When she disappeared, she escaped Arthur’s body as if nothing had happened and smiled brightly.

“Father, can I leave now? I think the effectiveness of the medicine is decreasing.”

Her father seemed to be tired, as if he had given up soon.
Soon after, she asked him to come out and guide Arthur outside.

Now her and Arthur’s engagement will soon be known to everyone.
Of course, along with the story of Gray, who deceived everyone and played with the maid.

In addition, information on his territory and her story of accepting engagement for the alliance with Arthur, who asked for engagement, will be published in the newspaper.

Coming out under Arthur’s support, she laughed and tilted as soon as the door closed.


She thinks she feels a little less sorry for Mary.
She has returned some of the pain she has suffered on her behalf, so wouldn’t this forgive her a little?

“For a while…”

Then, suddenly, she remembered when she was heading to his territory, so she turned her head and looked at him.

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“Will I lose consciousness like last time?”

“I don’t know.”

Arthur smiled with an unknown expression.
She still didn’t like his raised mouth.
She thought it will be the same this time.

‘Do I have to go through that unpleasant experience again?’

She didn’t talk to him anymore.
There was nothing different if she said it.
Arthur approached next to her and followed her steps with a cooler attitude than before.

“If you say no, I won’t do it this time.”

“How do I believe that?”

At her suspicious gaze, Arthur hardened her lips with a friendlier look than anyone else’s.

“Well, it’s like building trust.”

Arthur still stared at her without smiling.
Carl was seen in front of her, who was trying to ignore her gaze.


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At her call, Carl slowly tried to come close to her.

“But you’re the only one I will allow.”

“Archduke Arthur, don’t be mistaken.
All I believe in is not you, but the medicine you gave me.
Shouldn’t there be one person who will protect me?”

“Princess Mary Anastasia, it’s not anyone, but me who protects you.”

Arthur’s eyes shook small.
Unlike before, she trembled at Arthur’s voice, which set up a lot of blades.
The threateningly shining eyes looked like a beast.

She breathed a small breath at his appearance, which seemed like it will bite her neck.
At that moment, she felt like prey and her mouth dried up.

The atmosphere changed quickly, and he was a person she couldn’t predict.

“I’m not an understanding person enough to take someone who wants what’s mine with me.”

“Don’t worry about that.
Because Carl knows my matter.”

Carl just bowed his head at what she said.
What kind of expression does he have when she says something that digs into his heart? She tried to turn her head as if nothing had happened.

“What I’m worried about is you, not the servant.”

Arthur’s sarcastic voice lingered around her ears.
Carl’s head slowly sounded as he said.
She closed her eyes and decided.

He knows what she’s thinking.
His gaze fixed on her as if he had seen through her heart toward Carl.

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