If he has already dug it out and has been ripped to pieces before the new flesh grows in the place he has cut out, she may have no choice but to cover the wound…….

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“Carl, don’t trust me too much.”

She won’t trust anyone either.
May he believe only in himself.
She hopes she doesn’t trust his heart either…….
Even that heart running toward her could be false.

She came into the room, changed her clothes, and lay down on the bed.
She felt comfortable in a room that was neither dazzled nor colourful.

‘It’s not even my house, but maybe it’s okay to feel so comfortable in the enemy camp.’

Without realizing it, she kept smirking and smiling.
Can she be this easy going after turning others’ minds upside down?

Carl smiled bitterly at what she said.
She closed her eyes because his face seemed to grow in front of her.

“Hmm, it’s cold.”

The cool air made her body shrink.
When she opened her eyes that wouldn’t open, it was nighttime from when she had fallen asleep.
As she struggled to get up, she could see a slightly open window.

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‘Did I ever open a window?’

She came in right away and lied down.
She fell asleep.
There was no way someone came in and opened the window.
Suddenly, a silver long-haired man came to mind.
She felt that creepy red eyes were looking at her from somewhere.

She looked around and looked at the darkened room.
Neither his shadow nor his presence was felt.
Gently got out of bed and headed toward the window.

Come to think of it, the drug effect lasts longer than expected.
There was no place to be sick except for a slightly shaggy body.

“As expected, it’s weird.”

What kind of magic did he do? What does Arthur have in his hand that she doesn’t know? She became more and more curious about him.
If she knew what he was holding, wouldn’t she be able to survive on her own?

All of this was not in the novel.
It was a twisted development from the beginning when she approached Arthur.

If she dies like this, she’d better try something.

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The curtain shook gently because of the wind entering through the open window.
She reached out and tried to close the window.
She says it doesn’t hurt, but it’s not in a normal physical condition, so there’s nothing wrong with being careful.

Silence hovered outside the window in darkness.
She could believe it was the same space except that this room and outside where she was divided by a wall.
As long as the moonlight shines faintly.

“……Who is that?”

She reached out to close the window, and she saw a human figure below.
She held her breath and followed the person with her eyes.

She couldn’t see it properly because he was covered by the building, but she definitely saw him then.

As expected, someone related to Arthur was involved.
He said he had never sent her anyone, but seeing that he was here, it was clear that they knew each other even if he didn’t ask them to.

Who is it? Who visited the castle at this hour?

She opened the door even before she finished thinking.
Fortunately, there were no people when she looked outside.

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When she couldn’t see whether or not Carl was away, she walked carefully into the hallway.
She slowly looked around and headed outside so that there was no sound of footsteps.

‘I hope it stays the same.’

It was enough to insist that she come out for a walk at night because she was frustrated if she got caught like this.
Or she can say that she’s hungry.

Honestly, she couldn’t think of any excuse.
Now only curiosity dominated her.
The memory of the day, which still comes to mind clearly, lingered in front of her.

Who made her escape from death? Seeing that he gave her medicine, she’s sure he knows the medicine well.

She slowly went to the place where the man was, and somehow she felt like she was hovering around the same place.
She stopped at her seat and looked around because she thought the same place would come out even if she kept walking.

She couldn’t tell if it looked similar or if she was really going around the same place.

“Oh… I’m doomed.”

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……she feels like she is lost.
Come to think of it, she was foolish to think that she could find him in this wide place of course.

“I must have been possessed by something.”

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have left her place without thinking and would not have come out tonight.
She sat down and thought about what to do.

“Even if I try to go back to where I was, I can’t tell because it’s night.
I’m sure it wasn’t this complicated during the day.….”

Even if she thought hard, when there was no answer, she jumped back from her seat and walked back.
It was an unprepared idea, ‘It will come out as you walk’.

And even though she walked for a long time, she couldn’t see her room.


She stood at a distance and stared ahead.
There was a light on the wall, but because Arthur’s castle was totally dark, only darkness was visible at the far end.

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