nd her ran up and blocked her.
Carl, who saw her lightly worn clothes, hurriedly turned his eyes.

“Then please stay for a moment.
I’ll bring something to wear.”

“No, I don’t want to be alone.”


She pitifully lowered her eyes and grabbed Carl’s collar.
Carl flinched and carefully releases his hand.

She’s sure he’s being careful.
Because she’s about to get engaged.
But will it be okay to avoid her touch now? He got used to Mary’s touch.

Before falling for Gray, Mary met many men and longed for love.

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She hate being alone in order not to be forgotten.
Neither was wrong nor was it right.
Mary was just afraid.

“You don’t like me anymore?”

If others hear it, it will not be enough to swear.
She has someone to engage with, but can’t believe she’s checking another out.
But it doesn’t matter.
She’s not getting engaged to Gray.

Even the rest of the time is a waste for such a guy.
Carl might be better.

“……Then put this on at least.
I’ll accompany you.”

Carl didn’t answer her question.
He just took off his outerwear and put it around her shoulder.
It’s a very funny thing.
There are so many people who like Mary, but why such a guy?

She almost cursed out of her mouth without realizing it.
She walked around the garden with Carl to avoid Gray’s place.

Carl didn’t even ask her why she chose Gray, not himself.
He may be in love enough to respect Mary’s choice.

‘But I’m sorry.
You don’t have the power to protect me.’

It was cruel but real.
Maybe he doesn’t ask her for anything else because he knows that, too.
He was firm even though she kept testing and shaking him around.

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‘You’re such a fool.’

Honestly, power and position didn’t matter to her.
But what if she die? She has to endure it on her own then.

The day was quite creepy.
If not, it’s because Mary is not feeling well.

She hated this cold because she remembered her old self.
She doesn’t like it when her body shrinks.
Stuck close to Carl and smiled innocently.

“Princess, I think you’d better go in.”

“But it’s not dark yet.”


Carl blurred the end of his speech.
He slightly moved away from her and coughed in vain. 

What did Mary do after dark? His ears were dyed red.

“Okay, let’s go in.”

She stopped making fun of him and turned around.
A short sigh came from Carl.
She walked looking forward as if she didn’t hear it.

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