That maid, who is now shaking her whole body full of fear in Carl’s hands, maybe the real main character.

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“It’s you.”

“Hwa, Princess.”

“Oh, poor kid.
Don’t be nervous.
You haven’t done anything yet.”

She smiled, gently stroking the pretty-looking girl’s face.

A face that looks lively unlike her in her big eyes at a glance.
In addition, it pure itself with no malice or anger on the face.
Yes, she was the opposite child to her.

A face that was full of happiness without fear of death or vague fear.

“But now you’re just like me.”

It was hard to recognize a pretty face due to the constantly flowing tears along with the face that was blue in fear.

Unfortunately, this child caught by her trembled like a rain-soaked sparrow.

“Everyone, go ahead.
You have a lot to do, right?”

She smiled brightly and beckoned to the other maids.
She meant that they should get off because they don’t have anything to do.
She found the one she was looking for, so she didn’t need others.

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“… Help me! I am not.
I said no!”

“Help you? Are you dying?”

She tilted her head and grabbed the maid’s hair and pulled it toward her.

The maid breathed quickly as if she was out of breath and endured the tears and screams that burst out hard.

“What’s your name?”

“Hmm… It’s Elliott.”

“Elliot, are you the one who secretly loved Gray?”

“No! Princess, it’s really not me! I’m not the one.”

A child named Elliot cried and told her.
She shook her head vigorously and prayed desperately as if claiming her innocence and shouted for trust.

She let go of the hair she grabbed and gently stroked it.
Elliot’s body flinched whenever her hand touched her and forced herself to hold back tears.

She didn’t feel good when she saw the child covering her mouth with both hands.

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“Elliot, you’ll have to tell the truth.”

“Yes, yes!”

“Do you think Gray is interested in you?”

“I said no, Princess! I did not dare to step over your position princess, and I did not fall for his words.”

Carl closed his eyes slightly.
At what Elliott said, she burst into laughter.

“Ha ha ha.
Seriously, not only do you not know the place, but you don’t know anything at all.”

“Hwa, Princess…… Please.”

“He said he’d let you sit here if I died?”

“He told me that, but I’ve never had that kind of heart.
Princess, please trust me.”

“I trust you.”

She stopped laughing and wiped away the tears with a kind smile at Elliott.
She took out a handkerchief and put it in Elliott’s hand, whispered to her in a soft voice as if she had never done it before.

“You’re doing everything Gray wants from now on.”

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“…… Yes? Princess, me, I don’t like it.”

“Elliot, it’s simple.
You just follow what he says.
Just accept him saying he likes you to death.”

“Princess, please..….”

Hugging Elliot with more friendly touches and expressions than ever before, she said.

“Elliot, this will be as if nothing had happened.
As long as you do what I say.
There’s nothing that can harm you.”


“Well, but if you disobey me, the story will change.
So you do your best from now on to make him yours.”

Sweeping Elliot’s hair, she whispered, giving her money that she would not have even seen if she tried her whole life.
She shook her with a voice of temptation that was nowhere else.

“Elliot, don’t you want to get out of being a maid and live a better life?”

“Is there really nothing that is going to harm me?”

“Of course, I promise as the Princess of this country.”

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She doesn’t know if she can keep that promise, but she promises if she’s alive.

But if she also feels the same way as Gray, she doesn’t know if I can keep this promise then.

In the first place, the premise of this promise was only when she was different from Gray.
So she shouldn’t blame herself later.

You shouldn’t have been greedy for something that wasn’t yours.

If that kid was the reason why he couldn’t wait until she died, what should she do with herself, Gray? He’ll be trampled more brutally now.

“Kill me, please kill me but I’ll pay you back slowly until I struggle with the pain and work hard.”

Only when everyone left the room and was left alone, did she lay down on the bed as if she were collapsing.
Her head was pounding, perhaps because she was being evil.

Three days… It was three days.

Why is it the 3rd? No matter how hard she tried, there was no answer.

She didn’t know what Arthur was thinking or what he wanted from her.

Just one.

That he’s interested in Mary.
A lot at that too.
No matter what form of mind it was, that one thing was certain.

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