“I’m going to take Carl.”

Arthur made an impression on her.
After sighing at her upright posture and powerful voice, he opened the door and told the servant to follow them.

She was relieved to see the servant riding on another carriage prepared with Carl.
Carl was the only one she could trust.

Arthur told her not to trust anyone, but Carl was the only one who could lean on in this strange place.

Even if she’s selfish, she won’t let him go.

Carl was a man for her, only for her.
Even if she wasn’t greedy, he always told her what she wanted.

Even if those were harsh words that dug into the heart, he did not hesitate.

But that was it.
That’s exactly what Carl could do for her.

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“Arthur, do you want to win my heart?”

Looking at him sitting face to face, she asked quietly.
Even she had a surprisingly soft voice.
Perhaps it was the same for Arthur, but his eyes were squinted.

“Then try harder.
Use everything you have to take my heart.”

He leaned his back against the chair and tilted his head.
Arthur’s one corner of mouth went up at her crooked gaze.

With a rattling carriage, he lifted himself up from his seat and leaned toward her.

“Do you think I can’t do it?”

“There’s nothing I can give you.”

Staring straight at Arthur’s gaze, she also hardened her mouth by raising it.
Arthur’s hand swept her hair and slowly touched her cheek.
She pulled Arthur’s collar and attached it to her body.

‘If what you want is the heart, you can do anything.’

The wind touched her as if she was about to face it.
Arthur’s breath was felt nearby.
When he lowered it slightly, his eyes stared at her.

When he breathed slowly, one side of his heart tickled.

“I don’t think this is what I meant.”

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Arthur smiled more deeply at her actions than before.
She didn’t avoid his gaze, either.

“Do you want something bigger than being able to save you?”

“No, that’s enough.
I’ll get everything else on my own.”

His black eyes subsided calmly.
The moment she gets out of dying, she will change everything.
She will get on top of everyone and achieve what she wants.

In order to do so, Arthur was needed.
He who can save her will give her what she wants.


Arthur’s lips came right over her.
His tongue, neither hasty nor relaxed, touched her lips slightly.

He slowly licked her lips as if he was waiting to open, as if he was waiting for her permission.

She was at an age when she had no emotions, but when she kissed him, she felt strange.
She didn’t hate him treating her as if she were a precious person.

But when she thought it might be Mary, not her, she felt bad.

‘Mary, I won’t think about you anymore.
Since I’m Mary from now on.’

With her hand around Arthur’s neck, she continued her deep kiss with him.
Arthur slightly removed his mouth with a little rough breathing.

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