Not Mary But Me (1)

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She opened her eyes with a feeling of opening her breath.
She felt like the pain that she couldn’t breathe was still tightening her throat.


She put her hand on her neck like crazy.
There was nothing.
She also tried vomiting with her mouth open.
She felt something stuck in her throat. 

Her chest was stuffy and she couldn’t breathe properly.

“Why… Why?”

Wet hands covered with tears and saliva caught her eyes.
Skinny hands and skin color tone without blood.
It was the hand that she’s always seen.

“But what is this incompatibility?”

She swept her hair back with her hand.
Her body trembled as if she still felt pain.
Breathing gradually regained stability.

She stared at her hand blankly for a long time.
A soft feeling with a white blanket.
It was strange.
Only then did she raise her head and look around.

It was a different window room from the hospital room, a different space from the world she was in. 

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Her head was pounding.
She felt the extreme cold.
Hugging myself, she crawled out of bed shaking.

“What? What is it……”

A picture hung on one wall of the colorful room caught her eye.
A beautiful woman was drawn at a glance with clear silver eyes that seemed to be transparent to silver hair.

Knock, knock.

She heard a knock on the door.
She stepped back in surprise.
She was dead and opened her eyes, but she was in a strange place, so she swallowed her fear.

“Princess! Oh my god.”

When a woman she saw for the first time found her, she’s horrified.
She also throws away the things in her hand and runs to her and wraps herself in a blanket in a hurry.

“You can’t move yet.
Oh my god, did you put it up again? Come here.”

Attracted by her hand, she came to bed and sat down.
She couldn’t understand this situation at all.


Wiping her face carefully, the woman wiped away tears.
She carefully wiped her hands and face with a wet towel.
She said she was glad she woke up.

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She turned her head blankly and looked at the mirror next to her.


It wasn’t her.
The woman in the picture on the wall was looking in the mirror.
She turned her head to the side.

“No way…”

“Princess, are you feeling sick again?”

“Who am I?”

She looked every inch of the room in front of her.
She saw the woman’s appearance on the wall and herself reflected in the mirror.
She vaguely remembered the descriptions in the novel she had read.

“The Princess… No one can forget you.”

“Who am I?”

“Mary Anastasia.
She is the only Princess of the Arpen Empire.”

She replied as if she were familiar with it.
Listening to the woman, she couldn’t say anything.
She just kept smiling in despair.

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This was none other than Mary’s room in the novel.


Yeah, it would have been nice if she was Mary because she was frustrated while reading the book.
She thought about this.

Mary in the novel was so sad.
It was so similar to herself, but it was so different from herself that she envied Mary.

“You have everything, but why are you giving up?”

She didn’t understand.
It must be a power that others have never had, but giving up everything because of love?

But did the man really love her? He betrayed Mary until the end.

She envied Mary, but she didn’t want to be Mary.
Wasn’t death a set fate for her, too? However, it was so terrible that she was in front of death again.

In addition, the fact that she was here was like saying that she was dead.
Otherwise, this ridiculous thing won’t happen to her.

‘I’m really dead……?’

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She couldn’t believe she was dead.
To live like that, she has endured by taking medicine persistently, and she have tried everything she can to live.
She didn’t expect to close her eyes in vain.

It was miserable.
It was unfair.
From birth to death, she had never done anything at her disposal for a moment.
Not a single happiness has ever been allowed to her.


It was not easy to admit that she was Mary.

She stayed in the room for a long time and never met anyone else.
It took quite a lot of time to adapt, and it also took a lot of time to identify and adapt to the people around her.

She opened the window and looked outside.
She could see Gray coming to her again today.

When she saw him talking with a gentle look while hiding his face, disgust came.

‘I want to put my fist in that smiling face.’

There was no one who didn’t know him in the Arpen Empire.
He had an outstanding appearance, a firm body, and was kind and caring to everyone.
Yeah, to everyone.

Mary Anastasia.
The only Princess in the Arpen Empire.
She, a time-limited woman who doesn’t know when to die, always bothered others.

Her maid, of course, who was a young girl of a noble family lower than herself, did not leave her alone

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