look like someone who is anxious to die.”

“I don’t have much time left anyway, right?”

Arthur’s two pupils shook for the first time.
As if he had agreed with her, he soon turned his head to avoid looking at her.

Why is he so interested in her death? She was also about to be curious.

Unlike the first time, the newly written contract was quite old-fashioned.
She read it slowly and carefully.

Honestly, she doesn’t have to argue because she’s dying, but she thought it would be better to look closely because she’d be affected while alive.

“Arthur, I don’t understand this provision.”

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“It’s nothing strange at all.”

“This isn’t weird?”

“I think the strange thing is not the contract, but the hand.”

Arthur pointed to her hand holding the contract and said.
She frowned and looked at the hand, asking what he was talking about.
She found her hand holding the contract intact without a scar.

She jumped up from her seat and looked at her hands.
She was wondering what was going on, so she touched it again and again.
It was treated so neatly that it was impossible to even know where she was injured.

In just one day.

“What is this……?”

“Don’t you have to sit down to sign a contract?”

Arthur raised his chair and tilted his head sideways.
She sat down without taking her eyes off her hands.
She couldn’t think of anything.

It was the second shock she had since she came here.
The wound that disappeared overnight was more than fear to her.

“What do you want from me?”

She asked Arthur in a different way than before.
What he showed her by treating her hands is that he wants her that much.

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She wanted to know more and more about his identity.
She was really curious about Archduke Arthur Douglas, where nothing was properly known, and about the Vivlant land, he was governing.

“Are you sure you want to be engaged with me so you don’t have to be engaged with Lord Gray?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

It was an answer without any hesitation.
At that time, she opened her eyes as if asking him.
Arthur’s mouth went up smoothly.

He handed her an engagement contract and gave her a ballpoint pen as if to sign it.
She was strangely hesitant to sign the contract.

“Princess Anastasia, do you want to die?”

“…What are you willing to do if I want to die?”

“The premise is wrong.”

“Don’t fool around and say it.”

She put down the pen and turned the paper and held it out to him.
Arthur picked up the pen she had put down and signed it in place without hesitation.
The crunching sound on the parchment was particularly loud today.

Arthur finished signing and turned the paper back to her.
His name, written straight, caught her eye.
She waited still for his answer.

‘I was the one who suggested getting engaged, so why am I hesitating?’

Strangely, she didn’t feel good.
It was going as she wanted, but she didn’t feel good strangely.

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“If you can live, I’m asking if you want to die.”

“…… You’re asking something obvious.”

“Say it yourself.”

“…who would want to die? I don’t want to die.”

She struggled to express her feelings.

She didn’t want to die.
She didn’t want to die again.
She doesn’t want to experience the feeling of oxygen disappearing from her body like being sucked into a bog again.

She doesn’t want to disappear to a place where she’s trapped in darkness and alone.

At least, she doesn’t want to die now.
Even if she dies someday, she wants to live, she continues to crave and want life.

“That’s a relief.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Sign it first.”

Arthur spoke to her in a low voice as if he would not wait any longer.

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She signed slowly.
It was written down in the contract with Mary as her name, not her name.

‘Mary, I don’t know if this is right.
But if I can, is it ok I live?’

She wasn’t sure if she could continue living her life, taking over her body.
Is that why she hesitated?

She heard Arthur saying, ‘You can live.’

Was the reason why she hesitated to sign was that his words made her feel hopeful for some reason.
Or is it because of the little miracle he showed her?

Otherwise, she thought it might be because of the ridiculous hope that she could really live.

“Then now your fiancé is me.”

“Well, that’s right.”

“So now stop saying you’re going to die for Gray again.
If you say that from your mouth, then you’ll die at my hands.”

“…… What did you say now? I have no intention of doing such bullshit, and I will never die at your hands.
No one can kill me if I’m dying on my own.”

“I’m going to decide that from now on.”

She tried hard to hold back her anger and bit her lips at Arthur’s words.
However, the flesh in her eyes was not a lie, rather it was the truth.

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