Princess father also nodded to Gray.
Gray’s trembling hands slowly opened the letter and tore it apart.

“What are you doing?”

“Your Majesty! This must be a conspiracy.”

“Do you know what that is and say it? You didn’t even see it, but you act as if you knew the content in advance.”

She lifted the torn paper and tilted her head as if it were strange.

“There’s nothing written on this paper.”

She took another paper out of her arms and spread it out to her father.
It was a memorandum that Elliot gave her.
She could see Gray’s signature and seal, which were stamped intact.

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“Do you believe that the grand army is trying to rebel? If the Archduke was going to do that, the war would have already broken out.
You know the power he has.
Do you want war?”

“That can’t be true.
No king wants war.”

“So, what do you think of him exchanging memorandums like this with my maid hoping I die?”

Her father’s face was full of confusion.
With Gray’s reputation, the image he has accumulated so far, he would have never expected it.
Because every time he treated her as if he loved her more than anyone else.

“What in the world are you afraid of? Is it my death or the throne?”

She talked little anymore.
It was up to her father to believe, and she had no choice but to do anything more.

If Arthur hadn’t said that to her! She wouldn’t have handled things so awkwardly.

She turned back and looked at Gray as she walked out.

Gray hurriedly knelt on the floor and made excuses to her father.
She closed the door before the flowers of despair bloomed on her face.

“Carl, what are you doing?”

“What do you mean?”

“Won’t you get ready to go with me to the Grand Duke’s?”

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“I’ll follow your order.”

A smile spread across Carl’s face.

She, who couldn’t leave him and returned, might hurt him even more.
Nevertheless, she was glad that he came back next to her.

“You’ll blame me.”

“It’s okay.”

“Even if I fall in love with the Grand Duke?”

“That love wasn’t mine anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

Her heart collapsed again with the false sincerity reflected on Carl’s face.
Indeed, he was not greedy for her heart.
She swallowed a bitter smile as she saw Carl, who said he was fortunate just being around her.

“I have a carriage ready.”

She looked back at Carl’s words and left the Palace.
She felt Gray’s scream leaking through the tightly closed door.

“…… Why are you keeping him alive?”

He looked like he couldn’t understand her at all.
She also felt the same way as Carl.
She wanted to kill him with more pain than anyone else.

‘It would be a different story if my life wasn’t a prerequisite.’

In fact, the pain was Mary’s, not hers.
This body is not hers either.

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