“Arthur, come to think of it, we just have to save him, right?”

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She was upset to imagine living in prison comfortably.
Mary, who was dying in her memory, came to mind.

She felt relieved to see Gray suffer, who killed Mary, whose death was just around the corner.

Arthur just stood still in his seat at what she said.

‘You mean I can?’

She smiled when she got a positive answer.
Even if she stopped him, she was going to move her way.
Wouldn’t he have known that?

“Father, come to think of it, I think I’m so angry and miserable.
Is there a law that says that Gray only played with that kid?”

“No, it’s not! I really didn’t mix my body with that maid!”

Gray shrugged off his hand, crawled in front of her and grabbed the hem of her skirt.

She looked down, capturing the appearance of him falling into an abyss.
Yeah, she’s going to make Gray beg a little more.

“Beg a little more.
Will you save me like that? Then how can you bite your master”

“Please! Save me! I couldn’t have loved that lowly thing.
If the Princess wants, I’ll really be a dog.
So please, I only want the Princess! Ouch!”

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She grabbed her clothes and kicked Gray with all her might.
The wind made her breathless, but she felt relieved.

When she saw his face covered with sweat and tears and his whole body trembled with fear, she kept smiling.

When Gray, who fell backwards because of her, tried to crawl back to her again, she slowly approached him and said, beating him with her shoe feet underneath it.

“Isn’t this what happens when you play around with your part? You dare covet my fiancée’s position and still think about wallowing with my maid?”

“Argh! Argh!”

Gray struggled with pain and grabbed her feet.
The face has already been crumpled, and the soft tone has twisted into a scream full of pain.

“So you have to be punished accordingly.
Do you want to live?”

“Argh! Sa, save me!”

After killing Mary, who wanted to live that badly, he wants to live.
She can’t believe he’s struggling.
She felt bad for Mary, who loved such a man.

Still, she remembered her who believed it was love and tried to be happy for the rest of her life.

“Oh, okay.
I’m not strong enough to kill a man I once loved.
So as I was thinking about it, I came up with a good idea.”

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She pulled her foot out of Gray’s hand and smiled at her father.
His crying under her feet overlapped with his face, which would later flounder in despair and pain.

She felt an indescribable joy.

“Father, cut off this man’s bottom.
Shouldn’t that be the price of insulting the Imperial family and making fun of them? Of course, follow up immediately so he doesn’t die.
If you don’t do that, I may be sick of heart and die sooner.”

Her father turned his head at her request.
Perhaps the pain was imagined automatically, but her father distorted his forehead.

When she quickly beckoned the guards to drag Gray out, Gray desperately tried to hold her.

“Oh, also fix his eyes so that he can’t close them so that he can watch it cut off.
That’s why, even if he woke up after fainting, wouldn’t he see it right away?”

“Hwa, Princess! Argh! Let go of me! Didn’t you love me! Now you’re abandoning me!”

But before he reached her, he was held by a guard and dragged out.


As the door closed, Gray’s screaming voice was no longer audible.
However, in reality, only a heavy sense of silence lingered.

Her father put a hand on his forehead and leaned his back against a chair as if his head were pounding.

It was then that Grand Duke Arthur had seen him, and he said to Arthur that he did not understand.

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“What happened to the Grand Duke so far?”

“I see His Majesty of the Arpen Empire.”

Arthur bowed politely to her father and glanced at Elliot lying on the floor.

Her father didn’t show it, but he looked quite embarrassed.
It was the first time since the banquet that Arthur stepped into the imperial palace, so her father’s reaction was natural.

“I heard stories circulating around the world, and I thought it would be better to come and see you in person, so I stepped in.”

“…You came to see me in person.”

“Your Majesty, what I want.”

Arthur looked around with a relaxed look.
Her father’s eyes were slightly distorted, and he looked at him still.

“The engagement with Princess Mary Anastasia, and her stay in my mansion.”

Deep wrinkles were dug into her father’s forehead.
He touched his chin with one hand and met Arthur’s gaze.

He touched the chair with his finger, worried about it, and soon opened his mouth.

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“Is that all you really want?”

“That’s right.”

“Mary said, ‘The Archduke can save her.’ Is that true?

“If I say so, will you believe me?”

Arthur tilted his head and looked at her.
Following his gaze, her father’s gaze also headed for her.

“Father, what the Archduke says is true.
It’s proof that I’m alive right now.”

She doesn’t know why, but three days later, she was really on the verge of death.
If it weren’t for the medicine, she wouldn’t be standing here.

“If there’s a little hope, whether or not it’s true, wouldn’t it be right to trust me? You don’t want to lose the only Princess.”

Arthur’s words slightly twisted her father’s expression.
She didn’t like his attitude, either.
There was no tension at all in front of the Emperor of a country.
It was also because of the power he had.

“Above all, this will eliminate anxiety about the war.
Rather, the Arpen Empire should be happy, right? As long as the Princess is with me, there will be no war.”

Arthur’s words, as if he could start a war shook his father’s hand.
There was no way to refute Arthur’s words.

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