ait here.”

She stopped carl from following her, went to his side and hit his foot.
If she had Carl, she couldn’t talk about anything else.
She didn’t want to let him know yet.
No, she honestly didn’t mean to tell him.

She didn’t want to let him know that she wasn’t Mary, that Mary in his heart was someone other than her.

He was mine now, and he was the only one who gave her love without wanting anything.

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“You can’t do anything about Gray right now, can you?”

“That doesn’t mean you should do whatever you want.”

Arthur’s gaze was still forward.
His steps were fast, he was out of breath and somehow slowed down as he cleared his breath.

“Don’t worry.
I will not let him die unless I know he’s involved in my death.”

“……I don’t want to let it happen that way.”

She didn’t like Arthur’s answer.
She still didn’t like how her death was connected to him, that she couldn’t break Gray’s breath with her own hands.
Why can’t she even do this as she pleases?

She was angry at Arthur, who was blocking her for no reason.

‘If I had killed him, instead of just reaching out from the beginning, would I have been able to breathe a little?’

But if Arthur hadn’t stopped her, as he said, she would have already lost her breath like any other Mary.

Nevertheless, she wanted to see Gray struggle in pain and desperately beg for his life in front of her eyes.

“Whether or not I kill Gray, does Archduke Arthur honestly have anything to do with it?”

Arthur’s gaze slowly headed toward her.
Only then did he stop walking when he reached the front of the audience where Gray was.
His mouth was fluttering with the door that opened just in time.

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“If it doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t have come this far.”

When the door opened, she saw Gray lying on the floor begging for his life.
As soon as he found her again, he desperately shouted her name.

His distorted expression gradually unfolded, wondering if she had changed her mind and came back to him.
He put strength into his voice and pointed at Elliot.

“Princess Anastasia! As expected, you misunderstood! Elliot, or that maid, seduced me.”

Elliot was seen shaking behind him.
Elliot, lying close to the floor with her head down and ears covered, looked up at her.

Elliot, who was full of despair and fear, also turned into a hopeful face when she saw her.

‘It’s not even funny.’

Elliot’s face, who faced her frozen eyes, was terrified again.
She noticed that she would not be saved.

“Princess Anastasia, don’t you know you’re the only one for me?”

Gray struggled to reach for her.
Arthur’s hand grabbed Gray’s hand before he could reach her.

Soon after, Gray’s expression facing Arthur was intertwined with a sense of betrayal and complex emotions.

“Didn’t I tell you before? I hate when someone touches what’s mine very much.”

Arthur shook off his hand as if he had caught something dirty and looked down at Gray.
As expected, they cannot put him in prison as he is.

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