e Grand Duke’s right away.


Listening to the cries of Gray and the maid, she lost consciousness again.

“This is difficult.”

She heard someone’s voice.
Only darkness existed.
She looked around and touched her hand.

She walked forward, waving her hand in the air.
She kept walking, but somehow she felt like she was hovering around the same place.

What the hell, where are you?

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Her voice rang in her head.
When it was useless to walk for a long time, she collapsed as she was.

She crouched down and held her breath.
She was terrified.
Will she die like this? She didn’t even do anything?

She was going crazy because it was unfair.
Even if she shouted, it was of no use.
Only she heard her voice.

Did she cry and shout for a long time? She felt like she was holding her hand and leading somewhere.
Soon after, she saw a bright light and it was dazzling.


She felt something coming through her mouth.
Along with something warm and soft, a slippery liquid came in and passed down her throat.

Naturally, the liquid that fell behind the neck spread to the body, and soon the painful body gradually felt comfortable.


The consciousness, which had been blurred little by little, returned and soon began to become clearer little by little.

With a dreamy consciousness, a man came into her eyes with a bright view.
The man, who was wiping her lips and looking down at her, soon met her eyes.

“Oh, this is really difficult.”

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She could see red eyes.
The creepy red eyes stared at her, and soon covered her eyes and whispered in her ears.

“There’s still a little left, so this can’t be helped.”


She couldn’t see anything because of him covering her eyes, but one thing was clear.
He means that her pain is decreasing due to what he did.

Without hesitation, he opened his mouth slightly with one hand and she soon felt comfortable with a soft yet warm touch.

The liquid flowing into my mouth made her frown by swallowing it again.

She couldn’t do anything because she had no strength in her body.
She just put the incoming liquid down her throat.

And as his lips parted from her, the hand that covered her eyes also loosened up.e

Her body became looser than before, and soon she fell asleep.
She struggled to open her eyes and looked to the side.
She vaguely saw a man with long silver hair.

How… … what… … .

Then she was unconscious again.

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