oor is locked.
This is the shape of a lock.”

Carl handed her a piece of paper with a lock on it.

“There must be a key.”

“……Key, hmm…….”

If Arthur, the owner of this castle, does not have a key, it may be in the maid’s hands.

She looked at Arthur’s room first.
She asked Carl to stand at the door for a while and prevent others from entering.

‘Why didn’t I think of that? There might be a key in this room.’

As she focused on other places, she was actually missing something important.

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She started searching the room right away.
Unnoticeably, she carefully looked at the goods and found a bunch of keys.

Arthur’s room had little furniture, so if she hurried, it would be over quickly.

‘Is the key here?’

She was searching for the whereabouts of the key, but she heard a commotion in front of the door.

It seemed that the maid and Carl were talking.
She didn’t feel good, so she quickly went to bed and tried to vomit.


Just in time, the door opened and a maid with a suspicious expression came in and looked at her.


Once again, she was vomiting and looked at the maid with a fierce look.
With a grin in her eyes, she shouted at her.

“Get out! How dare you open the door and come in when I didn’t tell you to come in?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Did you want to see me like this? I guess the Grand Duke educates the maids like this?”

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She wiped her mouth and staggered to stand on the bed.
The maid bowed her head and immediately apologized.

But her eyes were still full of doubts.
She’s never complained of any pain when she came here, and everyone knew.

‘She must have known that I was on medication.’

But she didn’t take the last medicine that The Grand Duke gave her.
It was to ask about this medicine when she met the silver-haired man on the day of the engagement ceremony.

It was like gambling to her.
Strangely, however, she didn’t take the medicine, but it didn’t hurt.

“But Princess.”

She didn’t want to waste it, but she can’t help it.
She has no choice but to give up to erase her suspicion.….

She took out the glass bottle she had kept in her arms and threw it on the floor.

“Are you talking about this?”


Glass debris splashed everywhere on the floor, and a sharp sound rang in the room.
Carl was surprised and rushed inside and looked at her.

She looked straight at the maid and took a step closer.
The pieces of glass scattered on the floor dug into the soles of the feet, and the pain was felt intact.

At the same time as the blue liquid, the red blood carpet by her feet was dirty.

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