the scream supported by her voice, Carl and the maid came in.

“Oh, my princess!”


Sweeping her hair back, she pointed to the curtain that fell.
Carl looked at her hand and approached silently to clean up the broken curtains.
He folded it calmly and put it away where she couldn’t see it.

The maid hurriedly called in other maids to take the curtains outside, perhaps noticing Carl’s actions.

“Princess, why didn’t you tell me? You can’t overdo it yet.”

The maid did not comment on her behavior.
She was just busy looking at her body and calming herself.
Her hands were throbbing.
Her heart was also throbbing.

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“Why aren’t you surprised by my actions?”

She was really curious.
Even though the day went by and she acted as she wanted, the maid silently did her job.

Others were busy shaking their heads and avoiding herself, but she was as different as she can be.

“Don’t you hate me for not even calling your name?”

She didn’t know the name at first, but she didn’t want to give her affection later.
So she didn’t say it.
She tried hard to ignore the maid who was by her side every day because she was afraid that she would be caught in her eyes later.
Because she’s not Mary anyway.

“… Didn’t you do that to me?”

The maid slowly took her mouth off.
She felt her heart beat again with a trembling voice, looking at her reddened, swept palms.

At best, she only pulled the curtains open.
Mary’s body was weakened to the fullest, perhaps even that was too much.

‘What if I really die like this? What if she struggles and breaks her body?’

Her eyes were darkened with fear.
Her body trembled.

In the fear of death, in the pain she suffered.

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The maid took her hand off her mouth.

“You said bad memories last longer than good memories.”


“So you told me that you would rather be remembered as a bad person and not be forgotten quickly, and that you would be less sad if they said you were rather a bad person and be remembered by people.”

Mary was the same as her.
She must have been afraid of being left alone.
She couldn’t throw a stone at Mary, who said she wanted to be remembered by others even in this way.

“But that doesn’t justify this behavior.”

“How can I curse the Princess, who still holds the fear of death from an early age and tries to live, but still tries not to forget it?”

“Are you pitying me?”

“How dare I say you are pitiful? You are strong enough to not have to be pitied with.”

The maid smiled at her and hid her sadness.
She noticed her false smile, but she didn’t say anything else.

Because she was the one who put on a false mask more than anyone else to stay here.

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