Arthur sometimes touched the nipples strongly and turned around to examine her reaction.
Regardless of her will, she followed Arthur’s movement by itself.

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“Oh, yeah, ah!”

When he raised his back as if lifting his pelvis and buttocks, her body shook helplessly.
Seeing her flinching body, Arthur slammed a little harder inward.

“Ha! Hhh….”

Arthur treated her harshly, but also gently.
She felt cautiousness in his touch and never took his eyes off her.

“Oh, yeah! Heu-huh!”

She tried not to make a sound as much as possible, but whenever Arthur moved, a moan came out of her mouth.
His explicit gaze at her somehow made her feel hotter.

Arthur turned around and hugged her from behind and grabbed her chest with both hands.
As Arthur’s posture changed, Arthur’s genitals poked the other side and stimulated it.

This pleasure! She couldn’t come to her senses at the strong stimulus that she couldn’t explain in words.

“If you’re tired, lean on me.”

“Ah! You say that, and you don’t give me a chance to lean on….”

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Arthur smiled and gently turned her face to kiss.
His tongue slightly sucked his lips, squeezed in the gap, and tied his tongue.

“Ugh, uh-huh! Ah, ah!”

She hugged Arthur as if she were hanging on.
Arthur, who was digging through her mouth, was out of breath.
Her body began to sweat and it was hard for her to stand.

It was too much to accept him with her physical strength and to last this position for a long time with this body.

“Let’s change our posture a little bit.”

Arthur, who noticed her struggling, made her lie down on the bed.
His hands touched her as if he was barely touching down on the curve of her back.


“Ha… Who did that?”

“What do you mean? Ugh.”

His body fell behind her.
Being weighed down by Arthur’s weight, she turned her head to the side.
Arthur breathed into her ear and whispered.

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“Haa… I might not want to let go of you…….”

When his breath touched her ears, fluffy hair stood on her whole body without realizing it.
Arthur lifted her waist slightly and floated the bed and space.

A hand suddenly came in between the legs from the back.
When he pressed down his sensitive penis, her back was shaken by pleasure.

“Ha-ang, ah-ah! Stop, haa!”

By the time her body was trembling and eaten by desire, her consciousness became blurred.
She felt like her body couldn’t hold out.

Arthur, who turned toward her and made her look at him, hugged her tightly and moved his back quickly.
Strongly, he bounced his back faster than before and stirred inside her.

She bent her back and unknowingly fixed her leg to his hip.
The whole body was tense and the lower part vibrated quickly.

“Ah! Yes, yes!”

Her body trembled quickly, and she continued to feel a strong tightening inside.
She could feel the liquid pouring out.

As if it was not over, her body reacted sensitively wherever Arthur touched, and her whole body was tense and pecked hard as if she was not going to let go of Arthur’s.

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Arthur’s low voice and groaned.
Her body lost strength and she was drowsy.
Her legs trembled and she couldn’t control her body.
She looked at Arthur, trying hard to open her closing eyes.

“Mary, you have no idea how desperate I am when I see you in the arms of others.”

Arthur gently stroked her cheek and soon kissed her lightly.

She could see him covering her with a blanket in a blurred view.
He lied next to her and hugged her, and he told her.

“……You are the most beautiful in my eyes.
You, Mary, who came to me as you are.”

“Hmm, Ah… mm.”

She guessed she was oblivious to what he was saying, in her dizzying mind.

She fell asleep in his arms, repeating in her head that she couldn’t say that to him.


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She doesn’t know how long it’s been.
She thought she focused only on him.
She struggled to turn her sagging body and lay on her side.

She felt nauseous again for a moment.
Something hot in her heart choked up.


She hurriedly raised herself, covering her mouth with her hands.
She couldn’t even afford to care about her naked body.

She staggered and picked up the tissue around her.
There was red blood on her palm without fail.

She woke up with a dejected smile.
After washing her hands, she wiped off the blood around her mouth.
When she looked in the mirror, she could see herself with empty eyes.

When she turned her head and looked at the bed, she saw Arthur sleeping.
She couldn’t see all of his naked body because he was narrowly covered by the blanket, but she turned her head because she thought of the night with him.

Suddenly, she remembered what she said to Gray.

“…Arthur, will you die if I ask you to die with me?”

It wasn’t a question she wanted an answer to.
She just enjoyed the time with him.

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