‘We have to move on from what we need to point out.’

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Carl looked up and looked at her.
She lowered her gaze with the usual expression.

“Carl, If you say something you don’t know about again, I’ll throw you out then.
You don’t deserve to say that.”

“I’m sorry.
I didn’t think much.”

Carl bowed his head at her dry tone.

“Who are you serving?”

“It’s Princess Mary Anastasia of the Arpen Empire.”

With her hand out, she grabbed Carl’s chin and bowed her upper body to face him.
The empty eyes that erased Carl’s feelings headed toward her.

He almost turned his eyes and removed her hand from his face.
She was heartbroken as she could see the wounded feelings beyond his eyes.

Carl, please.
Don’t hurt herself anymore.

If she can’t, she has no choice but to let him go from her side.
To her, love games are not important.

“A dog that doesn’t listen well isn’t needed.
Because it’s useful to have you by my side.”

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“I’ll keep that in mind.”

She turned her head and looked at Arthur.
His expression remained unchanged, as if he had expected what she was doing.

The corner of his mischievous slightly raised mouth was telling her.
He was enjoying the current situation.

“It sounds like you’re talking to me too.”

Arthur smiled as if he was having fun.
With his slightly tilted neck, she felt like his eyes were sweeping through her mind.

‘You’re unlucky.’

He knew she had a heart for Carl, so he touched it on purpose.
To see her reaction, to be sure of any doubts she might have had.

Then there’s nothing they can do.
Since he said it was okay, she has no choice but to enjoy it that much.

“Grand Duke Arthur, don’t touch what’s mine carelessly again.
This is my person.
The insult that Carl suffers is what I get.
I’m the only one who can give orders to Carl.”

Arthur shrugged lightly.
I was even more offended by his behaviour.

“Oh, I’m sorry if it looked like that.
But I don’t want to share what’s mine with others.”

“Carl is just my entertainment, as the public said.
But even toys can use their hearts.
For example.”

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She rolled her eyes and thought.
How can she give him a shot? She doesn’t like Arthur, who is trying to move her in the direction he wants, standing at the threshold of death.

She hates it now that her life is decided by someone.

“For example?”

Arthur looked back at what she said and waited for an answer.
She wanted to see his smiling face distorted.

After becoming a wicked woman, is she really a wicked woman now?

“Among the many toys, there is one that I am particularly attached to.
It’s something that I never get tired of looking at, something that you can’t throw away even if it’s old and worn out.”

“That means now.”

As she approached Arthur’s side, she spun around him and soon stopped and bounced her hand.

“That’s right.
Carl is that kind of toy for me now! We can’t use the Grand Duke’s like a playground, right? You said you didn’t want to be a toy.”

“Princess Mary Anastasia.”

Her name was called low from his mouth.
Nevertheless, she kept staring at him.
Of course, he did not smile broadly.

“If you don’t like it, it’s okay if the Grand Duke satisfies me.”

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She lightly stroked Arthur’s face.
Even at the moment her hands touched him, he didn’t move.

But soon after she hardened her face, she took her hand off Arthur’s cheek.

“But I still think I need Carl.”

His face was distorted.
When she saw Arthur’s face, she smiled brighter than before without realizing it.
Somehow, she felt refreshed to see Arthur’s wrinkled face.

“Carl, let’s go now.”

What she said was for Carl to get up from his seat and follow her.
She turned around with a relaxed look and waved her hand as she looked at Arthur.

“I remember the room, so I’ll go in on my own.
Even the Grand Duke didn’t want to talk to me anymore.”

Her steps were light.
Honestly, she was a little scared.
What if he says he won’t save her now?

‘He can’t do that.’

This was her gut feeling.
The way he looked at her, and that she was the only one who reached out to him.

It doesn’t matter if she changed his mind and doesn’t save her.
If she has to beg for her life in such a pathetic way, she may feel more comfortable letting go.

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She couldn’t have wanted to die again.
The fear of death always followed her, and she still felt it pulling her from behind like a shadow.


“Carl, this is me.
Even if I have a life at stake, I’m the one who raises my head.
Selfishly treating you as a toy to others.”

“You’re not someone that should bow her head because of me, so don’t bow to anyone else.
That’s the Princess I know.”

Carl shook his head and refuted what she said.
Why can he give her unconditional trust?

She’s fooling him right now, and the Mary that Carl knew was not her.
She’s not Mary from the fact that she’s already a little interested in him.

“There’s no Mary you know anymore.
So the Mary you see from now on is me.”

“Mary Anastasia is always the same to me.”

No, Carl doesn’t know.
He doesn’t know who she is or whether she’s deceiving him.

Would it hurt him a little less if he knew she wasn’t Mary, who took that heart for Mary and crushed it with hers and hurt her even more?

If that happens, will he be able to stay by her side? No, he’s going to leave, too.
If she holds him then, he may not remain by her side.

Not telling and deceiving are different.
He’s already used to holding back his feelings for Mary.
But maybe it’s because he believes he can tell her anytime.

But when he finds out that she’s not Mary, when he realizes that the end he can put down has disappeared, if there’s no more hope left, he won’t be able to stand it then.

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