d beckoned Carl.
Carl would bow to Arthur and greet him after her.

Gray also looked unwilling, but all he could do in this situation was just go back with her.

Why do you like him? He’s blind to anger and doesn’t even know where he is.

She felt bad and walked away from Gray.
Arthur looked at her and soon approached her quickly and snatched her arm.

“……3 days.”


“Come back in here.”

Arthur put a small glass bottle in her hand.
Even in her questioning eyes, he just said three days.

His anxious and shaky eyes now seem somewhat pathetic.

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I don’t get him.

She nodded and shook the glass bottle to Arthur.
After leaving a message that she would send details to him in a letter, she boarded the wagon Gray and Carl came in.

“Oh, wait…”.

She fell asleep again even before she made a mistake.


The place where she woke up was her room without having to think.
Again, she grabbed her throbbing head and chose to breathe.

Is this the only way?

If she goes back, she must argue.
She didn’t know what the hell was being used.

No, when she thinks about it, there were many strange things.
It’s so fast to find something that’s not suspicious even for the first time.

Besides, I didn’t see people in the manor, did she?

Of course, it may be because she fell asleep as soon as she got in the carriage, but it was strange.
When she came to her senses, she picked up the glass bottle that Arthur gave her and called the maid.

“Princess, did you call me?”

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“Gather all the court ladies of the imperial family right now.”

“What? Right now?”

“Didn’t I say I don’t like to say it twice?”

The maid left the door immediately after what she said.
When she went outside and looked at them, she saw maids gathering busily in one place.
She told Carl to follow her straight away.

“It might not be true.”

“We’ll find out when we check it out.”


She could see the maids gathering in one place and shaking as if they were anxious with a frightened look.

She told Carl to find it and watched it quietly.
Carl looked at each one and pulled the other maids aside.

‘It’s fun, a kite running wild without knowing the place.’

Holding a smile to the fullest, she waited for the maid to come out of Carl’s hands.
Yeah, that’s what happened.
She was a bad girl in this novel, right?

But it’s funny that she’s destined to die as a villain when she’s the main character.
Is this the main character? Otherwise, she may be mistaken for the main character.

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