ster and faster.

Contempt in his eyes seemed as if he was looking at a bug.
She was not sure if he’s looking at the glass in her hand or her.

The scent and taste of the liquor that went smoothly through the throat were sweet.

She looked at the appearance of a man and a woman kissing again.
The man’s hard hands supported and hugged the woman’s waist, longing for each other hotly.

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Looking around, everyone seems to have that kind of vibe.

After the kiss, the man and the woman seemed to try to leave the store.
Holding the woman’s hand, he swept her cheeks once with his hand, and soon whispered something in her ear.

The woman continued to smile, having fun.
Soon after, the man kissed the back of the woman’s hand and turned around.
As he turned around, she saw the face of the man.

Mary leaned over her drink and almost missed it.


Soon after she made eye contact with a man, she jumped up from her seat.
She almost let go of the cup because her hands were weak.
However, Arthur, who took her cup one step earlier than that, did not break it.

“Go back now……!”

“No, wait a minute.”

She shook off Arthur’s hand and hurriedly chased the man.
It was crowded, so the distance from him was not easily narrowed.
Arthur has also been chasing after her sudden action.

She left the store and found a man, but she couldn’t see him anywhere, as if he didn’t exist.

It was a really short time.
There was no back or trace.
Despair came rushing in.
Annoyingly, she took off her mask and threw it away.

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She stared blankly at the side where he would have disappeared.


Arthur’s chillingly subdued voice crossed her ears.
His eyes that she had seen in the dark shook her body.

She felt Arthur slowly approaching her.
Her mouth dried up because of the slow but constant stride, and above all, the pressure she felt without looking.

He’s trying to right it now.
He was trying not to be angry with her by suppressing his feelings.
She felt it even without looking.

She felt the flesh of her skin to numb up.
A colder air than the coolness of the wind touched her.

It was so sharp that her skin could be cut and torn.

She tried to erase her trembling feelings and turned around with a smile on her face.

“I’m tired, so I want us to go back now.
I feel like I’m getting drunk.….”

Arthur’s face that explicitly contained feelings for her.
It was an emotion that could not be concluded with anger, doubt, longing, or any word.

But she could tell.
He is blaming her now.
She doesn’t know why, but that was clear.

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