She was grateful that Carl was away earlier, but now she was ashamed.
If he hadn’t been away, he would have stopped her or gone with her.
She’s also bad for blaming others.

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“Hmm, should I just stay up all night here? Or wait for someone to pass by?”

Come to think of it, it’s weird.
She didn’t encounter a single person while she was wandering in this castle.
It was dawn, but she thought she would meet a guard or two or some maids, but that was just her thoughts.

What happened to the castle that there are no people around? Looking at it now, this castle had a unique atmosphere compared to the day.
Should she say that it’s at a minimum so that it can disappear at any time? No, there was no vitality.

This castle looked so creepy that it resembled her.
Nevertheless, it was incomprehensible that she felt comfortable.

‘I liked that at first, but now that I look at it, this is also strange.’

After walking continuously, she was exhausted and collapsed again.
She hadn’t been sick for a while, but her physical strength couldn’t have been good.
Gasping breathlessly she leaned against the wall.

Should she just wait for the morning to come? Or should she scream? She tried to confirm that someone would not listen but soon closed her mouth.

“I can’t sleep, so I’ll just stay up all night.”

She blinked blankly, looking at the ceiling of the hallway.
It would be funnier to lie here without falling asleep, but in the end, she was disappointed that she couldn’t see the man.
She couldn’t forget the red eyes that looked at her.

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“Oh… If the floor was low, I would have jumped off.”

If she did that, her body may break somewhere, but wouldn’t she be able to go down if she were on the first or second floor? It would be a relief if she didn’t slip and die…….

She sighed with one thought or another, out of regret.

After being absent-minded for a long time, she was thinking about what to do in the future, and she heard footsteps from far away.

She put her head on her knees and listened quietly.
She thought it’s a bit fast? No, the urgent footsteps have grown louder and louder.

Maybe here…..
There must be no ghosts or anything like that.

Looking at the atmosphere, there was nothing strange about anything popping out.
The faint light illuminating the hallway was shaking dangerously, as if it were going out.

Suddenly, her mouth dried up without realizing it.
She hugged both legs with her arms and swallowed her breath.
Somehow she got goosebumps behind her back.

“Sigh… Should I just look for my room again?”

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She didn’t like the hospital room with the lights off, so she turned on the lights and slept well.
She was afraid to see anything.
Above all, our faint light seemed similar to her who worked hard not to die.
She bowed her head and was troubled again.

“Well, it’s too much to stay up all night here.”

Her body was cold, and if she stayed up all night here, she thought she would be found dead the next day.
It won’t be easy to hold out with a weak body.


Suddenly, she heard human footsteps from far away.
She couldn’t find anyone like that, but she wasn’t happy with the sudden appearance.

‘Footsteps? There was definitely no one there.’

The steps that were ringing in the hallway stopped near.
She couldn’t raise her head.
she felt like someone was standing in front of her, so she got chills.

“What are you doing here?”


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She looked up at the familiar voice.
It was Arthur, standing and looking down at her with a slightly angry look.
Only then did she breathe out of relief as the tension eased slightly.

“Why? I guess you were scared that I ran away.”

She casually spat out the words as if nothing had happened.
So she thought it was a relief.

‘You were surprised.
But how did you know I was here?’

She tried to get up from her seat on the wall, but she couldn’t get enough strength.
She lost her strength because she was nervous earlier.

With shouts in her mind, she got up from his place and looked at Arthur.
His eyes were intertwined with anxiety, anger, and numerous emotions.
It was rather her who was embarrassed by his eyes.

He looked anxious, as if he had lost something precious.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I came out and got lost.”

“Don’t disappear saying nothing again.”

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In his slightly intense tone, she stared at him still.
Why does she feel feelings similar to Carl’s in his eyes looking at her?

It was strange to see Arthur, who had been speaking formally, unable to suppress his emotions enough to speak informally.
He, who looked restless, like a child who lost his mother, was not understood.

What is she to him? No, what the hell is Mary to Arthur?

“That’s up to me.”

She also spoke the same way because others were not watching.
Arthur bowed his head at what she said.
Soon, he exhaled.

There was nothing in the eyes staring at me after inhaling.

“Do you hate being by my side?”

“If I want to live, I have to.
Did I have a choice?”

Wasn’t it a relationship established by necessity from the beginning? What they wanted from each other was clear enough to mix their bodies, even without a heart.

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