She smiled as she handed over his outerwear back to Carl.
As she was about to turn around and enter the room, she heard a sound approaching her with a quick step.

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‘It’s obvious even if you don’t look at it.
He’s persistent.’

She couldn’t control her facial expression.
She greeted him straight away, controlling her mind and raising the corner of her mouth that didn’t go up.

“Sir Gray.”

“Princess Mary.”

He bowed his head slightly to her and greeted her.
She just nodded and didn’t do anything else.
His eyebrows wriggled at a different greeting than usual.

But he immediately changed his expression and smiled brightly at her.

“It’s late, but you’re still here.
I don’t know if it’s sensible.”

Gray tilted his head, wondering if he heard it wrong.
She folded her eyes and smiled as if she didn’t say anything.

“You came without telling me, so I thought you’d leave without telling me.”

“Didn’t you always welcome me no matter how much I visited you? You’ll always wait for me.”

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Gray still sounded friendly, perhaps because he didn’t understand her.
She didn’t mean to follow his rhythm, but she’ll follow it for the time being.

If he doubts her, she’ll get in trouble, so she’ll slowly tighten his neck to kill him.

“Oh, did I do that?”

“I heard you’re feeling worse.”

His eyes say he’s worried.
A voice filled with sincerity.
Yeah, if it were Mary, she wouldn’t have known.

Even from her perspective, his eyes seemed to see a woman he loved.
However, Mary, who fell for Gray, might have wanted to pretend not to know even if she knew.

‘If you loved Gray that much, you should have asked him to bury you when you died.’

Isn’t it better to die together than to be remembered by him for being wrongfully killed alone?

She looked carefully through Gray.
Gray felt her gaze and raised one corner of his mouth with a look of ‘So it is’.

“Princess, you’re not throwing me away at this hour, are you?”

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“Of course, come here.
Gray, do you love me?”

She asked him shyly with an innocent smile.
Gray kissed the back of her hand instead of answering.
She got goosebumps all over her body.

‘You’re going to avoid answering? You must have some conscience.’

She still watched his actions.
Gray raised her head and tried to kiss her lips.
She shook her head, covering his mouth with her palm.

Gray’s eyes are wide open.
It soon bent beautifully.

“I asked you if you love me.”

“If the person I love is not the princess, who would it be?”

She smiled brightly and looked happier than anyone else.
Hugging Gray, she whispered in his ear.

“That’s a relief, Gray.
Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with just being remembered.
If I die, you might meet another girl.”

“What is that…?”

“So Gray, you’d better be with me when I die.
If you love me, you can do that, right?”

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Gray’s hands shook.
She hugged gray tightly and smiled as if she was happy.

Gray said nothing.
She smiled at the corners of her mouth and pushed him away slightly.
With a disappointed look, she bowed her head as if she were hurt.

“I’m disappointed.”

“No, that’s not it.”

“Gray loves me only with words.”

She coldly shook off his hand holding her.
There were red marks on Gray’s palm.
His palms fluttered.

Gray’s expression was strangely distorted by her attitude of going back and forth.

‘I can’t make it obvious.’

“How can I express how I feel to believe it?”

“Ah, I don’t know.
I already can’t believe your heart.”

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“Princess, you’ve never doubted my heart.”

Yeah, it was Mary.
Because she wanted to trust him.
That’s how she was made.

Mary’s last words came to mind.
She, who had died in a place where no one knew on the cold floor, was vividly depicted in front of her.
There seemed to be a voice and illusion of her howling like a scream.

She covered her ears.
She closed her eyes and tried to erase her appearance.
Surprised by the power of the arm that held her, she opened her eyes. 

She could see Gray’s mouth asking if she was okay.

“I guess you’re not feeling well these days.”

“…I guess the time to die is approaching.”

“Don’t say that.
There’s still a lot of time left.”

Time? Oh, he must have been waiting for the day she died.
During a period she didn’t know, he said it out loud as if he knew it.

Can he say it if he really loves her in front of her who is dying?

A smile that could not be hidden kept leaking out.
Yeah, just wait for her to die like that.
Because she won’t be able to have anything even if she dies.

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