ock, knock.

Soon after, the maid knocked on the door and came in.
And she left her body in their hands and hoped that the grooming would end in a daze.

The maids handled her body very carefully, whether they heard her story, and tried their best not to touch her mood.

She liked everything they prepared as if they knew everything about her.
Arthur seems to have studied Mary deeper than expected.

Is this the right word for research?

She doesn’t matter.
She wasn’t Mary, but this body was Mary and she liked it all as a result.

The dress, which he prepared, was also a luxurious velvet fabric with blue color as if he had listened to her words that she hated red.

“Princess Anastasia, I will take you to the parlor.”

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Tired to answer, she nodded and followed the maid.

Seeing that she was dressed up like this, it must have been her guest.
Gray was the only one who would visit her.

And her prediction was exactly right.
Gray, who seemed a little confused in front of her, was losing his mind, lying upside down.

Why are you bringing him if he’s going to be like this?

And Carl was also seen trying to pull himself together next to him.
Only then did she approach Carl with a little quick step.


“…Hwang, here you are Princess.”

“Did Archduke Arthur call you?”

“No, I have something to tell you.”

Carl pulled himself together in her voice, shaking his head hard from side to side and frowning.
She was in that state when she come here…Was it…?

Gray was still distracted and struggled.
She watched his ridiculous appearance with her arms folded.

“You have no cheek.”

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“Princess Anastasia, has.”

Gray, who grabbed his throbbing head, grabbed the sofa, and struggled to come to his senses, quickly came up and tried to hug her.


“Did I allow you to touch my body?”

“……I’m here to pick you up.
Let’s go back together.”

“Huh, why should I do that?”

She sat on the sofa and ordered Gray to sit on the tip of her chin.
Gray sat down and looked at her unwillingly.

She could see anger toward her behind his eyes.
He managed to suppress his feelings with an expression he wanted to ask as if why was she here.

Carl stood still next to her and watched the situation.

‘You’ve done it, but you don’t even show up.’

Arthur, who disappeared without explaining anything to her, did not show his face even after Carl and Gray came to their senses.

It was as if to give her time to choose to do whatever she wanted.

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