Selfish Mind (2)

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The painful and bitter pain continued.
But she moved toward the maid with an expressionless face.

“Why? Guess what I think? Looks like the Archduke made you watch over.”

“It’s not…”

“If not, are you trying to monitor me? You’re just a maid.”

“I’m sorry.”

Soon after, standing in front of her, she bowed her head and lowered her eyes with a calm expression, facing the maid.

She stood still there and waited for her words without moving.

The maids gaze was on her blood-stained feet.

“Princess, I think we need to get treatment soon.”

“Why should I?”

“If you stay like this, it’s dangerous.”

If Arthur had made the maid monitor herself, she had no intention of treating her even more.

How will he react when he finds that the orders to the maid went wrong? No, what kind of expression will he make when he sees her injured foot?

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“Who cares? I don’t treat it.
You, you’ll have to never act without my order again.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Otherwise, I’ll do more than today without hesitation.
I wonder how Arthur will react to you, who made me like this.”

Fear readily appeared on the face of the calm maid.
She was trying not to show, but her body was shaking.
Her hands gathered neatly and trembled slightly.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you leaving?”

“…Woo, the Princess.
I went overboard on this one.
So please get treatment.”

“Promise me that nothing will reach the Grand Duke about what I do in the future.”

“That alone!”

“I don’t really like it.
I am desperate.”

The cold frozen voice was laid low.
The maid’s face, which could not be found in emotion, collapsed.

She is clearly afraid of Arthur.
Mary doesn’t know what the reason is, but one thing was certain.
That if something happens to her, something will happen to her soon.

“I can’t help it.
Carl, pull her out.”

“Yes, I see.”

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“What time did Grand Duke say he would come today? He said he’d be here late at night.
Will the wound get worse by then?”

She smiled at the maid, turned around, and closed her eyes slightly.
After inhaling in his heart, she walked around again, stepping on the carpet where the fragments of glass remained.

Her face was distorted from time to time by the pain felt in her feet, but she tried hard to raise the corners of her mouth to maintain a smile.


The sound of stepping on the glass filled the room with silence.
Carl couldn’t take his eyes off her while taking the maid out.

She didn’t stop.
She turned around and drew attention to the maid, who was dragged out.

“Okay! Please stop……!”

The carpet was stained with blood, making it difficult to recognize the original color of the white carpet.
At that moment, her eyes were spinning.

She held her consciousness by supporting her faltering body.

“Tired of red.”

Still didn’t leave her side.
This time, she brought it on herself, but the red color was disgusting no matter how she looked at it.

“Really? Are you going to make a promise to me?”

Looking at her, who stopped only then, the maid bit her lips tightly and nodded.
The way the maid looked at herself with tears in her eyes was full of resentment.

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‘I don’t know why, but don’t blame me so much.
I’m not in a position to argue about this and that either.’

She ignored the maids’ gaze and smiled brightly.
The maid eventually accepted her offer.
Carl’s relieved breath seemed to be heard all the way here.

“……I will bring you something to heal.”

“Okay, thank you.”

She sat calmly in the chair as if she had done nothing.
As the maid fled the room, she frowned, vomiting the pain she had endured.

“Ha… I’m sure I’m crazy, too.”

The pain felt so strong that the soles of her feet were numb.
When Karl tried to approach her, she raised her hand and stopped him from walking.

“Don’t come.
There’s still a lot of glass.”

“I’m wearing shoes.”

“No, just stand there.”

She closed her eyes and tried to erase the red blood from her mind.
She groaned out of the temple.
It was because the tension was relaxed.

“I’ll clean up the carpet.”

“Leave it.
Why would you clean this up? Do nothing, that’s for the maids to take care of.”

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“…But don’t you hate the color red?”

Carl’s voice trembled.
She knew too well that he was worried about her.
But she didn’t want him to do anything for her anymore.

There’s nothing she can do for him.
Of course, she didn’t want him to do it even if it was something he could do.

“The people here will take care of it.
You find a little more about the door.”

“Yes, I see.”

Carl went out of the room, turning his steps away.
His gaze never seemed to fall from her.

She could feel it even with her eyes closed.
She can’t forget the familiar gaze she has always received, his eyes with sincerity and affection for her.

‘I’m not the Mary you loved.
So you should stop too.’

She had to tell him one day.
But she probably won’t be able to tell him.
He was the only person she could trust, and he was on her side.

She selfishly had no intention of letting him go.
She was just hoping to ask how he felt toward her, but on the other hand, she wanted him to keep looking at her.

Arthur and she were the ones who needed to be able to live here.

Each was for different reasons, but she won’t let go at least until she achieves what she wants here.

Even if everyone curses at her, she can’t help it.

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