didn’t love her, she wouldn’t have known about him…

He held her hand because he was interested in her.
No, maybe it’s a possessive desire for what he didn’t have.

“Just change the clothes you’ve prepared and leave.”

“Yes, I see.”

The door opened and the maids came in to help her dress up.
She still left her body in their hands.
She felt relaxed now because she didn’t even get sick.

Of course, she’s relieved on the assumption that he would give her medicine, but she believed that he would.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

He told her to try, so she should show sincerity.
She asked for warm tea, and soon another maid came out.

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A subtle scent spread throughout the room.
She felt comfortable without realizing it.

“Get out.”

“Please call me if you need me.”

“Oh, tell Carl I’m looking for him.”

She couldn’t see Carl.
She asked the maid to call him because she had something to ask him to do.

“Hmm, it smells good.”’

She didn’t enjoy tea, but when she saw others drinking, she imagined that she would definitely try it like that.

Unlike her, who lived in the hospital every day, above all, there was nothing she could do as she wanted except from eating to everyday life.

When she secretly went out to the bench in front of the hospital because she was frustrated, the people sitting at the café always laughed and drank coffee or tea.
She was so jealous of that.
They looked happy.

‘Then I became a Princess and am enjoying luxury.’

The time limit was the same, but what could be enjoyed was different.
It was a better life than back then, and it was now when she had more to lose.

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Mary’s things, which are now hers, may still feel awkward, but if one day they become as comfortable as her own and take it for granted, she may become greedier then.

Above all, she was already greedy.

That’s bad.
Who can say that?

Greed for a life that she never had, love and interest in herself that she never had before.

She doesn’t want to lose this to anyone else now.
She will use those who are next to her to have it.

“After all, we each have everything the other wants.”

She tried to justify and swallow a bitter smile.
What’s the use of regretting now? She had nowhere to go back, and she didn’t think about going back.

She started making plans while drinking tea.

‘It’s creepy that he knows all of my preferences…… It’s comfortable.’

There was no need to shout at the maids.
She literally acted on her own.

It was the same as the other day.
She just said that she would continue to wait outside.
It was so businesslike that she could believe it was emotionless.

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